Monday, 17 September 2012

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Monday, 17 September 2012 07:11 am
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Got my AO3 invite! \o/ I don't really have much of anything to post, though, other than Mass Effect headcanon ending goooooo that I have currently been working with. (Although I could post Cam's. And also that one TWEWY fic that people seem to like. That's about all I got, though.)

Things I haven't done lately: sleep, really. I got the shittiest sleep last night. I only got four, maybe five hours, and even then only because I had to get up early today. This happened to me in the summer once, too (under somewhat different circumstances, admittedly) and last night I was already past the point when back then I said "Fuck it, I'm not getting any sleep, let's go play video games until the sun comes up." (I was actually somewhat tempted to do that again, but I have classes and shit now. I'm actually somewhat tempted to stay home today, but I actually kind of have to go to class, even though I'm really not feeling it. I have stayed home for less before, but missing shit is probably not very conducive to improving my current emotional state, so I'd probably just worry all day anyway.)

I also wrote an essay, which I finished very poorly not that long ago. It's only a rough draft, it's allowed to be shit. At least it doesn't have notes and shit to pad out the length like I did all last semester; it's close enough to the page minimum that I don't fucking care. So what if there's a blank third at the bottom of the page? It's a rough draft! (Probably my English prof cares. Oh well. I don't, and that's the important part.) One of the big reasons I can't really miss today is because we're doing peer review and I might get lucky and have probably the one person in the class who can actually fucking write look over my paper and tear it to shit. (Probably that is also not very conducive to improving my current emotional state, but the paper also kind of needs it, so...) I'm not really convinced that single solitary person exists, however, so eh.

I was supposed to do some stuff for my government class, too, which - naturally - I didn't. I can still get the reading and the notes done, but I can't really do the whole ~*~research stuff about space~*~ thing I was kind of supposed to do. (Gasp, me not doing something involving space?!) Which is probably fine, and if it isn't then whatever. I just need to make sure it happens before Wednesday, because I have to to decide by then if I want to write Angry Feminist: The Paper Part II: The Policy Paper or if I want to write about motherfucking space. (Hint: It has always been the latter.)

Anyway, I've got to drag my ass out of bed and start doing stuff now if I don't want to have to haul my ass to the bus stop later (hint: I don't) so I should go do that. (Even if it means I end up having to haul my ass up neverending stairs instead.)


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