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Tuesday, 13 November 2012 07:27 pm
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Now I'm only about 4k behind, but if I don't write more then tomorrow I'll be 6k behind! And that would just be annoying. Of course, I'm not really getting a whole lot right now... ugh.

My plan for today was to catch up entirely at school. Guess what didn't happen?! (Well I guess it's kind of obvious now...) And I remembered a ton of homework I have to do but haven't done, which is... less than fun, obviously. It's mostly reading but there's some other stuff as well and I just... don't even. But I'll have to do it eventually, so...

Some of it I can do at school, which I totally plan on doing because hey, guess who doesn't want to spend all night writing fucking government papers?! But if I do that, then I can't be working on Soulcatcher at school, because, well... I'll be doing something else. Obvs. But I'll probably drag Atropos with me again anyway, just because at least that way I can work on the paper in an environment I actually want to be working in, instead of on the shitty school computers. I keep thinking I don't have much left in my print account, but I actually totally do, so that's not a problem at all.

I just don't really want to do the work, is what the problem is. Because I'm lazy as fuck.

But if I spend the rest of the night writing - actually writing, not pretending to write like I did on Sunday - then I should be able to catch up and maybe even go over even more, which would be nice because the goal, beyond hitting word count, is to finish the stupid story.

So I guess I should probably start doing that, huh?

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