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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 06:37 am
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Yesterday I started catching up on Doctor Who. I think I'm like fifteen minutes into Let's Kill Hitler and already I'm feeling pretty "do not know if want". /: Maybe the rest of the episode isn't that bad, but I'd totally already pieced together basically all of the reveals (Mels and River) and I just... it was weird. I'm really not sure about it.

Which reminds me, Amy and Rory are cool and all, but can we please get some new companions for series seven? I like Amy, Amy's awesome, but two seasons is enough. I'd like to see somebody like Ianto as a new companion. That would be cool.

Also, last night I (finally!) picked up Neverwinter Nights 2. The controls are kind of a bitch! I can't get the camera to do what I want it to at all and that's really annoying. Plus I spent a lot of time creating my character (this is what I do, orz) so in the end I had time for trying to mess around with the camera controls and, uh, leaving my house. (No, really. My save is like right outside the house.) I'm woefully unfamiliar with D&D (though not, I suspect, as unfamiliar as many of the people I know, oddly enough) but I think this'll still be fun.

And if it isn't, there's still Mass Effect.

Something else from yesterday: I brought my sketchbook with me so that I could sketch concepts for that one scholarship. In the about two-hour block that I had after doing homework and not-eating, I spent maybe an hour trying to sketch out concepts, and didn't end up with anything I was particularly pleased with. Then I spent about five minutes staring at the blank page, trying to think of something to draw.

Then I spent the next hour sketching out this image of Garrus from my phone. And not, like, "stylised sketching" or anything. No, I decided to draw out that exact image. One: I am really dumb. Two: it's actually kind of fun. Guess what I'm going to be working on after public speaking today! :D

finally, today's #slytherinpride and I can't think of a single thing to tweet

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Sunday, 24 July 2011 03:45 pm
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As it turns out, my Garrus shirt actually did come in the mail before I left for the cinema, so I got to wear it out. Hanekoma hasn't played ME2 yet, so the effect was rather lost on him, but, you know, cool shirt, so I didn't really mind.

Also, those $14 tickets were totally worth it if only for the chairs. I went to sit down in my seat and simultaneously fell back and sank into it, the chairs were that cushy.

The film was good, too.

I've only just finally gotten around to drawing the thing I told Pinky I'd do, mainly because I know I'll be seeing her later this week. I feel kind of bad that it's taken me this long. Anyway, I finished the first sketch, so now I need to clean it up a bit and ink it. This is made considerably more difficult with the addition of an attention-greedy cat who won't leave me alone. /: So I figure I'll probably clean it up later tonight, and ink it tomorrow, then scan it and the one I did for Shiki. I want to colour them, but I don't want to mess up the actual drawings, since I'm actually kind of proud of them (well, of Shiki's. I'm not sure about Pinky's yet).

I've actually started drawing things rather a bit differently than I used to, and I think I like the effect. First I do the actual sketch in an H pencil, which is a harder lead than HB and therefore lighter. Then I go over the lines I intend to keep with an HB pencil (I could use a B pencil, but HB is dark enough for my purposes, especially if I'm going to be inking). Then I ink as usual, but then... I add line weight! This is something I've learned to do only recently and I really kind of like it.

Also, I've found that there are two things that I hate drawing, and those things are feet and Axel's hair. Naturally my drawing for Pinky's involves both (actually it only involves one, because after ten minutes of trying to make his feet look like actual feet I said screw it and drew him in slippers instead of gladiator sandals). Pokémon are kind of annoying to draw as well, but it only took me a couple of tries to draw a Growlithe that actually looked like a Growlithe, so that wasn't quite as bad.

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Monday, 4 July 2011 03:01 pm
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New layout, yeah! I really like this one, it's super pretty *____*

Yesterday I went out for Driving Lesson #2. (Lesson #1 was a while ago, and in the interim I've actually gotten my permit.) This lesson consisted of speedbumps and parking! I've gotten speedbumps down, I think; they were those especially annoying parking lot ones that I don't think my brother ever actually drives over, but I drove over them a lot. I only hit it really hard about twice, though, and then I figured it out. My car sits really low, so you need to go really slowly over speed bumps so that the suspension doesn't complain and so that you don't hit the exhaust pipe on the pavement.

