Saturday, 31 March 2012

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Saturday, 31 March 2012 12:38 pm
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Been playing more TalonRO lately. :D I got Atisi her second job while I was over at Kay's house (spoilers: on Wednesday I went over to Kay's house, where she, Mams, and I watched Pokémon Heroes and The Rise of Darkrai, and then Kay and I played RO for like an hour), and then I spent hours yesterday grinding orcs. |: I got enough zeny to buy a new sword, then buy a spear, then sell the spear and buy another sword! Apparently I can't get one-handed quicken, though T: So I have to find out where to buy two-handed swords, because two-handed quicken isn't doing me any good with one-handed swords equipped. A-and then I'll have to grind the zeny to buy one ): I still need like 65k just to buy new armour, OTL

I tried grinding in a few different places when I got tired of orcs - I tried Ayothaya, where there are tons of leaf cats; there are also tons of wootan fighters, which kind of killed me the other day. I now have twice the HP than I did then, though, and I can actually kill them! :D But only one at a time. I tried hunting siromas, but I that was when I was equipped with a spear, and since my spear mastery isn't very high, I wasn't doing very much damage. So I quit that right quick. Then I was in Toy Factory grinding myst cases for cake :9 I can kill maybe one or two of them before I have to rest, the only problem is they don't drop cake very often and I'm still totally screwed if clockwork fighters show up. A-also all three of those places I tried grinding in are very popular, so there's that, too. (I prefer less populated maps, because I am not up on my TalonRO etiquette and don't want to piss anybody off.)

I'm also grinding for empty bottles, mostly for a skill quest! I need 200 of them and also some weird insect wing that I don't know where to find. I'll have to look it up again later... I have a pet as well, now, which eats carrot juice, so I need bottles to make that, too, but I still have like ten of them, so it's not as much of a concern.

A-and then I made a thief alt yesterday as well, Lerasi, who I might spend some time grinding up today instead. I'll make a rogue out of her! :D (A-also I feel really dumb for naming my two characters thus far after really obscure references, orz. I have literally only met one person who's read the series in question, and the references are only made in the author's online liner notes, so they're, uh, super super obscure. I should probably make a merchant character but I have absolutely no idea what I'd call her, since the obscure references I used for everybody else only had two names!)

Um. So, yeah. That's me for a while.

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Saturday, 31 March 2012 10:54 pm
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Things What I Have Found:
 - Iron Man
 - The Incredible Hulk
 - Getbackers vol 1
 - Kyou Kara Maou vol 1-3
 - Pokémon The Movie 2000
 - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
 - Howl's Moving Castle
 - Batman Begins
 - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
 - The Dark Crystal
 - Black Blood Brothers vol 1-3
 - Dragon Quest VIII
 - Final Fantasy XII
 - How to Train Your Dragon
 - Sleeping Beauty

Things What I Have Not Found
 - Iron Man 2

Now guess which of those I was actually looking for. -_- I wanted to marathon all five Marvel films but I can't exactly do that when I'm missing the one in the middle, can I? As far as my Film Series Marathons go this one's probably the least epic failure, since I'm only missing one film; I'm missing four Harry Potter ones (although I do own them all) and ten Pokémon ones (because I only actually own three).

It's not all bad, though. I never did watch all of Black Blood Brothers, so I can just marathon that instead. Or I could just watch The Incredible Hulk because goddamn I have not seen that film in forever. (Ed Norton I miss you, the Avengers just won't be the same with hydrofracking guy playing Bruce Banner ;_; )

Or I could do both, because I still have a day and a half left in this weekend and if I want to watch a film and then all of BBB there's nothing to stop me.


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