Wednesday, 25 January 2012

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 01:02 pm
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I was actually wrong about the English class; it's down the same hall as my media class, but on the other end.

I decided that I liked the blue well enough, but just the little streak was a bit bland, so I'm doing the rest of my bangs to about that point. I've only just finished putting the dye in; I think I'm going to leave it in for an hour, this time, instead of only half that; we'll see what that does.

I've now had all of my classes, though I've still got another two days to go; they've been something of an experience. My astronomy professor looks like Wilson from House. He also seems like a pretty cool guy, so despite that I've got three hours of astronomy two nights a week I think that'll turn out pretty cool. My French professor at first seemed pretty serious and French! Then after about an hour he finally started speaking in English and it's almost like he was an entirely different person. I was reminded of why I don't like taking language classes despite that I like learning languages - I get really frustrated in them, because I don't like being wrong. It doesn't matter that I'm probably not the only person who doesn't get it or whatever; I still feel super super embarrassed when I don't speak perfectly.

It doesn't help, I guess, that I get to sit through three hours of French two days a week. I didn't think that could possibly be so boring, but it kind of is.

And then my English class is going to be awesome, I already know. It's with the same professor I had last semester, although mostly not the same students, and the class is all about argument. Although - and this is kind of crazy, but - there are four high school students in that class. Three of them are juniors. It makes me feel old - and I only graduated last year! I can only imagine how the students older than I am feel.

I think I'm getting a feel for how my schedule is going to work out - Mondays are long periods of absolutely nothing and/or homework until about five-thirty, and then I'm at school for four hours; Tuesdays I get up at eight, get to school around nine-thirty, have three hours of French followed by a break followed by an hour and a half of English; Wednesdays are like Mondays; and Thursdays are like Tuesdays.

Although yesterday I only had two hours of French followed by an hour of standing in queue at the book-store followed by a break followed by an hour and a half of English. And I literally did stand in line for an hour - the line was simply that long. I think the only queue I've ever been in longer than that was for Splash Mountain. I would have avoided the place entirely if I hadn't needed a lab manual for astronomy, but I did, and since I was already there I picked up more pens, pencils, and a protractor and ruler that I need for... something in my astronomy lab, I don't really know. I was going to pick up a three-subject notebook, as well, but I'd been estimating my total and was nearing a bit too close to my limit, so I held off. (Then I got to the till and found out I would have had enough. Although I probably should have bought another pack of pens; it makes no sense that the pencils come in packs of five but the pens come in packs of two.)

Well, I can buy more pens next week. The line should be much shorter then, anyway.


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