I was slightly less successful at parking, though. I hit like five imaginary cars. /: This is because I'm not all that great at tight manoeuvring yet. (In my defence, the car has no power steering so you have to really yank the steering wheel to get it to turn. Unless you're my brother, apparently. But then he's driven this car more than I have, so it makes sense that he'd be better at it.) I also haven't really driven at normal speeds yet, either; partly because my brother thinks I need to learn to love the brake pedal and partly because I've only ever driven around in parking lots.

Still haven't beaten ME2 yet; I got the IFF and picked up Legion, and was in the middle of his loyalty mission when I learned that surprise! You have three minutes to get out and there are a ton of geth shooting at you, including a Prime right in the middle of your path! :D So that killed me. Though it was just as well, since my laptop was getting warm. (This is why I should buy a 360. Then I can play all three Mass Effect games without worrying about my poor computer not being able to handle them! And also Tales of Vesperia, and a few other awesome-seeming games that seem to only be coming out on 360.) I might finish it today, or maybe tomorrow.

I'm pretty decently into DQIX; I've got like three fyggs and am working on the fourth (but am lost in the dungeon, woe). I actually did get Shiki to buy a copy, but I haven't seen her since so I don't know how she's doing. I hope she's not further than me; that would just be embarrassing (although it would also be about par for the course; she often beats games much more quickly than I do). Maybe I should ask her...

I also bought another sketchbook, and another how-to-draw guide, since I'm so fond of collecting them. Between that and a thing I recently drew, though, I'm kind of despairing for my art. ): I know I can do better than what I've been doing; I just can't seem to figure out how.

Um, but enough of that. Someday, I'll stop doing catch-up posts! But today is not that day.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011 10:17 pm
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Commander Olivia Shepard, ladies and gentlemen!

What this really means is: I beat Mass Effect. It was awesome. So many explosions! So many cool shots of the Normandy! Between when I got on the Citadel and the end of the game I took like 33 screenshots. I'm not going to post them all, of course, I'll pick the best ones, but still - that's a lot. Usually I only take, like, four caps in two hours of gameplay. Tumblr spam incoming! :D

I've got Mass Effect 2 downloading. I'll probably let it go overnight, but I don't think I'll start playing until I get home tomorrow. I'll still have my darling Atropos with me, of course, I'll just be... not playing Mass Effect. Probably I'll keep working on the Mao+Nia piece I was doing today. You want to know what hell is? Hell is spending half an hour hand-shading a gradient only to realise, when you've finished, that the colours are in the wrong order.

Also, I've gotten some pretty weird reactions to my graphics tablet - I guess most people have never seen them before, so they're not quite sure what to make of them. Still, most people are like, "Oh, you use the stylus on it and it does stuff on the computer? Oh, I guess that's pretty cool." But this time, oh man. This girl was amazed. Like, I didn't notice until the people next to me were looking at her weird, but I turned around and she was just gaping at me and my tablet, and had been for about a full minute. It was... really weird.

Anyway, though sleep eludes me (so much excite!) I should probably try to get some anyway. I expect my eyes will become extremely heavy once I actually close them - that's benadryl for you, I suppose.

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Saturday, 7 May 2011 09:30 pm
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Today was a productive day! First I drew cards for Pinky and Shiki - it was their birthday. Then I went to their party! I didn't get to stay long, though, because I had college orientation. I'm officially a college student now, btw. Classes are all registered and paid for! Now I just need to find out what books I need, and um, learn to drive, so that I can actually, you know, get to class. That might be kind of important, I think.

Anyway, then I went out with mum and bought myself a new tablet. It's an Intuos! :D It's so fucking gorgeous, I'm still giddy about it. Then we went to Fridays and I... didn't actually eat all that much, really. Mum insisted on potato skins, and I tried some with sour cream, which was weird. It was, like, an anti-flavour or something. Then I shocked mum by getting my cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on it - and with a side salad! (I basically have a total vendetta against all vegetables - tomatoes are actually my second most mortal enemy, you know.) The salad actually had cherry tomatoes but I let mum have those; it was just as well, because I couldn't quite tell if I liked the tomato on the burger or not. I'll have to try it again sometime. There was also some cucumber, and I got the chance to taste it without seaweed. It was kind of weird, but not in a bad way, I don't think. Like I said, though, I didn't eat very much - all the salad (though it was pretty small) and about a third of the burger. I just wasn't very hungry.

I'm ravenous now, of course, but we haven't got much easily-snackable stuff except for chocolate, and I... don't really want chocolate right now.

