Tuesday, 20 March 2012

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 08:09 pm
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I seem to be really good at posting once a week! I honestly have no excuse this week; I'm on spring break. At any rate, between the HORRIBLE HORRIBLENESS of the ME3 ending and... other stuff, I'm dropping Mass Effect for more lighthearted gaming for a while. (Well, not dropping entirely; I'm slowly working on Liv's playthrough. Slowly.)

So I've been playing Pokémon. Except that I don't really have the patience for it right now, so I doodled some of my trainers and started writing a story. Well. Another story. I already had one in Sinnoh, but now I'm writing one in Unova. Well. It'll get to Unova. It's in Johto right now, but it's the prologue, so whatever.

In the process of writing this, I realised I had some important setting questions that I needed to work out before I could get very far. Fortunately bulbapedia has a history page which is useful for some of that. The rest of it I'm just kind of making up as I go along.

Of course, since just the prologue of the story (tentatively titled "Alexis and Amelia's Excellent Adventure") involves gym battles for fun and profit and more exposition dump than I would really like - I realised that the exposition dump isn't really necessary for the story; just for me. Even though I do want to share all my ~*~thoughts~*~ with my nonexistent readers and I think using Merriam as a character who just plain doesn't know how the league world league works, who then asks Alexis because she does know, is a good way to do it, it's still way, way too exposition-dumping. Nobody really needs to know why Amelia and Alexis have to inform like ten different people before they go to Unova, or even that they have to inform like ten different people; Amelia says she's telling their friends they're leaving and that Alexis is informing the proper authorities and that's all the reader actually has to know. Since Amelia later says that they set up their trip through Professor Oak, the reader is free to assume that he's the authority in question, and that's fine. (He was certainly one of them, anyway.)

...of course, the reader doesn't really need to know how the Pokémon internet works, either, but I sort of explained that anyway. Oops.

Really, the more important thing is how I'm going to make the Team Plasma plot of B/W work when I show the female PC of HG/SS challenging Morty in the prologue (only a short period after her rival gets his ass beat by Morty, no less).

So, I'm off to grab a notebook and a pen, and work all this crap out; I'll get back to writing more once I've done that. (It's weird how my headcanon powers are going into overdrive for Pokémon of all things when I can barely get them to work for Mass Effect. ...maybe I'm just burnt out on ME, is all, idk.)


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