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Monday, 12 November 2012 09:17 pm
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I have lost the ability to can.

I want a hot chocolate. I have wanted a hot chocolate all day. I had planned on buying one when I was out earlier but then I realised that me actually being at the mall for the first time in months was perhaps not the best thing in the world, as I felt claustrophobic and wobbly and nearly dizzy the entire time, and so I refrained.

"I can make a hot chocolate when I get home," I thought.

Now, I said I've wanted one all day. That is a lie. I have wanted one since Friday. I was going to make an extra nice big one in my N7 mug and it was going to be brilliant. Only I haven't used my N7 mug in a while and it was looking a bit mangy, so I stuck it in the sink to be washed.

The washing-up was done. My mug was set aside on the counter, unwashed. "That's okay," I thought, "maybe she [my aunt, who for some reason always does the washing-up] just forgot to do it." So I put it back in the sink.

Today, the washing-up was done again. I looked when I got home from my ill-fated mall outing and found my mug shoved up on the back of the sink with all the damp sponges, still unwashed. I put it back in the sink again.

I eventually decided I wanted a hot chocolate bad enough to wash the stupid thing myself, so I did. And then I pulled out the big measuring cup I use to heat up milk in which, to my knowledge, hadn't been used since the last time I heated up milk in it.

Except apparently it had been, because it was sitting on the counter, looking a bit mangy and in need of a washing.

And I realised that I just can't even.

(I also realise this is a really stupid thing to be worked up over, but it is literally the one thing I have wanted for days and I don't know why I even expected it to actually work, everyone in this house is a slob and that includes myself but god damn it your kitchen shit is the one thing you should not be sloppy with but I am apparently the only person who is actually bothered by this.)

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