Also, I thought my day was great! Then I got home and found both cats on my bed - normally not a bad thing - and also that one of them decided to use my bed as a litter box. |:< I needed to change the sheets anyway, but still. Not how I wanted to do it. And then I got my lovely Intuos all set up, only to find that GIMP had apparently decided to save my most recent piece with a compression mode that it can't read. I spent hours on that - I had to basically draw the entire thing in GIMP, because the scan wasn't finished and wasn't very good, either - so I'm pretty pissed about that.

I need to think of a name for both my new tablet and the flash drive I bought with it. (I must have, like, six flash drives at this point. I can actually find three of them! That is, oddly, amazing.) I have no idea what to call them, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 09:08 pm
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Went out today! I'm definitely going to feel it in the morning, but I got what I needed and I had fun, so that's okay. And I got a pair of Skullcandies! If I'm really really lucky I might even have them for more than six months!

While walking to the hub with Shiki and Pinky, I said some stuff about the new Panic! At the Disco CD (I'd burned Shiki a copy of mine, since I don't have the actual CD for her to borrow). I thought about it again later, and realised that I wasn't exaggerating, it was actually true. Basically, Vices and Virtues feels a lot more like their first album, and I think that only benefits it. There's not a song off A Fever You Can't Sweat Out that I don't like, where Pretty Odd had a few I really wasn't all that into (and by a few, I mean something more like a third of the entire album). But not only does Vices sound more like Fever, there isn't a song on that album that I don't like. I mean, maybe Nearly Witches. If I had to pick a song I don't like, that's probably the one I like the least. But I still like it!

Also went out to dad's today. It was pretty chill, so that wasn't too bad.

I submitted a secret to fandom_secrets last week and it got posted today. So I went to read the comments, like you do. And then I cried a little, because I hadn't expected such nice comments ;___; (Actually I hadn't expected any comments, but all the ones I got were really nice ones.) I wasn't having a bad day by any means, but they still totally made my day better.

Day of nothingness tomorrow! I'll probably spend it alternately working on the keys and this one plotbunny that Shiki gave me and that Pinky encouraged shamelessly. Then on Thursday mum's dragging me off to work with her, because it's Take Your Kid To Work Day and she works with a bunch of editors and hey! I want to be an editor. (Plus she's taking the day off and there's always tons of cool activities set up and I usually always come home with armfuls of free space posters, so there's that, too.) I might even be able to walk by Thursday, so I will probably enjoy myself, even if I can't take my phone or iPod with me. (Man, I remember when having a cameraphone was the coolest thing ever. Now if your phone doesn't have a camera people look at you funny.)

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Sunday, 24 April 2011 04:20 pm
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Happy Easter, everyone! This is not an introspective post because I am absolutely tired of writing introspective posts. Instead, this is something of a random things post.

For example! Without even trying I'm subconsciously picking out songs for characters of mine. I've got a Mao song (Starlight), a Haru song (Trade Mistakes), a Mao-and-Haru song (Star Gate Heaven), and a Noemi song (Bad Apple). (I don't think I've ever mentioned Noemi by name, although recently I've talked about the issues I've had actually writing her story. Part of this is probably because, while I know Noemi really well, I don't know Luke very well at all, and I'm supposed to be actually introducing him into the story.)

My nail polish is finally starting to chip off, after two weeks of nearly perfect nails. It's weird, because the stickers I put on are coming off, too, from underneath the topcoat. So then I have a petal-shaped hole in my topcoat. It's really weird.

Hopefully getting out to the craft store on Tuesday! I've planned to go with Shiki and Pinky but I don't know if their mum will let them. /: If not I might try asking Ruchia, and if that doesn't work then I'm just going to have to ask mum. /: I basically need a whole ton of stuff for making the keys: clay, paints, paintbrush, gloss, wire, pliers... I'm also after a new pair of earbuds, as well - I want some Skullcandies, but they're always "locked merchandise" and there's never ever anybody actually in the electronics section, so I'll probably end up with another pair of the Sony ones I have now. But really, I just want a pair of earbuds that doesn't hurt my ears and doesn't start doing weird staticky stuff after four months, is that really too much to ask?

Also, I really don't understand this. List of Apple Software I Want: iTunes.
List of Software Apple Apparently Thinks I Need: iTunes, Safari, MobileMe, Ping, Genius, VoiceOver Kit, GraceNote, and Kerbango.

