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Monday, 19 November 2012 07:54 am
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Yay for being behind on word count and having homework you forgot about! That said, my weekend did kind of vanish into a dark abyss of weekend-snatching, so at least I have an excuse there.

I suppose my hierarchy of homework-doing today goes: 1) presentation, 2) reading, 3) government paper. Because the government paper doesn't have to be finished, it just has to be longer than it was before. Which will probably involve some re-working of the "fact sheet" I did before, because that was done with the assumption that it was largely preliminary and also not a particularly important part of the paper, except that... it apparently is. So, uh, oops. Also I don't really care about it, other than having something to turn in, so there's also that. Meanwhile the presentation is a group presentation and is also tomorrow, so I really need to do it, and also also the reading is actually kind of interesting and I legitimately want to read it, and it's for English class anyway, so yeah.

As far as Soulcatcher goes, I'm sitting at not-quite 29k on a day when my goal is 38k. Yeah. I was going to spend all weekend writing and then I spent Saturday feeling like utter shit and then seeing a play and Sunday being at dad's which... is not exactly conducive to getting anything done, okay, so I only wrote about 1k words even though I was hoping to make up a significant chunk of what I'd been missing which, uh, didn't happen, so now I've got loads of words to make up.

I hope there's a study room open, really, because I could really honestly use a nice quiet isolated place to work today instead of a chair in a sort of high-traffic area.

Sometimes I miss being in Hyman Hall all the time. At least power outlets weren't hard to come by in there.


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