Monday, 22 October 2012

moar aradia upd8

Monday, 22 October 2012 08:05 pm
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so i'm not actually using vriska's quirk for this even though there's an 8 up there in the title! actually i guess i'm using more like aradia's except she doesn't use much punctuation

i type a lot like this in chats to be honest but uh in a blog post you actually kind of need a bit of punctuation so that you can tell sentences and shit so there's that. also lack of apostrophes makes me very annoyed and sometimes you just really need a comma (says the girl who hasn't used a single comma in this post yet!)

several of my professors today (well okay i only had two today so both of them) asked if we were watching the presidential debate or the giants game tonight. "it's such a tough choice!" they said. no it's not a tough choice, everyone's watching the giants game! well at least i am. it's not like presidential debates are actually very useful anyway, it's all sound bites and whoever looks better on tv and none of that actually has much bearing on running a freaking country.

today was not a very nice day honestly, the weather was pretty shit. (oh snap a comma!) i mean i like the rain and all, but i like having a choice of whether or not to be in it! i did not have a choice this morning. fortunately it let up after a while. i wanted to get a hot chocolate while it was still drizzling out but the coffee cart's making-hot-drinks-machine was broken ): but on my way to government class it was working again! so i had a large hot chocolate and it was tasty :9 by that point i felt really bad though, and by the time i got off the bus (well by the time i got on the bus really) i wanted to drive an ice pick into my skull and also my uterus was trying to punch me in the face. which was not very fun! but then my mum was all "so you wanted to go into ross right?" and i was all "sigh yeah okay i did even though i feel like shit i guess it won't take very long" and it didn't take very long at all!

and also i found an aradia skirt!! so that was nice and awesome :D it's all long and swishy and comfy. so actually i first found a black one that looked about right except that it was black, and then my mum was "okay let's keep looking" and then we found a grey one that was the same! except for being grey and therefore perfect of course. (:

so now all i need to do is paint aries on my shirt and dig out my leggings to wear under my skirt and everything will be done! well except for the stuff that still hasn't shipped yet ugh ugh ugh why

the shipping status has actually changed on that stuff! it went from 'not yet shipped' to 'shipping soon'. what does shipping soon even mean?? it's like "oh yeah we still haven't shipped your shit yet but we're totally actually going to ship it don't worry" which is really not that reassuring considering i placed the order like an entire week ago and the other stuff i ordered at exactly the same time already showed up. T:<

also also also! my whole family votes by mail-in ballot and so i'm finally getting around to filling mine out. with the voter guide by my side of course, except that the thing i really really needed it for (well okay i needed it for everything since i actually don't know much about anything on the ballot but whatever) which was the propositions. i know there's information about them available but i have to look it up and of course my mum had the computer when i needed it ): and then she turned on the giants game so i'm watching that right now, so there's that.

i feel like i don't really want to vote for anyone who puts a url in their voter guide blurb but that doesn't really help when nearly everybody does it. at least there was only one person who took the opportunity to pimp their book, i was all, really? like, you're really doing that? ugh.

anyway my laptop battery's about to die but i'm still watching the game (ahahahaha home run fuck yeah) so i guess i'll cut this short so i can conserve power. i'm kind of rambling now anyway! maybe later i'll talk about the update <3

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ugh ugh ugh i really wanted to like damara because she's a megido i mean she's aradia's ancestor you know!? and at first i was all okay it's weird she talks in japanese but that's okay but uhhhhh girl your sprites are kinda creeping me out and then i translated the text dump and WHAT THE FUCK GIRL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN ON OH MY GOD

with a side of really, hussie, did we really need an omeagle troll?? ugh. although i guess it's not so much omeagle as /h/ or maybe /d/ i guess??? but it's still just like... jesus fuck i wanted to like her so bad but i can't, i just can't.

i don't even hate her like i do vriska, i really fucking hate vriska, i just... ughhhhhh

it makes me not look at meenah in such a good light either, i mean i was inclined to kind of like meenah (probably because she's mostly the pov character in these flash games really) but if what rufioh and aranea were going on about is true (and i mean isn't that kind of what aranea's whole purpose in these is, is to exposit at us?) then holy fuck meenah did you really have to do that

and i mean i guess it's also partly rufioh for fucking cheating but i mean holy shit damara did you really have to paralyse him from the neck down?!? i mean meenah probably deserved getting iced since she (apparently) played off damara's insecurity/jealousy while also pushing rufioh and horuss (was that his name? ugh i should double-check but i'm really fucking lazy) together (and probably did other shit too but jesus) so i'm definitely not complaining about that but...


i wonder if aradia's met damara, and what her reaction is/was and what she thinks of her. i really wonder.

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This time nanowrimo upd8! And also proper capitalisation and punctuation.

So I've been working out more ideas; I've been fleshing out characters a bit and also adding backstory and worldbuilding depth. Probably I will copy out some of these things tomorrow (or at least sort of; my notes look a bit weird, really) but for now I'd like to get them down just as is.

lalala details details )

Maybe I'll work on this sometime tomorrow, between showering and potentially studying and researching and finishing my ballot. And stuff.

(Also, belatedly, I don't have a name for this story, and it kind of needs one. ...knowing me, I'll probably just call it Soulcatcher or whatever other name I end up coming up with for the magic thing.)


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