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Tuesday, 6 November 2012 10:16 am
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Last night I finally got all caught up again with my word count. Today's goal is 12k! I'm currently at 10.2k so there's still a ways to go, but what's probably going to happen is me going to campus early and holing up in the quiet study paradise I discovered yesterday with my notebook and my skullcrushers and just, well, writing for two or three hours.

Speaking of the quiet study paradise... So yesterday as Hanekoma and I were scaling the hill, I mentioned that the main reason I hadn't brought my laptop with me (besides the part where I'd have to carry it up all those goddamn stairs along with everything else I was already carrying) was that I didn't know where there were any power outlets in the library. I do dearly love my Atropos, but she is not portable because 1) she's a fatass like I am and 2) her batteries don't last very long. So while I can go a couple of hours on battery power (I think I can squeeze three hours at best, if I try) I need somewhere to plug my laptop in if I want to use it for longer than that.

Then he tells me there's a ton of space up on the fourth floor with outlets all along the walls under the windows. "Up the elevator?" I asked. "No," he replied, "up the stairs." The fourth floor of our library is in two halves; if you go up via elevator, there are classes, but if you take the stairs, then you're in what I thought was just bookland forever. Yesterday I went up those stairs, and I learned...

Well. I learned I'd been wrong. On either side of the staircase I saw quiet study cubicles. "This is great," I thought. But then, beyond the bookshelves, I saw an entire sea of quiet study cubicles. And hardly a soul in them! "This is perfect," I thought. And it was.

I didn't find any outlets, though. To be fair, I didn't have my laptop with me, so I didn't exactly look very hard. While I could bring my laptop with me today (especially since I think I can bum a ride off of somebody, and therefore don't have to walk to the bus stop) I'm also apparently the master of overworking wrists and ankles, and somehow managed to do so to my left wrist. It's mostly okay now but I'd like to make sure it stays that way, so less typing for me. (, she says as she types a relatively long blog post.)

A few days ago I discovered a new word processor. It's called Jarte and it only works on Windows but it's super simple and the word count is way more accurate than OpenOffice's and it's really quite lovely. It's also small and self-contained enough that you could run it off a flash drive if you wanted to. I'm not doing that, but you totally could. The only problem is it basically only reads and writes .rtf files; it's supposed to be able to handle .doc as well, but when I tried opening one it told me I was missing a plug-in. It was easy enough to just save my working file as an .rtf anyway, so I didn't really mind. Besides, basically every word processor ever can read them, so it's not like I'll have compatibility issues ever again. Because it's so small - both in size and also the window defaults to tiny; you wouldn't really want to full-screen it on something like 1600x900 anyway - it's probably better suited to netbooks, one of which I dearly want but do not have, but I don't have any complaints about it now. It's simple and it does what I need it to and it doesn't distract.

Also I guess it's election day or whatever. I voted three weeks ago, so I really don't give a flying fuck. Except if Romney wins. Then I will be a very unhappy seer of space. (I used to be a mage of doom, but then I got put on antidepressants. Now I'm a seer of space. I like this me a lot better.) But seriously, absentee/mail-in ballots are the best.


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