You'll notice there's only one thing common to both lists. The really ridiculous part? With the exception of Safari and MobileMe, the rest of that all comes with iTunes. But I don't want any of it. I don't even need any of it! I never use it! So why do I have to have all of it just to get freaking iTunes?

Which reminds me, I've got about four months' worth of Grammar Girl and Are We Alone? to listen to, as well as those three audiobooks I never finished. Who wants to listen to Tim Curry read Sabriel? I do! :D (Plus I've had a raging headache for three hours. I think getting off the computer and indulging in some awesome Skullcrushers might help.)

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Monday, 18 April 2011 11:37 am
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My Clow cards came in the mail! :D So now I have a set of Clow cards and a set of Sakura cards. I'm thinking I need to at least make a Book of Clow, since those came in just a box. /: The Sakura cards at least have a book-like box, but it's not quite perfect and I am nothing if not a perfectionist (when it comes to things that don't matter). I also plan on making a new and improved seal key! I'm not sure how, though... /: Maybe if I make a clay core, build a wire frame over that, and then put more clay on top of that, it'll be a bit sturdier. And then with paints and some kind of clear coating over it, it should definitely stay together. That would especially help for the star key, or Eriol's key, since they're flat with weird fiddly bits. (Maybe if I just make the heads, and not the key part...?)

Anyway, enough pondering about that! I'm in journalism with nothing to do, I've got a new drawing to work on (foreshortening! foreshortening!!), and I've just eaten two granola bars. I am totally ready (to be bothered with making a work-up of the next issue while I'm trying to make my peace with goddamn foreshortening, which is a far more serious issue).

At least my articles didn't get cut, even if my art did. But that's okay, because it wasn't really for the paper anyway.

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 07:42 pm
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Danger Days will be the death of me. I worked up concepts for art for each track - not quite the same as the album's plot, but pretty close, I'd assume. I'm doing character concepts right now... although, since I'm listening to the album at the same time, it's slow going, because I'm torn between drawing and singing out lyrics.

Also, I knew Vampire Money was a response to the band being offered to do a song for the New Moon soundtrack, and I'd picked up on a few things -" sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun" and "hair back, collar up, jet black, so cool" being two particular lines that are pretty obviously a take that - I totally didn't realise that one of the lines in the chorus was "Play it right and drive a Volvo car" and, now that I've noticed, I think I love the song just a little more.

Plus it's, you know, catchy. Just like every other freaking song on the album.

Also, totally random, but I'm sure that if I'd worn my Lennon sunglasses today I would have been mistaken for a scenester. Which is cool, except that scenesters are just one level below hipsters on the douchebag scale. Have I complained about how I love their fashion but hate their personalities? Because I really do.

...also, I got TA for the teacher I wanted! :D And switched from ceramics to journalism, a class in which I will have almost nothing to do. Which is a good thing, considering the ridiculousness that will be my current art endeavours.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010 02:59 pm
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And then I joined swing club. "I thought you don't dance," said everyone. I don't, but swing is kind of fun, it's more time I can spend hanging out with my friends, and it's an extracurricular, of which I have zero. (None of the schools I'm applying to actually care about extracurriculars, but then none of the school's I'm applying to want three years of science and four years of maths, but I'm doing those, too.)

Also ran into a bit of a snag in outlining - I don't have a name for Alice's realm. /: I was going to call it the higher plane but then I realised that was really lame, but I couldn't think of anything else and trawling for names on my phone in soc class didn't work. So I ask, "I need a name for a world populated by demons who used to be angels, any ideas?" The responses I got were, "China. Wait, what was the question?" and "Uh... hell, maybe?" which... okay, not helpful. (Of course, I was also told that "So now she's back and she's pissed, so she's going to just kill them all and take back her throne" was not very angelic.) So it's back to the name generators, I guess.

I also joined another club! Technically I'm not joined yet, but I already did the first thing for it so I figure that's close enough. Shiki, you absolute enabler, why do you do this to me?! (She started a club on dA that killed my resolve, and she's also started the swing club. Though, in her defence, it was actually Marc who convinced me to join swing club.)

So basically to-do list for this afternoon/evening is: find a freaking name for Alice's realm Aethia, while I still remember it!, finish cleaning up the living room, finish lining the drawing for #Org-escapade and scan it in, do the reading for APE, and then if there's time start colouring the drawing. There is no reason I cannot get all of that done today, except perhaps the colouring!

