Friday, 17 February 2012

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Friday, 17 February 2012 08:08 am
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I am really pants at remembering to update, aren't I? Well, it's been another week and it's been pretty cool, so I guess there's that.

I have been resurrected. I would say that Cerberus brought me back (I am on a Mass Effect kick and all) but that would imply something much more impressive than what actually happened. (In case this is confusing - a person declared that I was dead to them a couple of weeks ago. I now no longer am.)

The Mass Effect 3 demo is really awesome you guys, I wish I had the full game after playing it because reasons. ): But I did enjoy the demo. Liv looked pretty great in it, but I couldn't grab any screencaps since Origin doesn't have a screenshot function. /: I downloaded Fraps yesterday and am going to use it to grab shots of her the next time I run the demo... but that probably will be in like a week or so, because I want to have Cam's face code ready the next time so I can see what she'll look like, too. But first I have to drag her through the entirety of ME1, so I can import her and rebuild her face. There are a couple of things about her current appearance I want to change; I was always going to change her hairstyle, but I think I'm going to make her eyebrows darker and possibly soften her cheekbones up a bit, as well.

I was disappointed to get her in-game and realise that her current hairstyle really is a bun. It looked like a cute ponytail in the character builder. /: Still, it's getting changed in ME2 (to the really short curly hair) so I guess it doesn't actually matter all that much.

I need better screencaps of Olivia. /: I've gotten some decent ones of Cameron, because I've been looking for nice shots like that, but with Liv that wasn't a focus at all and I feel bad about that, because it means I can't make good icons of her. ): I did scrounge up a couple, though. It'll have to be good enough for now.

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Friday, 17 February 2012 04:35 pm
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So I just got back from an outing with my brother. It's his birthday today, and he decided he wanted to go look for more Hot Wheels. (He is obsessed with them; I have no idea why. He's also twenty-seven.) He said there might be food involved; there wasn't, but he did buy me a mocha. At one point we ended up at Toys R Us; he declared he was going to dig through the racks and racks of Hot Wheels and I said that if he was going to do that, I was going to go look at comics.

It took me a while to find the comics; I think they moved them from the last time. Or I'm just misremembering. Either way, I found them. I was surprised to see three issues of Mass Effect: Invasion. I thought, have they got the first issue in finally? Nope - there was just a fourth issue this time. Still no first issue. I would have bought them all if there had been, even though I really probably shouldn't be spending $14 on comics when all I have is gas money and ME3 money. I was kind of amused by it, though; it's like the store doesn't want my money or something!

Or maybe the store figured it didn't need my money, since when I got back to the Hot Wheels aisle I saw that my brother had found a hand basket that he was filling with Hot Wheels. He bought at least twenty-five of them! And five at Target, and ten at Lucky's... He really is honestly obsessed with them.

I am a little disappointed I don't get to read Invasion just yet, though. Maybe I'll look it up on Amazon, along with Redemption. ...and, I guess the three novels, too (I'm discounting Deception because I have heard literally nothing but terrible things about it). Never let it be said that I don't take my extended universe stuff seriously!


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