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Thursday, 13 December 2012 06:19 am
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So last night I picked my myths. I, uh, figured out which pages in the books actually had myths on them then rolled a random number generator for a page number and picked the one that was on it. So I get to write about Fenris and some stuff about Cuchulain. (I really wish the Celtic book were laid out the same as the Norse one; it would be a lot easier. It might just be that their myths tended to be, well, different, though, idk.)

I am so fucking tired though, you don't even know. I was sort of considering buying a mocha before selling my textbooks last night? I am not even considering it any more. I'm doing it. I'm making it happen. That's assuming I can stay up for the three hours before I even get up to campus, of course... I mean, I get to read myths! And then write about them! This should be easy! Uh, not really, ugh. At least I have the rubric to guide me.

Then I've also got a bio final today, right, so I wanted to study up for that, too. I downloaded the study guide a while ago but didn't really bother to look at it until this morning, thinking that I should probably use this time to study, since I'm taking that final before the paper is due. Then I looked over the study guide and realised that I knew everything on it. I mean, not in ridiculous detail or anything, but I could generally answer all the questions that it asked. Which is weird, because a lot of it I didn't even learn in that class, and the stuff I did learn I... apparently didn't realise I learned? Because I don't pay very much attention in that class, I mean, what with always being busy doodling or crocheting or whatever. Although, I guess it isn't necessarily true to say I don't pay attention, considering that I am usually participating in class discussions and stuff...

I guess the point is that I am apparently an academic sponge, in addition to having the academic superpower of minimum effort -> maximum profit. If only the professors in all my lecture classes would let me just sit and crochet in class; I'd probably learn loads. I mean, it's not like I ever really refer back to my notes anyway.

(Actually, it's probably just that class in particular. There's a lot you can go into in genetics but there's not actually, uh, that much, if you're doing the basic overview level. So if you've had a sex ed class that was in any way decent and a biology class that discussed genetics for a chapter or two, then you basically learned almost everything I did this semester. Since I did both of those things in high school - in the same year, in fact - I already knew a ton of stuff going in. I did learn new things! But I also didn't learn very many.)

...ugh, so tired. Fuck. I really need to read me some myths, but I also really just want to go back to sleep. Maybe... just another hour or so...? It can't take me eight hours to write the paper, that would just be dumb, so I could probably sleep a bit more, if I tried...

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