Monday, 15 October 2012

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Monday, 15 October 2012 09:15 pm
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I'm still working on DAHF/LT though. (Jesus, I need to come up with a better shortened name for this stupid thing.) Slowly. Very slowly. But I am still working on it. I may well rewrite most of what I have for the first half, since it's... very game-centric. Like, very game-centric. Like, I was following the script, more or less. Which is boring, as we all know, because if we wanted to read the script, we'd just play the game. Nobody's going to read Saika's story as a faithful novelization; that's not what's interesting about her story.

No, there are two interesting things about her story: that she already knows Pharos, and that she knows exactly when she's going to die. She doesn't know how or why, but she knows when. (It's going to make Shinji's really interesting, haha.)

Somehow it seems that the story I'd prefer to write is Life in Technicolour, even though I got the idea for that one much later; on the one hand, it's more interesting because Saika doesn't know what's going on. On the other hand... well, I still want to write Death and All Her Friends.

Maybe I'm just antsy because I'm stuck at the beginning? I mean, the Welcoming Ceremony hasn't even happened yet. And the beginning is so boring...

I don't have a name for my NaNo story yet (although, to be fair, I don't have a name for most of the things in my NaNo story yet either; I ended up going with sources for the magical collection key things, but what they unlock is still called 'magic thing' in my notes. Or Eileen, but, uh... never mind.)

I wish I could just kick back and relax tomorrow, but I actually have kind of a lot of things to do. /:  This morning I wrote a fail!tastic essay that I get to revise/rewrite large sections of (and just plain write some of them), I have to do a fact sheet and bibliography for my government class paper (the bibliography is preliminary, but the fact sheet isn't supposed to be), and I have to do some of my anthropology homework, since there are two due this week thanks to the midterm next week (I'll do the other homework on Thursday as usual). I have to go out to my dad's tomorrow after class, so I won't have time to work on most, if any, of that in the evening, so I have to do it all in the morning before I leave. Add to that the fact that it's supposed to start getting warmer again this week... Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it.

If I get a chance to, I want to pick through the make-up at CVS tomorrow (spoilers: I don't think I'll get a chance to). My Aerith cosplay plans fell through, but I think I can do Aradia instead. I may or may not get a wig (I found a nice one for cheap, but I'm also broke and I don't think my mum wants to buy me a wig really) and I absolutely don't plan on doing grey troll make-up, but I should be able to get horns and the rest of it easily enough. As far as make-up goes, I would like to get lipstick, red and black eyeshadow, and red eyeliner... though I'll settle for just the first two, honestly. I can wear my normal eyeliner if I need to.

...Anyway, enough about all that. It's not terribly late but I am tired anyway, so it's bedtime for me now. z_z


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