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Thursday, 16 December 2010 06:21 am
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And then my physics teacher wasn't there for the first fifty minutes of class, so I "conveniently" forgot about making up the test yesterday. With luck he won't bring it up again!

Got further in SO3; I'm about to go to Moonbase. I forgot about how contrived that one plotline death was... e_e; Still, drama as the plot demands it, or something like that.

I was listening to the news for the weather, before I started making this Christmas card that I completely forgot I had to do until like 9:30 last night, and I saw along the ticker at the bottom, "Newark High football star stabbed to death at--" and all I could think was Not Kennedy, not Kennedy, please not Kennedy... and then I breathed a sigh of relief when it finished with, "--East Bay bus stop." I mean, I know I shouldn't be happy that somebody got stabbed to death, and I'm not, really; I'm just glad it wasn't near my school. Because my school has a bad reputation that we didn't create and don't deserve, because people from other schools in the district decide to go shoot and stab people from their other schools at my school. So then in the paper the next day you'll read about how somebody was shot/stabbed/killed at Kennedy, and it never really clarifies that the aggressor wasn't a Kennedy student and that the victim wasn't, either, and people go around talking about how Kennedy is such a dangerous school, man I'd sure be nervous if I had to go there. And we're all, "...it had absolutely nothing to do with us, actually, and the school is perfectly safe," but nobody actually listens.

Also, speaking of Christmas cards I made in twenty minutes this morning! That's actually kind of a lie, since I wrote the text in about twenty minutes last night. But today I drew and coloured the front and wrote the text inside. (In English we all drew names from a box and had to make a holiday card for the person whose name we drew with certain literary devices in it.) Fortunately my person gave permission to do a Christmas card, so she gets a Christmas card with a cute little Santa on the front. ♥

Finally, last night I started writing something that might end up awesome and spacey and scifi, assuming I ever finish it. I guess that's what happens when Panic! At the Disco and Star Ocean 3 cross paths in my head! (Speaking of Panic!, they're supposed to have a new album out in March. I'll have to give the singles a listen before I buy it! But I'll probably end up buying it anyway.)

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Sunday, 12 December 2010 07:36 pm
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Today I danced around like an idiot, delivered an airheaded line, voiced over a commercial, joined five other people in the eating of an entire package of bacon, and played some Star Ocean 3! I actually wanted to play Final Fantasy X, but I don't know where my copy is.

Also, arguably most important, I got my very first wireless controller working again. It's this tiny little MadCatz thing that's absolutely perfect for me, and out of all the wireless controllers I've had, it's worked the best (and the longest. even longer than the official Sony one!) Except that it just stopped working one day, years ago. I still had it, though, and today I was so driven to play something that I decided I should see if I couldn't get it working again. So I dug out the controller and the receiver, cleaned them off, pried the old batteries out of the controller, took all the screws out and popped them open, removed the cat hair that had inexplicably found its way inside the controller, put everything back together, put in new batteries, and plugged it in. And it worked!

(I didn't manage to get it put together quite properly; the R2 button ended up a bit stiff. In my defence, controllers are complicated! It took me like fifteen minutes just to get it to the point where I could put all the screws back in. And anyway, R2 isn't an important button anyway.)

So yeah, hurray for SO3. I'm still on disc one, but I went from "Let's go talk to Crosell!" to... "Let's go talk to Crosell!" I also fought two bosses and the O button, won four battle trophies, went on a fetch quest, recruited a new inventor, tried and failed at item creation, got a spiffy new key item, and was about to go break the game with IC and synthesis when my mum decided she wanted to watch TV. Still, not bad for four hours. Tomorrow I'll get to disc two! Or at least fight Crosell, which is practically the end of disc one. (Actually, getting to the Aquaelie is the end of disc one. Still, you fight Crosell, watch a bunch of cutscenes, go to the Diplo, watch more cutscenes, go to the Kirlsa Training Facility, more cutscenes, boss fight, even more cutscenes, and then you're on the Aquaelie. So that shouldn't take too long.)

I also taped the pages that were falling out of my SO3 guide back in. There were more pages falling out than I originally thought. The guide awkwardly opens somewhere between Sphere 211 and Firewall now, but at least I'm not in danger of losing pages anymore.

