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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 06:58 am
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So, yesterday was kind of terrible, honestly. I didn't get anything done that I meant to, really; I spent the whole morning unable to concentrate, and then the whole afternoon feeling like complete shit. I don't know if it was the hot chocolate or the larger-than-normal amount of social interaction that made me feel more like a normal human being during and after biology class, but something did, so that I was only a little bit pissed off when my only pair of jeans decided to rip across the thigh as I got into the car.

Although that was probably actually good luck, as it set into motion a series of events that I was quite happy about... even if I did also have to spend $60 on jeans and only came out of it with two pairs.

So we went to Old Navy, my mum and I, having learned through years of awkward emotional breakdowns in department store dressing rooms that the jeans there fit me nicely, unlike those at basically everywhere else. (Unfortunately, while there I forgot that they probably also sold the exact shirt I needed. Oops.) Then there happened to be a conveniently placed Party City right across the parking lot from the Old Navy! So I wandered in and found the exact pair of horns I needed for an Aradia outfit. (I also picked up a wig cap, because I was there and they had them.) Then we skipped across the complex (and by skipped I mean drove) to Joanns, where although my mum couldn't find the coupon she thought she had with her I did manage to get the paints I needed for the horns and shirt.

I didn't have as much luck finding make-up; I ended up with a "vampiress" set that has lipstick which should work and black eyeshadow, if not red (it does have a dark pink-ish colour which isn't perfect but will work in a pinch). Of course, I also scoured through Amazon and found red eyeliner and eyeshadow, and then ordered them along with my wig, so there's that. The eyeshadow should show up sometime this week and the rest next week, which is just about perfect. So all I need now is a shirt and skirt, which I plan to shop for later this week (and maybe some socks, since she has kind of unique socks and I always need more socks; and also maybe some fake eyelashes, because I keep seeing a set that looks about right), and then to paint the horns (already started) and to put the Aries sign on the shirt.

In other words: the Aradia costume is absolutely 100% happening!

...but I still had a ton of work to do for today, none of which got done yesterday. Well, I say none, but I did actually start revising the essay last night, for, like, an hour, and I did get about halfway through. Then this morning I realised there were huge chunks that were irrelevant and that needed removed, so I took them out and realised I lost an entire page of length.

And then I pulled two pages out of my ass somehow, and so managed exactly four pages. Success!

I still have to do the fact sheet and bibliography for my government class, but that only needs to be about a page and I have some amount of research already completed from earlier weeks, so I should be able to do it in the three or so hours before class relatively easily (and, since I'll be on campus around eight-thirty, there should even be free computers in the library).

But wait! It gets better!

I figured part of my problem yesterday was the heat, since it is - for some ungodly reason - warming up again, and the forecasted temperatures for Thursday are in the 90s. Obviously I am not walking a mile and a half in that at all ever, so I figured I'd just cut class again (the last time I did this was for an entirely different reason, but it also happened to be over 90 degrees outside, so that proved a convenient excuse).

And then the professor comes in and says there's no class on Thursday.

I shouldn't be as excited about it, since I wasn't planning on showing up anyway, but that did work out kind of perfectly. So even though I didn't get any anthropology homework done yesterday, I have plenty of time to do it tomorrow - and to finish putting the base coat on my horns, as well. :D (Actually I might do that tonight, which is even better, because that means that I can start properly painting them tomorrow :DD)

So yeah. That was my Tuesday.


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