Thursday, 30 August 2012

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Thursday, 30 August 2012 09:17 am
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Yesterday I took the bus home. It was not that bad at all. The only annoying part was that my mum was supposed to be over in the shopping centre by the bus stop and gave me super confusing directions to where she was /:

English and government classes are definitely super boring and I hate that a little bit, especially with English because it's lit! It's supposed to be fun/interesting! But everyone else in the class is totally lame and so the class is, too. Also that guy in my government class who doesn't shut up has now progressed to 'dude who I want to punch in the face every time he opens his mouth to say something'. Of course I never will, because that would be incredibly rude, but that doesn't mean I don't want to.

And I get to sit through an hour and a half of that. Yeah.

Yesterday I said there was a thing I would do today, but I am not much in the mood to do that thing, so I think I'll probably be lame and, uh, not. Besides, I bought Leviathan yesterday and I want to play it. :3 As Cam, of course! Because Liv still isn't even past Tuchanka yet and I don't want to have to play through that first. (Not that you have to, I think? But it would probably be better if I did, anyway.) So I'm probably going to do that.

I have biology today (yay?!) and also anthropology (yay?)! So by tomorrow I'll have had all of my classes, since my anthro course is a night class. I've only just realised the potential futility of sitting through three hours of lecture but... I'll survive, somehow? Even if I have to doodle all over my notes and/or write fic/fanfic/VN notes to do it. (I'd say something like "Maybe this first class will be shorter, since it's the first class" but since we only meet once a week... I kinda doubt it.)


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