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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 09:14 pm
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ughhhhh new semester new classes are boring as shit

I guess I can't say definitively, since I've only had three of my four classes so far, but actually I think ughhhhhh is the perfect way to describe them. Here's a rundown:

Monday! Get to school extra early because I hitched a ride with Hanekoma because last semester I never saw anyone ever and that sucked and I'd like to make that not happen this time. That's cool; I sat in the library and crocheted. For three hours.

No, really.

Anyway, first class was English Lit! Which is cool and all, except I took that class back in high school and it was, uh, awesome, and while I've still got a pretty cool English prof I also don't know anybody in the class and they all seem kind of lame, to be perfectly honest, and that doesn't bode well. (For my 101C class last semester I somehow ended up sitting in the middle of a bunch of nerds which was totally awesome, because we were all nerdy together.)

Then more crocheting in the library to kill time until my next class, which was American Government. Let me get this out of the way - I hate studying government. I don't like politics, I don't like politicians, I don't like talking to people about politics or politicians. If I hadn't seen first-hand what happens when a small number of people don't vote, I probably wouldn't even vote myself. (Admittedly that was in high school, but still.) Plus, in high school, I had a pretty kickin rad government class. This class? Not kickin rad. Also I don't know anyone and dudes seem pretty lame, and there's also that one guy who never shuts up. Like, always asking questions, never interpreting the answers right, usually the questions are stupid anyway? I shouldn't judge, but I'm totally judging. Maybe if I didn't sit on the side farthest away from the door.

Then, today! I walked a mile and a damn half to get to the bus stop, had an awkward moment with a fellow bus rider because he didn't know what was up and his only options were to ask me, the girl standing around staring into space, or the weird guy with his headphones in singing in Japanese. Honestly I'm not surprised dude chose to ask me, but it was still awkward. Anyway! The bus ride was actually nice, even if the walk, uh, sucked.

So then I got to campus and had to stand around in the bookstore queue forever because I had to buy one of my government books (there are four of them) because New Professor decided to be ~*~awesome~*~ and assign a thing due tomorrow that required one of the books. The book is like five bucks on Amazon. The bookstore charged $25. I'm not even kidding.

And then more crocheting in the library, although it was less crocheting and more sort-of-crocheting then trying-to-read-the-assignment-for-the-book-I-just-bought followed by giving-up-and-working-out-more-visual-novel-notes. I felt awkward about including Alistair and cheshire because I cannot figure out plots for their routes omg but I figured out that they're both tsundere and also how you end up meeting them! And in fact everyone else, too. So that worked out okay, even if I still don't know what their routes are going to be about. I figure I'll probably write Juushirou's first anyway, really...

And then I went to class! Honestly this biology class seems the most interesting of the bunch so far, even if it involves presentations and group activities which I hate, just because the professor seems pretty chill and also there are people I know from high school. Also I don't have to buy a $200 textbook for it because the prof said it wasn't strictly necessary and I feel like I take relatively okay notes! So there's that.

Tomorrow I get to suffer through English and government again, which I am honestly not really looking forward to. /: And then after that I get to walk to the fucking bus stop again and go to biology, and that evening I have my last class! And then weekend, because I don't have any classes on Fridays. :D

...yeah, no, really, I don't know what I think about this semester. Maybe I'm getting less and less serious with ever passing semester... it sure feels like that, at any rate.

Also, I walked that stupid mile and a half and then I only went down stairs (because the bus stop is at the top of the hill!) and one of my legs is all crampy and sore. I am so damn out of shape. |:


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