Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 10:41 am
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So I had a whole post about stuff and then... accidentally closed my browser window and lost it. Oops. Instead, have a list.

Things I've Done Since I Last Updated:
 - bought a transit card so I can ride buses and stuff
 - texted a dude about getting rides to campus, though said dude hasn't replied
 - found and modified a pattern for and then made a haori-like jacket
 - ...okay yeah that's about it.

Also something involving a cunning plan!! to sell crocheted goods. I have one commissioned already! ...for a friend. Still, twenty bucks for a handmade purse is twenty bucks in my pocket, so I'm not complaining. I applied for a scholarship earlier today, but it's a random drawing, so I probably won't win. Still, I could, and that's the important part. It's $2000, so if I do that would pay for another two semesters at Ye Olde Community College, which is probably at least what I can expect to have to take (if not more), so there's that. And even if I don't win I can apply every month, so there's that, too.

And then I think, how much money could I make by selling all the shit in my room? There's probably tuition and books for at least another semester in all the fucking books in my room. Boxes and boxes and boxes and two full bookcases and two of those little side shelf things and piles of books not in boxes and stacks of books and a hill of books under my bed that were formerly in stacks but now are not because I've had to look for shit under there and - how many books can someone accumulate in their first nineteen years? Look in my room. (Then add four more boxes that are elsewhere in the house, and about another box's worth that are just kind of lying around elsewhere in the house unboxed.) That is how many. How many of them do I actually read? Basically none of them. How many of them would I read if I could actually get to them? Not very many of them. Therefore I should obviously get rid of the rest of them, and since I am a thrifty college student (not really) obviously what I should do is sell them.

Although, honestly, a better question is probably how much stuff a person can accumulate in their first nineteen years, although the answer is still look in my room, that is how much stuff. My parents are the kind of people who said things like "You should collect all those Beanie Babies/kids meal toys! Those will be worth something someday!" (My dad will deny it vehemently and he will be an absolute filthy liar when he does.) If I try to get rid of them then my dad, at least, will say "You should sell that!" Me? I'd probably just chuck it in the trash bin. The plush toys I might take to a thrift store. The toy Reptars and shit I'm just going to trash, because nobody fucking cares.

...okay, that's enough talk about cleaning my room. I'm going to finish backing up all my Ren'Py files and then fucking start cleaning my room. I have two sets of stacking drawers! How many trash bags can I fill up from those? Let's fucking find out.


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