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Tuesday, 31 August 2010 07:32 am
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I wish I knew where my sweats were; it's really cold right now. (In August! This is awesome!) Also I've been up since too early and it kind of sucks. /: So sleepy, haha. I think the hot chocolate helped a little bit, though. And I should have gotten up like at least twenty minutes before I did, too... I just hit snooze twice. Well, I was tired and it was cold! /fail

I have some art to do today; there are two drawings that I need to draw, scan, and colour, and these are important to get done because they're for other people and I've been sitting on them for like a month. But I'll wait until the lighting is a little better x: And I hope my tablet works okay; it's been kind of twitchy lately. (Well, I kind of need a new one; it's as old as my laptop, and I've needed a new one of those for a couple of years, now.)

I've been trying to pick out the remixes in the Metroid Prime trilogy soundtracks; people have been saying, "Oh, such-and-such song is a remix of Brinstar Green!" and I am not hearing the Brinstar Green. I know what Brinstar Green (aka "The Jungles of Brinstar," thank you Super Metroid sountrack) sounds like, and the MP2 multiplayer theme does not  sound like it. (There's another MP2 track that's also supposed to be a remix of Brinstar Green, and it doesn't sound like it, either.) Torvus Bog being a remix of Maridia is kind of cool, though especially since Torvus Bog is basically Maridia, except on Aether.

Other M today! I don't actually get to go and pick it up today, though. /: I did manage to talk mum into picking it up for me, though, so I still get it today. Art folio, you will be mine...! I saw the first like twenty minutes of Other M on Gamespot (I think; it was linked to me and I wasn't paying much attention) and it looked pretty cool. A lot of people are complaining about 1) cutscenes and 2) Samus with speaking lines, but I think they're both probably a good addition to the game. I think Samus's voice acting sounds pretty decent, for a bounty hunter who was raised by alien bird-people, and I think that plot is a welcome addition to any game. Character development - it's not a bad thing!

I really really want to play this game now. I know I'm probably really going to suck at it, but I want to play it. x: I hope Shiki renews her "You know, you can come over and play it with me if you want" because... yeah, I want. x:

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Monday, 16 August 2010 10:27 pm
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Figured out why my iTunes wasn't downloading new episodes of Grammar Girl - I don't listen to them in iTunes, so iTunes figured I wasn't listening to them at all and suspended my subscription |:< I set it back up and then downloaded the last, like, eighteen episodes I didn't have so now I have all the audio episodes available in iTunes.

Also, bought felt and pipe cleaners while out with the twins on Friday, so that I could make little heartless dolls. I bought black felt and white felt, and after spending a couple of days trying to put a doll together out of quilting squares and a poorly-scaled pattern, I scaled it properly and started making my white heartless doll. I think I'm about halfway through - I need to finish sewing the legs and feet, sew the legs to the feet, sew the antennae, and then I can start assembling it (stuffing, figuring placement of and placing the eyes and antennae, fitting in the pipe cleaners - in lieu of wire - and then sewing the pieces together). I don't really have anything I can use for eyes, so instead I'm going to embroider Heartless emblems on some scrap felt and then just glue them on... which is more inventive than what I'm doing for the normal shadow doll, which is colouring some scrap felt yellow with a Sharpie. n___n;

I am not bowling right now! This should be obvious, though I guess I could be posting from my cell phone. I should actually be bowling right now - or at least playing DDR - but, I am not. This is because a) I don't like bowling, b) I'd hate to be an eleventh a third an eleventh wheel, and c) I had a couple of mini-anxiety attacks a few hours before I needed to get ready to leave. I'm sure I would have eventually had fun if I had gone, but the full-blown anxiety attack I probably would have had before that (and probably at the bowling alley, since that's just how these things end up working for me) would have made a bad impression on Ruthie's boyfriend, and anyway, actively interacting with ten or eleven people at one time is a bit beyond my limited social skills.

There's a new show on AniMonday! I'm not sure if I'm going to watch it yet, because horror is not my preferred genre, but since the anime available to me right now is pretty limited, I have no reason to not give it a chance. Now, if only Syfy would pick up something good to replace Gundam 00... /:

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Thursday, 12 August 2010 08:44 pm
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And then I found someone trading their ghost paint brush for 120k, so I made an offer. I'm feeling pretty antsy about it, haha; this is the most expensive thing I've ever bought.

And then I checked the seller's profile, and she hasn't actually been online for like two weeks. So I'm thinking I might have a while to wait before I get the pb... /: Oh well, I need more time to draw anyway.

