Friday, 3 February 2012

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Friday, 3 February 2012 11:39 am
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Ended up auctioning off the pb. I'm guaranteed ~1mil that way, so it works out! (It's currently at 1010000 with 2-8 hours left.)

Yesterday I was dragged into a GameStop and I ended up preordering Mass Effect 3. I wanted the collectors edition but preorders for that ended last week. ): Still, that's probably a good thing, since the regular copy is only $60 instead of $80. At any rate, since the game comes out in a month I'm using it as an excuse to finish up all the stuff in my ME2 run that I didn't do, like a ton of assignments and the Overlord and Arrival DLC. Right now I just got a kind of annoying assignment where you have five minutes to stop some missiles from blowing up a colony, but you can only stop one of the missiles and there are two of them, so you can either save the people and sacrifice the industry (in which case they're alive but can't stay on the colony) or save the industry stuff but sacrifice the people (so the colony still functions, but everybody's dead). It's kind of a lose-lose situation, really, and when I read the wiki entry and realised that's what that mission was, I thought I would probably just skip it.

But then I thought about it for a bit. I mean, I'm playing a pretty Paragon Shepard (she's paragade, really, but only because renegade interrupts are cool), and if she had to pick, she'd save the people, no question. Sure, they have to find someplace else to live, but at least they're alive to make the choice. (And my renegade Shep would save the infrastructure, no question.) So when I thought about it that way, I decided that maybe I would do the mission after all.

Though it might take a few tries; I'm really bad at timed missions.

Also, my cat is fat and soft and warm and really clingy, so he's kind of chillin' with me in a way that, well, makes it difficult to play Mass Effect! Because he is laying right where I use the mouse. /: I needed to take a break anyway, though, so I guess it's okay.


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