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Thursday, 25 November 2010 06:48 pm
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I've learned that I can't slice potatoes properly! Oh well, they'll still taste bacony and delicious. I'm currently frying up some potatoes for some bacon and potato hash, and this marks the first time that I've 1) fried potatoes and 2) cooked bacon. I'm not expecting it to be particularly tasty, but still, it's bacon and potatoes. You can't really screw that up. (I would have made a bacon and potato frittata, which is admittedly easier to screw up than a hash, but big bro doesn't like eggs, so it's just a hash for us.)

I meant to work on my Frankenstein project today, and I didn't. I did figure out the very basic idea of what I'm going to do with it, though... maybe I'll start on it later. /: Also meant to read more Pride and Prejudice, which... also didn't happen. Oops! I don't really mind though. Because I spent the day playing Magician's Quest, and catching up on my blog for it. And also cooking. And also reading The Exiled Queen, which isn't the book I wanted to buy yesterday but is a good book nonetheless.

Anyway, yeah, blogging games. I don't know why I'm doing it, but right now I'm doing two: Pokémon Soul Silver and Magician's Quest. It's fun, even if it's kind of time consuming. Still, it's not as bad as a full-out screenshot LP!

And then I found out that the best Disney film ever was on, so that made today even better. And the hash didn't turn out too bad, either! Everything's rather crispy, but in a good way. I kind of wish I'd made more, though, haha.

So, rest of tonight: watch some film, take a shower, do some Frankenstein Abridged: The Graphic Novel. Maybe play more Soul Silver, too, since I haven't for a couple of days.

edit: And after everybody finished eating there was still enough for me to have seconds, hell yes! :D

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 02:22 pm
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Stayed home yesterday, because it's hard to think about going to class when you're busy trying to not throw up everything you haven't eaten and the few things you have. Went in today, since I felt better and anyway, if you're going to go back, a minimum day you only have three classes is definitely the day to come back.

Started Frankenstein! Actually that was yesterday, but I started it today. Everybody said it was really boring but so far I'm actually kind of into it. Missed absolutely nothing of import in physics, since he went over easy stuff I already knew and then assigned more problems without explaining them, so nobody did those anyway. Today he explained them and then we had the second-worst lab ever, involving a bunch of seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds milling about beakers on a heating tray, waiting for the water to boil so that their bits of metal would be at 100 degrees centigrade, so that they could then drop them into water-filled Styrofoam cups. I don't think I need to explain what's wrong with that.

After that, of course, I spent a very pleasant fourth block grading classwork and bundling up newspapers. I now know where the Spongebob in the newspaper is, and if I hadn't been told, I could use that knowledge in order to win an iPod shuffle. (I almost told the person who told me not to tell me, so that I could win the iPod, but then I remembered I already had a better iPod.)

Also, I got my Hamlet essay back today. I wasn't particularly fond of that essay, because by the time I'd actually got to finishing it I didn't really believe my argument any more but was also too lazy to rewrite the entire thing, so instead I thought I ended up writing more of a parody of an essay with that argument. "I doubt I'm going to get a good grade on this," I thought, "since it's completely ridiculous and even I don't believe it." Then I found out that I got top marks on it and that it was used as an in-class example of "doing it right" (on the day I wasn't there, naturally). Yeah, I was surprised as well.

Speaking of things I did for the Hamlet project, I posted the five+one fic I did for it. No word on my marks for the project, but I know I definitely had more fun writing this than I did the essay.

And now I'm off to read half of Frankenstein and maybe some Pride and Prejudice, if I don't get dragged off to da's house before I can finish. And maybe make some toast, because I've eaten nothing but crackers all day and I'm pretty hungry.

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Saturday, 6 November 2010 09:08 pm
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400 words behind on my wordcount, but since I wrote none yesterday and 3000 today, I figure things'll even out by tomorrow.

