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Thursday, 29 November 2012 12:14 pm
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Paper finished, homework as done as it's going to get! I think I'm entitled to miss one assignment, seriously, especially since it's not like my grade can't take one single ten-point hit!

I managed to break yet another pair of earbuds. It's a shame; I actually really liked those JVC ones. I managed to dig out an older set that still works so I'm okay for now, but I really want a replacement set before I manage to break these ones, too. It's weird; I had just been looking at earbuds last night, but didn't think I could justify another pair when the ones I had were working just fine. I guess I should have bought them after all.

8.5k left; probably I'll end up writing most of it tomorrow, although that won't stop me from trying to knock out a decent chunk while I'm out and about today. If I can doodle endlessly over all my notes (seriously you should see my English/government notes from the last few classes) then I can write some goddamn words about a boy and his magic knight. I'm just getting to a really interesting part, and it's really exciting! I can't write fight scenes worth shit, but Gareth and Jacob will at least be pleased through most of this fight, since the last time they fought Laurence it went really badly for them. At least they'll be happy until they get their asses kicked, anyway.

Laurence isn't going to be very happy, and neither is Sophia, but that's life. She gets more motivation to do things after the fight, so that's always a pleasant bonus.

The rest of chapter twelve should be nice and interesting, and so should chapter thirteen. If I'm lucky, that'll get me past the 50k goal! :D It'll also get me ~halfway through the story, which is nice. Which... also means that this will actually be roughly novel-length when it's done?! Oh man, it'll be the longest thing I've ever written, if I ever actually finish it.

I have to spend some of December crocheting; I need to finish Pinky's bag, which has taken me way way way too long, and I'll probably make her a scarf to go with it just because it took me forever. I'll probably make Kay a scarf that matches her bag; I still have all the yarn, at least. I need to finish the tree I started last year for Ruchia. I want to make myself a scarf that matches my own bag, and also incidentally my jacket, which is still technically unfinished because I never made pockets or attached the trim I made for it.

That shouldn't take me the entire month, though, which means that I'll have plenty of time to fucking finish Soulcatcher.

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