Monday, 30 April 2012

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Monday, 30 April 2012 10:13 pm
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I've been reading so much Sailor Moon fanfic lately. So much fanfic. I don't even.

So now I'm torn between reading even more SM fanfic, playing Mass Effect 3 so I might actually get new emails in Datapad, or playing Mass Effect 2 so I can go planet scanning. Yeah, I know, planet scanning is boring as shit. But my astronomy class made me want to do planet scanning. Not because my astronomy class was even more boring, or anything, but for a totally different reason.

See, in lecture today we talked about stars. Actually we talked about the inner workings of the sun (well the middle workings more like, we never actually got to the "core") and then we talked about nuclear power. Because stars make energy through nuclear fusion. Only we didn't actually get to nuclear fusion, we only got up through fission and the development of the nuclear bomb.

Now, I thought for sure that kind of thing would make me think of Mass Effect. (In fact, when the prof mentioned how uranium decays into thorium for the nth time I did actually think of Mass Effect, because I cannot help but think Thorian and projectile-acid-vomiting plant zombies every time I hear 'thorium'.) And the drill sergeant in ME2 does specifically say that the rounds that ships' cannons fire impact with a force that is so many times greater "than the citybuster dropped on Hiroshima" which we did actually talk about.

But no, I did not think of Mass Effect. Instead I thought about how Captain America fought in WWII and how Howard Stark worked in the Manhattan Project and about how Tony Stark prefers the weapon you only have to fire once. I very nearly said all three of these things out loud at appropriate moments (although I came closest with that last one... even though we really did it twice). After class I even tweeted about how I thought it was weird that Marvel stuff was the first stuff to pop into my head when usually it was Mass Effect stuff. of course then we spent the entire lab class doing an element scavenger hunt paper, and several different people mention several different times about how nobody's going to find any platinum, or iridium, or palladium. And that made me want to do planet scanning, because I can find those exact things and maybe even some element zero, if I look in the right places.

But I'm pretty sure I'm just going to read more fanfic until whenever, because I'd have to be un-lazy enough to start up Steam if I wanted to play ME2 and then even un-lazier to start up Origin through Steam if I wanted to play ME3, and I'm feeling pretty lazy right now.


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