Reading lots of poetry in English! We just did Keats, and all that Keats made me want to play Folklore, except that I, well, can't. So I went looking for another game, instead - Phantasy Star II. Except that I couldn't find my PSC cartridge. ): I spent two days looking for it - yesterday I was looking for the cart until I realised that it was probably in my DS, at which point I started looking for my DS instead. Naturally I found neither. I spent some time on it today, too - I finally found it jammed between a couple of boxes in the stupidest place it could possibly be. The cart was in there, though. :D Then I loaded it up and realised I was at level 4, and so decided that maybe I didn't want to play it after all, haha.

Back to writing - Benjamin couldn't just decide that maybe Catherine was right for once, and so had to be a stubborn asshole and extend Albert's Legacy more. T:< Two days ago I thought I'd finish it in 6000 words but now I think it'll be more like 8000. (Bringing my total wordcount up to 10000, of course.) Earlier I was worrying about if I'd manage to finish the whole thing in 50000 words but now I think I'm not going to have any problem with that at all, especially if I'm still doing interludes.

Bought and finished Lord Sunday! I was totally wrong about Saturday being pride and Sunday being envy; it was the other way around. Also I would have liked a more detailed epilogue, but then Nix's endings always leave me wanting, somewhat, so I should have expected it.

Also did car stuff today. My dad bought a new grille for it, since the old one was kind of ugly and also didn't have foglights, but we hadn't started it up with the new grille installed until today, which we only did so we could put antifreeze in it. Naturally, the car starts emitting smoke. It was because of the new grille, of course, so we had to take it off and put the old one back on. (I don't know why I'm saying "we," since I wasn't there for most of it. Basically just the 'putting in antifreeze' part and the 'smoke is bad' part - the rest of the time I was writing.) At least they got the ugly Great Britain badge off the old grille before putting it back on.

Tomorrow I get to write more and read lots of poetry and then write about how it makes me feel. Maybe I'll get to play some PSII as well; I don't know yet. It depends on how things end up happening.

fake!edit: Also LJ has been stripping my icons of their keywords lately and it's very annoying, because I don't remember what all of them are and so it's a little difficult to put them back in. Cut it out, LJ.

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Monday, 1 November 2010 10:29 pm
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I don't know why I ever worried about not being able to turn out enough material for my project. I mean, I only wrote five pages of Hamlet fanfiction, that's got to count for something. (And two pages of journal entries. And three full-page images. And four pages of soundtrack descriptions. And three pages of triple quotes. And three pages of character analysis. And two pages of soliloquy translation. And miscellaneous other pages that bring the page count up to twenty-six. ...oh, and a four-page essay on top of that.)

Now the hardest part is getting the damn soundtrack to burn to CD properly. Which isn't working out so well for me, so far, because apparently iTunes cannot burn a proper CD. It worked out just fine; it's just that my CD player couldn't play it. My computer could, though, so it's fine. Couldn't find a paper sleeve like I wanted, though, so it's in a plastic jewelcase. Idk how I'm going to cram that into my presentation cover... maybe I could ducttape it in? I guess.

It is now 10:30 and I should have been in bed like an hour ago, so I'm going to go do that now. On the plus side, I don't have to get up early to finish any homework, because I already finished it all! :D (I'm still getting up early, though. How else am I supposed to fit in 1700 words?)

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Monday, 1 November 2010 06:47 am
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2560/50000, yeah! A strong start - good job, self. Keep up the good work and we'll have this challenge finished in no time! I think if I have time later I might write a bit more, get that wordcount up to around 3400. Yeah, that's two days worth of work, but if I have that then it means I can write less one day and still not be behind. (Could I do that during AVID? I shouldn't, because I've got so much Hamlet to do omg, but I probably could, I bet... two journal entries each, Five Conversations Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Didn't Have (And One They Did), and How Rosencrantz Met Guildenstern; find literary devices for those last few quotes; type up all the words - death predictions, analysis chart, soliloquy translations, performance analysis; revise the essay that's very important. That's all, I think.)

Still, even if I do have loads and loads of work (oh yeah, got to finish the outline for that novella I'm writing this month, that might be important, huh?), I'm not letting it get in the way. I will complete this challenge! I will not let anything get in my way! And I will remember, one week from now, that I told the entirety of AVID 12, half my physics class, all my friends, and my very favourite English teacher that I was going to do this challenge, so I can't quit or else I'll look like a total loser. AVID 12 already thinks, "omg Aloxa, you're so amazing," and I want it to stay like that, damn it, it's good for my self-esteem. (Not much else is, really.)

