Tuesday, 18 September 2012

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 07:08 am
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So it turns out my ride yesterday was having just as shitty a morning as me, so he ended up being super super late... so I didn't actually have to get ready so soon. (I also didn't have to climb endless stairs, either, just some of them, since there was some dude yelling about God and stuff who we purposely took ramps and elevators to avoid.)

Also, between being super tired and the pain meds I took, I ended up falling asleep super early last night. Like seven o'clock early. And then proceeded to sleep for twelve hours. Which sounds about right, really, considering how much sleep I didn't get the night before.

I really should revise my essay and then go to campus early so I can hit up my instructor's office hours, but on the other hand... why? So there's that.

I guess I'm still a little tired. I hadn't planned on actually getting up when my alarm went off, it just kind of happened.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 09:41 am
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Also! I appear to have not mentioned that my friends and I started playing D&D, but we did. Hanekoma is our DM and the rest of us are lowly players; all told there are seven of us. At least usually. Unfortunately, after we started our campaign we realised that playing over Skype isn't very feasible (Mams and Kay have to move back to Davis for school), so... we ended up starting a second campaign for when we can't play with them. The second campaign is throwaway characters for an epic war in the backstory of our main campaign, and I figured "Well if we're not taking this very seriously then I should make up the weirdest character I can!" So after puddling about in a character generator I ended up with a half-dragon human soulborn, because what could be cooler/weirder than that?

(Yes, a lot of things. Shut up and stop applying logic.)

Except that a lot of the soulborn stuff was from a book we didn't have and looking it up online was all really confusing, so I mostly pretended I didn't have any of the really specific stuff because nobody knew how it worked.

(There's a point to all this.)

So, yesterday I ended up going to the bookstore! I went with the purpose of finding the book all the soulborn stuff is from. This is what I left with:

 - Magic of Incarnum (the book all the soulborn stuff is from)
 - The Best of H.P. Lovecraft
 - the first four Temeraire books:
    - His Majesty's Dragon
    - Throne of Jade
    - Black Powder War
    - Empire of Ivory

I had planned on paying for all that myself, but my mum had also picked up kind of a lot of things, so she said "fuck it " and bought mine too. Ahahaha! (And because it was at a half-price bookstore, everything was cheap! ...even if that stupid supplemental guide still cost $18 at half price.) I also almost picked up Cryptonomicon, except that I noticed all the Temeraire stuff after and wouldn't have been comfortable spending quite so much so I put it back. /:

I should probably be doing homework, but I'm not really feeling it. I have to go out to my dad's tonight but I should still have some time left over after I get back to revise my paper, I think, so I'll put it off. :D (And if I don't, I'll have enough time before class to do it! :DD)


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