Sunday, 3 June 2012

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Sunday, 3 June 2012 11:36 pm
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I have bought yarn for and finished two new scarves; also a pair of wristwarmers, which I actually want to take apart and redo slightly narrower, so that they might fit better. Tomorrow I want to see if I can't get a good picture of both scarves, as well as the one I made last winter (well, the one I made last winter which I didn't give away, at any rate). I've long since finished the bag I mentioned last post and should probably get a picture of that, too. I also did two drawings! What I have not done is updated my reading blog properly, and I intend to rectify that tomorrow.

In fact, my to-do list goes something like this:
 - do write-ups on chapters currently read
 - post those
 - read chapters up to 36
 - get pictures
 - post those
 - take shower
 - do write-ups up to 36
 - post up to 35

It seems dumb that 'take shower' is on the list but I'll probably forget if it isn't. Honestly I should probably put 'eat lunch' on the list, too, because I know I'll forget to do that. (I do that a lot. I also forget to drink water as well. Garrus would be very displeased. I should set an alarm to go off every hour that's just Garrus saying "remember to stay hydrated!" Maybe then I'd remember.)

Also I should probably add 'don't get distracted by fanfiction, Avengers or otherwise' and 'don't get distracted by arts or crocheting' as well, because those have been my main downfalls lately. /:

Also, also! Kay posted a question on facebook asking about beliefs in the afterlife and immortality; she needed answers for a paper for one of her classes. So naturally I answered with what I believe - which is notably not what I think sounds cool, although I think it does kind of sound cool, a little bit. (I realised after I posted it that it's also very similar to what skydancers believe, which reminded me that I put perhaps a bit more of myself into their making than I meant to.) It's been really interesting reading everyone else's answers, too; some of them aren't quite what I'd expected from the people saying them.

I should probably look up the yarn I used for my winter scarf; I don't remember what it was, and I don't have the labels like I do for the two I did recently. (Although the only reason I do have the labels for those is because I still have yarn left over, really...) Finding out what the colour was called might help me name it, too; I was thinking something like antique vintage or antique class, or something like that, but neither of them sounds quite right. One of the ones from lately is called candy kingdom, for sure; the one I just finished is probably going to be emeraude princess (or possibly emerald jupiter; I haven't quite decided yet).


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