I should just drag my laptop to school with me, jfc. Too bad it's an ancient thing and I don't have a carrying case for it and it won't really fit in my bag. ...though at least the new power cord for it should come today! Keep thinking positively, Azu, things'll turn out the way they're supposed to :D

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010 09:47 pm
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It's done! )

There's a Persona 4 joke in there somewhere, but I'm not going to make it. (Also there are like five other dolls on my bed that aren't in that photo... well, four, but there are supposed to be five. Wilson fell off the bed and I haven't fished him out from under it yet.) I actually had to go out and buy more stuffing, and there still isn't quite enough in the head - but I'm not ripping out all those seams just to do that, so instead I reinforced the back a bit and called it good enough.

Also, I got very lucky: my physics test got pushed back another day, so now it's on Friday. That means that instead of doing tons of physics homework tonight, I get to do tons of physics homework tomorrow night! :D It's just as well; I spent the afternoon learning more about my car and then the time after the meeting finishing up shadow-kun. I'm so tired now, haha.

Tomorrow: perform soliloquy! Write up some R+G journal entries! Actually pay attention in physics tutorials/class (maybe)! Add hood to shirt! Do physics! (I found a secret weapon for that last one - well, not so much "found" as "was told about and demanded it to be forwarded to me," but still.) But that's all tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow...) - for now, bedtime.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 02:51 pm
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And then I got accepted into college! That should be the last good thing to happen to me this week, I think.

I also planned out everything I need to do for my English project, and did in fact get bits of it done. I have half a soliloquy translation left, then two (maybe three) drawings, four journal entries, and a fanfic to do, and then I have to pull together a 4-6 track soundtrack. I think I have two songs already, so that shouldn't be that bad.

Tonight, however, I am going to sew! I absolutely positively have to finish the heartless doll tonight and I'm... pretty sure I can do that if I start soon. (And I get to try to memorise half a soliloquy to perform on Thursday while I'm sewing. ...well, it's not like I didn't have two weeks to do it; it's my fault for putting it off for so long.)

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Saturday, 9 October 2010 07:59 am
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Bit of a disjointed post, here, but. First, Reasoning With Vampires is pretty funny, I've found.

Also, I've learned that I can never really sleep very late on Saturdays, just late enough to miss Pokémon. It's a little annoying, because the other show I watch on Saturdays (mainly because my lazy ass can't seem to stay up until 8:30 to watch it on Fridays... which means I also miss Supernatural :C) isn't on until like nine.

My cat is trying to eat me and I don't know why.

Yesterday was not a day for outlining, though I did get some done. It was, actually, a day for reading! I bought three books on Thursday: that night I got about a quarter of the way through one, which I'm about halfway through now; I started and finished another yesterday, and I'm a few chapters into the third. My list of things to read is actually pretty long, but I feel like I'm making headway, sort of!

Also I dyed my hair yesterday. I think it looks pretty nice, although of course it smells like hair dye now, even though I was extra careful to wash it all out. (Kind of ironic, because earlier in the day someone was smelling my hair and commenting on how it smelled so nice, "like Mexican candy!" It sure doesn't smell like that now.)

Also yesterday, I started helping out my English teacher. Once she remembered what I was actually there for (I'd told her in the morning, but I guess she'd forgotten) she was all, "Okay, normally I wouldn't have a TA do this, but I think you're up for the task," and handed me a stack of essays her freshman class had written. She explained the criteria I was supposed to be grading them on, told me to ask if I had any questions, and left me to it.

Those essays were terrible. I know I was in an honours class freshman year (and every year, actually) but goddamn I do not remember writing that badly. Maybe in third grade I did, but certainly not ninth. Are students not learning about grammar any more? Does Mrs Haynes need to teach English to every student ever before they get to high school? I mean, I could mostly understand what they were trying to say, so I guess in that respect the English they do have hasn't failed them, but ridiculous run-on sentences? Comma splices, or sentence fragments all over the place? Capitalising random words? Shifting verb tenses all over the damn place? (Although our AP teachers last year kept reminding my class that, when writing an essay, one should pick a verb tense and stick with it, so I'm really not sure whether to be appalled or resigned at that one.)

