Wednesday, 18 January 2012

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 01:54 pm
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I like getting packages. It's like opening presents, even when you already know what you've got.

Today three Amazon packages arrived - mum ordered a ton of books last week, and I still had some textbooks that hadn't arrived yet. I was pleasantly surprised when everything arrived all at once! So now I've got a shiny new copy of Polaris that matches my other Jack McDevitt books, a C++ textbook (for my own interest; I don't have a class for it), my textbooks for classes this semester, Writing Down the Bones (which was suggested to me by a few different people), and Professor Layton and the Last Spectre.

And my new Kindle Touch, of course.

Not gonna lie, I was super giddy about the Kindle. I just - ah! It's so gorgeous! The e-ink screen - it really does look like ink on paper, but it's also reminiscent of an old device my brother used to own, a Pocket. Except that the Kindle screen looks about a million times better, of course. I disappointed myself by not having a name ready for it, but after a bit of deliberation and Wikipedia-ing I decided on Calliope.

My wrist is still messed up, but it doesn't really bug me now so long as I don't put my weight on it. That's a plus!

Someone finally offered me 1mil. I'll get back to them later tonight, when I can be online for a good few hours.

Now, I need to go take a shower and then raid Project Gutenberg. I sense a lot of Shakespeare and Doyle in my future. :D


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