In other news, mum's not going to be too happy that I missed her collector's item. Well, the game wasn't loading; I couldn't pick it up. At least I was able to do the other things she asked...

Going to the hub tomorrow with twinsies! I haven't done anything with them yet this summer so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not sure where we should go for lunch, though; even though the hub professes to have lots of shops and restaurants, it really doesn't, or at least not in the part that's supposed to have lots of shops and restaurants. There's kind of a lot around, otherwise; just nowhere I really like eating and that you'd expect three teenagers to eat at. (I should stop thinking like that, since we're all seventeen; we're practically adults. Then again a lot of people look down on young adults, too, so maybe my thinking is justified... :\)

Maybe I'll start my petpage images straight in Photoshop... I'm not quite sure what else I can do right now. (Other than finish reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, since I kind of did tell Shiki I'd give it to her... but I'm not finished yet, I'm sure she'll understand.)

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Thursday, 12 August 2010 12:52 pm
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Found an old counted cross-stitch pattern that mum left out. She dug it out and was all, "Okay, here we go!" and then proceeded to forget about it, and it's been like a week so I figured I'd do it if she wasn't going to. So I pulled it out and started going through it. It's bigger than anything I've ever finished, but it shouldn't be too bad, I guess.

And then I found out that all the thread was on a card, but none of the colours were marked on said card. So I have to guess which colours are which, according to the notes on the pattern. Which wouldn't be so bad, except that some of these colours are kind of obscure. ...well, at least I can try to identify them by number of strands, if nothing else.

Never mind that I should be drawing, or cleaning. Never mind that I'm going to forget about this in a couple of days! I'm totally going to start this!

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010 03:59 pm
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I can draw~! /flail

sinking with the melody (of the cliffs of eternity)
sun & moon

Also I finally listened to When The Day Met The Night again. I don't know where my copy of Pretty Odd is so I had to go looking on Youtube, but it was definitely worth it. Even if it seems that I'll have to completely redo my sketch, now... Well, that's art for you. Besides, I need to spend more time drawing things out of my comfort zone, anyway.

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Monday, 2 August 2010 10:08 pm
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I'm feeling better now than I was earlier, which is definitely a good thing. I always find interesting things online when I'm actively searching for distractions; this time I found a new webcomic, Sandra and Woo. And also The Oatmeal. Thought I'd put those out there!

Mum and I went out for dinner at Applebees, once she got home; the service was slow and I think they might have been understaffed, but it was still a pleasant meal. I kind of liked that it was slow; it felt more leisurely. I went to pick up a new sketchbook after that, since I'm still almost through with my current 9"x12", but the art store that used to be over near Applebees was closed. With no warning! |:< And no sign that they'd relocated, or anything; it was just closed. ...so we went to Michael's instead. I did get a new sketchbook there, one made from recycled materials with a cool piece of art on the cover instead of the usual graphic. I also got a new set of inking pens. One day I will stop buying inking pens, but today is not that day. So I felt better after that, and then mum got all annoyed because there were these kids running around being disruptive in the section of store we were in, but she told the cashier, who made an announcement, and then mum felt better after that.

I also drew a piece for the lookup on my main Neopets account; I think I'm getting back into it. I still have to ink it in Photoshop, and colour it, but it should work nicely once it's done. At least, it should work; I can't get my div codes to work properly, which is really starting to bug me. Maybe there's something wrong with my CSS... I'll have to go through it again. /: I'll make it work somehow, I'm sure.

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Monday, 26 July 2010 10:02 pm
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So I decided I wanted to go to the cinema. Couldn't make it with the people I wanted to go with (Shiki's busy, Pinky didn't get back to me before Ruchia-chan did) but I don't mind going with Ruchia-chan, so that's cool. (I don't know why I'm using silly nicknames for people I know I've referred to by name before. I guess I'm just in a silly nickname kind of mood right now.) Except that after I made plans, Pinky mentioned she had something in the works, which turned out to be on the day I'm going out with Ruchia-chan. /: I'm trying to see if maybe the twins would want to go to the cinema first and then the mall, but I have no idea if that's going to work out at all (and I think it probably won't, but that's my inner pessimist talking).

Also, these plans are on Thursday. I asked everybody if they were free tomorrow, because I kind of really wanted to do something tomorrow, but nobody was, and Ruchia-chan said Thursday was better for her, so... Thursday. This wouldn't be a problem, except that for the past three hours I'd been operating under the assumption that today was Tuesday.

