Thursday, 22 March 2012

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Thursday, 22 March 2012 01:06 pm
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Apparently I have an inability to focus on anything for longer than a few days (which really begs the question of how I managed to beat ME3 in less than a week), because I've been hopping between Pokémon and Mass Effect before finally settling on some original stuff I started a while ago... and I want to keep switching between all three of them. It's hard to focus on Mass Effect because everything still kinda hurts and I really do need to play through ME3 again to see all the Garrus bits so I can do him and Olivia properly. It's hard to focus on Pokémon because I don't really remember everything about the Galactic plot in D/P/Pt, I haven't beaten B/W yet (and I don't remember how it begins, sob), and I'm balls at writing pokémon battles. It's hard to focus on my original stuff because...

...well, because I'm lazy, I think. But it's Thursday and I've thus far spent my spring break doing absolutely nothing, so... I should probably actually do something with it! Maybe I'll see a film this weekend... although the one my mum wanted to see apparently isn't playing (I thought it was already out, but then I thought Hunger Games was, too, and that opens tomorrow, so idk) so if I do see anything it's probably going to be Hunger Games.

My cat is literally all up in my face and I can see my monitor refreshing. Putting on my glasses would probably solve both of those problems. /:


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