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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 07:36 pm
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Guess who still hasn't started writing the 8-11 page anthropology paper that's due tomorrow night?! That would be me. I don't even have as much time tomorrow as I would prefer to work on the paper, because I talked my brother into giving me a ride tomorrow, which means that I have to leave early so that I don't make him late for work. The only reason I asked for a ride, of course, was so that I could haul all my textbooks up and sell them! :D Because it turns out that during finals week you only need a photo ID to sell textbooks, not a school ID, or so I was informed when I asked at the bookstore on Monday. And since I have three semesters of books to sell... Well, I probably won't get as much money as I'm hoping for, especially considering that they probably won't even buy all my books, but I should at least probably (hopefully) get enough for next semester's books. That would be very nice.

At this point I'm also considering hauling my laptop up with me so that I can work on my paper some more, which would also mean that I'd need to not sell my anthro book because I'll need it to quote stuff from for the paper. And I should still at least try to start it tonight or possibly tomorrow morning - I can at least finally pick my myths and do the summaries of them, at least, which is allowed to be about one-third of the paper - so about three pages, if I like. I can then dedicate another three pages to analysing one of them as one theorist, and another three pages to analysing the other as another theorist, and then a final page describing one of them in an extreme etic view, which is supposed to be the happy funtime part of the paper but which I imagine I will probably just find hopelessly annoying.

So if I haven't spent my two days off engaged in work, what have I been doing? Well, not a whole lot. Although I did learn how to crochet cables, yesterday, and I actually started to get knitting today! :D That is, I can at least vaguely reliably perform the knit stitch, although the stitches (and resulting fabric) are not terribly even. This is probably because I'm not holding the yarn properly at all, and am therefore applying extremely uneven tension. But hey, I'll get better eventually. For now, I'm just glad I can reliably do the stitch at all!

I would like to be able to eventually knit cables, but I'd need to be able to reliably both knit and purl with at least relatively even tension throughout, and also I would need a cable needle, which I don't yet have any of. I do like how crochet cables look, but they're incredibly narrow (although there's a double cable stitch as well; I haven't learned it yet, but I imagine it isn't terribly harder than the regular cable stitch), and are therefore not terribly versatile.

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