It's Monday. Needless to say, I am definitely going to try and get out of the house tomorrow, even if it's just to the art store to pick up another 9"x12" sketchbook (because I've almost filled up my current one, and the two 10"x14"s and the 14"x17" totally aren't enough!). Or maybe another set of manga pens so that I can try to finish my Joshua shoes. The ones from the cosplay that fell through that I can't wear anyway because I only ever got around to colouring a third of one shoe. If I can finish them, I'll at least have a pair of not-dress shoes that fit me... even if I haven't finished breaking them in just yet.

Also, I really hate it when lyrics and/or music put these ideas in my head that I don't have the skill to articulate properly, whether in words or in drawings. I've had this one idea for a while, though it's just now solidified to the point where it has some coherence to it, but I'm... really sure I can't get it on paper and have it say what it says in my head. Then again... I have tried before, and it's turned out well, so I guess I have no excuse to not try now.

Also also, I should probably put out the croissants to rise so that I can bake them in the morning. You know, before I forget.

edit: And then the drawing didn't work out, and neither did the plans. Well, at least I still get to see a film.

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Friday, 9 July 2010 10:10 pm
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My fingers are all cramped up. /: I wonder why. ...oh wait, maybe this has something to do with it:

cuuuuut for big picture )

Well, at least I've got all the base colours down now. ...now I just have to do the shading. /: And of course I'm not going to just do cel shading, that would be easy. (Well, I do need to practice blending, anyway.) After I finish this, maybe then I'll be able to get the real picture I wanted to do drawn. At least I know what the characters look like now...! (And have a palette for them both, because I'm way too lazy to repic colours.)

Also, going to see The Last Airbender on... possibly Monday. Monday was the plan, but if Thomas gets back from camping soon enough then we might go later. If not, then just Melissa Monday, because Thomas is camping and won't get back until next Saturday. Though I have just offered myself to go see it twice, which means I'm probably crazy. We'll see what happens.

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Saturday, 26 June 2010 05:58 pm
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Watching my cats grooming each other. They do so violently, it's awesome.

Been trying to get back into Metroid lately; it's not really working, but meh. I think I may have gotten Kristen interested, which would be cool if it's true. I guess I'm just not in a real "gaming" kind of mood. I haven't been for a while, though, and that's what's bugging me. After an entire year of not gaming all that much (thank you, AP, I totally wanted that) have I just fallen out of the habit of it? (It might help if I could find my PS2 controller... oops. Otherwise all I can do is suck at Metroid Prime - and I do mean suck, because I'm absolutely terrible at it.)

I think maybe the heat's just got me in a weird mood right now.

Also, I heard the actual Green Day version of Last of the American Girls on the radio a little while ago, and... ugh. The musical version is infinitely better.

Ice water and then art; maybe trying an upper-body shot will make me feel better. (Or I might just get frustrated... that's also a possibility.)

edit: OH OH OH ALSO. Shinx!egg. I don't even know.

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Friday, 25 June 2010 03:52 pm
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I can't find my mid-sized sketchbook and this bothers me. Mostly because I got hit with inspiration for a drawing, and my 10"x12" is too small but my 14"x17" is too big. It's just as well; I couldn't seem to snap a decent reference picture for the pose. (Taking pictures in a mirror is a lot harder than you would think.)

I kind of miss art class, now that I think about it; if I ever needed a reference picture, I could just drag Amanda or Melissa outside and take one. And we didn't have to think about things like what medium or what size paper would be best suited for what we were going to do, or even what sort of composition we should do; that was always given to us. But now I think about that kind of thing, and it only took three years of art, too!

(Also, I just found the sketchbook. "I can't find my middle-sized sketchbook," I said to mum, who just got home. "Isn't that it, or is that your big one?" she asks, pointing to a sketchbook sitting in a pile of my stuff. ...oops.)

Finally, I cannot talk enough about the cast recording of American Idiot. It's just really great and I think anyone who liked American Idiot the album should give it a listen. I still really really want to see it live ): I'll have to keep on top of if it'll be in town again. (And I really like some of the things they do to the songs. There's a nice round in American Idiot, and the way Last of the American Girls and She's A Rebel are blended together is really cool, and I love the way they do the last bit of Whatsername - which is what gave me inspiration for the drawing that I can now do properly, since I have the right size sketchbook for it now.)

And time to go run errands. Getting out of the house, yeah!


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