I learned something important in doing that, and that is that I could never ever ever do my English teacher's job. And I told her that several times, and also that she was amazing and awesome and incredible for doing it herself. I respect her so much more now, after just one day of grading essays.

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Thursday, 7 October 2010 06:13 am
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Slept in for half an hour and... I'm still stupidly tired. D: And then my brain hit me with plotbunnies in the form of dreams I actually remember, and it's like... no. I have three arcs left to outline and college applications to finish before November, I don't have time to write a Final Fantasy VII AU. (I don't even write FF7.)

At least I don't have fourth today! I do need to talk to my English teacher about helping her out during fourth, though... but not today. Maybe tomorrow; I need something to do during fourth so I can go to the swing club meeting after school, anyway.

Okay, English homework and then food. Maybe I'll feel more awake after that x_x;

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 04:33 pm
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Swing club meeting went... interestingly. Less than half the people who signed up actually showed up, but we figure that might change in a couple of weeks; additionally, I might end up with a partner I actually want to dance with. Senior!Ben is nice and all, but he's like a million inches taller than me and he's a bit awkward - I feel bad for saying that, since he'll probably get better once he learns, but in the meantime it's just awkward. I'd like to dance with Pinky, since she knows what she's doing and I actually know her (unlike senior!Ben, who I'm honestly only vague acquaintances with), but we'll see how things work out.

I get to write a sestina for AP English! Naturally, my teacher being who she is, everybody had to bring in a box of six words, and for our sestinas we had to pick somebody else's box. I ended up with Pinky's, haha. I think I'm going to try writing a space opera with them 0: I mean, I've got ability, karma, happiness, jealousy, revenge, and enthusiasm to work with; I think I can pull a space opera out of that. I also have to write a villanelle, but I don't know what I want to write it about just yet. (I also have to write an ode, which I already started: Ode to the Strange Red Lamp. Basically, Lelouch Lamperouge. I started it kind of weird, though, like it doesn't know if it's an ode or an elegy. I'll figure it out eventually, I guess.)

I also got back into Neopets after the past couple of months not playing it OTL I think I can make back all the np I spent on codestones by just selling them back; plus I got an extra one opening up the shop wizard so I could price them properly, so that might help too. I will paint Kurounou ghost-coloured, damn it!

GS meeting later tonight; I think I'll just chill for the hour until I have to get ready. Maybe I'll mess around with the starters in Emerald version and start a new game, since I've never actually played Emerald before.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010 02:59 pm
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And then I joined swing club. "I thought you don't dance," said everyone. I don't, but swing is kind of fun, it's more time I can spend hanging out with my friends, and it's an extracurricular, of which I have zero. (None of the schools I'm applying to actually care about extracurriculars, but then none of the school's I'm applying to want three years of science and four years of maths, but I'm doing those, too.)

Also ran into a bit of a snag in outlining - I don't have a name for Alice's realm. /: I was going to call it the higher plane but then I realised that was really lame, but I couldn't think of anything else and trawling for names on my phone in soc class didn't work. So I ask, "I need a name for a world populated by demons who used to be angels, any ideas?" The responses I got were, "China. Wait, what was the question?" and "Uh... hell, maybe?" which... okay, not helpful. (Of course, I was also told that "So now she's back and she's pissed, so she's going to just kill them all and take back her throne" was not very angelic.) So it's back to the name generators, I guess.

I also joined another club! Technically I'm not joined yet, but I already did the first thing for it so I figure that's close enough. Shiki, you absolute enabler, why do you do this to me?! (She started a club on dA that killed my resolve, and she's also started the swing club. Though, in her defence, it was actually Marc who convinced me to join swing club.)

So basically to-do list for this afternoon/evening is: find a freaking name for Alice's realm Aethia, while I still remember it!, finish cleaning up the living room, finish lining the drawing for #Org-escapade and scan it in, do the reading for APE, and then if there's time start colouring the drawing. There is no reason I cannot get all of that done today, except perhaps the colouring!


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