Wednesday, 24 October 2012

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 07:05 pm
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So I have a chapter-by-chapter outline for my story! Unless I can come up with another name for the thing I guess it's just going to be the Soulcatcher and I'm just going to call the story Soulcatcher. /: Anyway, I've got 24 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue, though I'll probably play around with it a bit since it's a little, uh, backloaded. (And by that I mean the epilogue contains stuff that should probably be a part of act three proper, but I'm not sure what I can cut and stuff.) I'm still looking forward to starting this!

Amazon finally fucking shipped my package omg it's supposed to show up on Friday which is good. I also went out and got the fake eyelashes I wanted... as well as some new nail polish (dark red and also black crackle even though there's literally no reason for me to be wearing black crackle polish over the red), a cosmetics sharpener, some eyeshadow applicators, and some eyelash adhesive. The eyelashes I bought have their own adhesive, but I wanted to have some in case they fell off or I wanted to wear them again or whatever.

I also bought some books! I got Cloud Atlas and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I was kind of interested in seeing Cloud Atlas the film, so if I like the book then I might actually go do that.

It's so nice knowing that I don't...

Well. I was going to say that it was so nice knowing I don't have any homework for tomorrow! But that's not true, because my anthropology midterm is tomorrow night so I need to study. /: Ugh. And here I thought I got off lucky.


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