Thursday, 13 December 2012

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 06:19 am
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So last night I picked my myths. I, uh, figured out which pages in the books actually had myths on them then rolled a random number generator for a page number and picked the one that was on it. So I get to write about Fenris and some stuff about Cuchulain. (I really wish the Celtic book were laid out the same as the Norse one; it would be a lot easier. It might just be that their myths tended to be, well, different, though, idk.)

I am so fucking tired though, you don't even know. I was sort of considering buying a mocha before selling my textbooks last night? I am not even considering it any more. I'm doing it. I'm making it happen. That's assuming I can stay up for the three hours before I even get up to campus, of course... I mean, I get to read myths! And then write about them! This should be easy! Uh, not really, ugh. At least I have the rubric to guide me.

Then I've also got a bio final today, right, so I wanted to study up for that, too. I downloaded the study guide a while ago but didn't really bother to look at it until this morning, thinking that I should probably use this time to study, since I'm taking that final before the paper is due. Then I looked over the study guide and realised that I knew everything on it. I mean, not in ridiculous detail or anything, but I could generally answer all the questions that it asked. Which is weird, because a lot of it I didn't even learn in that class, and the stuff I did learn I... apparently didn't realise I learned? Because I don't pay very much attention in that class, I mean, what with always being busy doodling or crocheting or whatever. Although, I guess it isn't necessarily true to say I don't pay attention, considering that I am usually participating in class discussions and stuff...

I guess the point is that I am apparently an academic sponge, in addition to having the academic superpower of minimum effort -> maximum profit. If only the professors in all my lecture classes would let me just sit and crochet in class; I'd probably learn loads. I mean, it's not like I ever really refer back to my notes anyway.

(Actually, it's probably just that class in particular. There's a lot you can go into in genetics but there's not actually, uh, that much, if you're doing the basic overview level. So if you've had a sex ed class that was in any way decent and a biology class that discussed genetics for a chapter or two, then you basically learned almost everything I did this semester. Since I did both of those things in high school - in the same year, in fact - I already knew a ton of stuff going in. I did learn new things! But I also didn't learn very many.)

...ugh, so tired. Fuck. I really need to read me some myths, but I also really just want to go back to sleep. Maybe... just another hour or so...? It can't take me eight hours to write the paper, that would just be dumb, so I could probably sleep a bit more, if I tried...

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 10:10 am
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I am sitting in a study room with my earbuds firmly jammed in my ears and all my study materials laid out before me. I know that I need to write my anthropology paper.

I am in the absolute worst possible mood for writing my anthropology paper.

I just tried to sell my books - well, I guess that was about half an hour ago, now. Anyway, I didn't manage to get rid of most of them - hardly any of them, in fact - and I got a sum total of $14.50 for what I could sell. I am naturally not very happy about that, nor about the fact that I now have to carry a big heavy bag full of textbooks around all day in addition to my normal heavy bag containing my laptop and reference books for this stupid anthropology paper.

I'm also just in a generally disagreeable mood today, as well as feeling physically under the weather, but that really just absolutely did not help me any. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to make my mood any better, short of automagically having neither paper to write nor exam to sit and thus being free to go home and curl up in bed with my cat, so I'm pretty much screwed.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:42 am
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I have my myths all outlined, now, and I know which theorists I want to use. I just don't know which one to use for which myth.

Lévi-Strauss has structuralism on his side, which - I believe - includes binary oppositions? I wanted to use Jung to analyse The Story of Fenris (that's how the book I have puts it; you might be more familiar with the character in question as Fenrir, but either way it's Loki's wolf-kid - and yes, the urge to make DAII jokes is extremely hard to fight), but considering that the entire point of the story is to tell how Tyr ended up with only one arm/hand (the book says he's called one-armed, but it then explicitly states that Fenris/r bites off Tyr's hand) it seems like it would be better set up as the two powers in opposition to each other, so Lévi-Strauss would work better for that one.

(I only just realised that this book refers to Ragnarok as the twilight of the gods - admittedly that may well be what it's usually called - which .hack// refers to in... uh, some point in The World's mythos. I was picking up on a lot of familiar names from it as I skimmed through some Celtic mythology, but I suppose the writers pulled from other sources, as well.)

(Also, the whole "binary opposition" thing would probably work even better for Fenris and Tyr if they actually fought each other in the aforementioned event, but Fenris actually takes out Odin, and Tyr fights somebody else.)

I suppose Jung actually does work out okay for Cuchulain's Madness, because you could argue that what Maev's magical kiddies set on him was actually the Shadow and/or that he's seeing figures of the ~*~collective unconscious~*~!! That is, that Cuchulain in this particular slice of myth represents the individual's journey to seek equality/harmony between the archetypes and create their own "mandala" in doing so.

(I AM A SHADOW, THE TRUE SELF - yeah, okay, couldn't resist. Every time Jung comes up, and especially any time his concept of the Shadow is mentioned, I just have to make a Persona reference. I have to. I just can't help it.

That said, my shadow would either be ridiculously pathetic or frighteningly murderous, or possibly both, and the fact that I can't figure out which it would be is actually the tiniest bit scary. I'm 95% sure my persona would make me the resident Rise/Fuuka, though, although I can only hope that I would be a lot less annoying than either.)

So... huh, I guess I just worked out what I needed to know to keep working on my essay! :D And with two whole hours before I have to go do magical exam final stuff, how nice~!

That said, I'm still knitting another row or two before I get back to writing, because that's just how I roll.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 01:42 pm
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and by that I mean I'm not done with it yet but I really really want to be! And here I thought it couldn't possibly take me more than four hours, but clearly it has.

I've finished my analysis of the first myth, at any rate. I had to really scrounge for a third binary opposition, but I managed it, and even managed to come up with an analysis of it that makes sense, too.

Onto Jung, now! I'm almost excited for that, just for the PERSONAAAAAAAA implications (was that eight As I'm not sure) but at the same time it's... an essay, it's probably not going to be fun, the rest of this sure hasn't been.

I have so many posts that I've been tumbling or whatever you call posting on tumblr, and also stuck myself in some art plagiarism dramaz that... holy shit, exploded while I wasn't paying attention.

And I totally called someone being a total shit and starting up death threats, which makes me very disappoint in people right now. >:T I don't care who the girl stole art from, it is not fucking okay to tell her to kill herself. It's not okay to tell anyone that, really.

Back to the tumblings, it's mostly idle thoughts and "i'm so fucking bored omggggg" and stuff. Which... is pretty true, really, because I am and also I get really distracted when writing papers because I think of all kinds of things!

I should spend my ten minutes before leaving to go do bio exams working on my paper, though, and I should absolutely listen to my Persona playlist while writing from Jung's viewpoint. >:3

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 09:06 pm
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THE SEMESTER IS SO FUCKING OVERRRRRRRR you have no idea how happy I am

Today was a terrible shitty day but it's over now! So I can go the fuck to sleep and wake up in the morning and bask in the glory of knowing that I don't have to do anything. For an entire month and a half!

Which isn't exactly true, I have a lot of crocheting to do and not a lot of time to do it in, just like last year. I'm like 99% sure I can actually get it done in time, though, provided I have enough podcasts/LP episodes to keep me going through it all, and since I'm like two months behind on Science Sort Of (at least), I don't think I'll be running out any time soon.

Which reminds me, I should catch up on GG and WE, since they have short episodes that are easy to catch up on.

Anyway I'm updating my podcasts and then going to bed, because I am tired and I think I deserve all the sleep I could possibly want.


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