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Thursday, 9 June 2011 09:59 pm
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So then I decided to draw Clow Reed's magic circle on the back of my yearbook, just to see if I could.In the process I learned that 'permanent marker' isn't actually all that permanent, if you apply moisture and friction. My hand was starting to sweat about halfway through, so I need to redo some of the earlier lines I did. (On the plus side, this means that when the sun magically ended up with fourteen rays instead of twelve, I could erase the extra two.) The poor little metroid I drew on the front cover suffered much the same fate. ): But that's okay, because I redrew him. I don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of it yet (probably at least a Samus on the lookout for metroids) but I'm sure I'll think of something, or at least someone else will.

Mass Effect 2! So I started playing yesterday, got to Omega, decided to pick up my bro, and then... promptly died at the second shutter three times in a row. Every time, I got to the shutter button and pushed it, but some damn krogan decided to get all up underneath it, and then varren decided to eat my legs, and then I died. Every time. So then I loaded an earlier save and tried doing the Aria thing over again, couldn't actually get her to talk to me, and then went to the Citadel instead.

I didn't think that the Council could be bigger assholes, but they managed it somehow. At least it's balanced out with "Uh, I'm sorry, but my records are saying that you're dead." "That's all right, I understand. I was only mostly dead, but try finding that option on government paperwork."

I can't wait to go back to Omega and get my bestest bro, then take him into the quarantine zone. "A quarantine zone for a plague that only affects turians. Why don't we ever go anywhere nice?" Garrus, why your recruitment mission so hard? D:

(I really need to stop watching ME2 videos on youtube, because all the best lines won't seem all that great once I get to them if I keep watching them over and over before.)

Anyway, I spent an hour drawing Clow Reed's magic fucking circle on the back of my yearbook, so now I'm kind of tired and also have a headache. (I lost track of how many times I said "Fuck you, Clow Reed" while I was doing it. /: ) I should probably go to bed now.

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Monday, 18 April 2011 11:37 am
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My Clow cards came in the mail! :D So now I have a set of Clow cards and a set of Sakura cards. I'm thinking I need to at least make a Book of Clow, since those came in just a box. /: The Sakura cards at least have a book-like box, but it's not quite perfect and I am nothing if not a perfectionist (when it comes to things that don't matter). I also plan on making a new and improved seal key! I'm not sure how, though... /: Maybe if I make a clay core, build a wire frame over that, and then put more clay on top of that, it'll be a bit sturdier. And then with paints and some kind of clear coating over it, it should definitely stay together. That would especially help for the star key, or Eriol's key, since they're flat with weird fiddly bits. (Maybe if I just make the heads, and not the key part...?)

Anyway, enough pondering about that! I'm in journalism with nothing to do, I've got a new drawing to work on (foreshortening! foreshortening!!), and I've just eaten two granola bars. I am totally ready (to be bothered with making a work-up of the next issue while I'm trying to make my peace with goddamn foreshortening, which is a far more serious issue).

At least my articles didn't get cut, even if my art did. But that's okay, because it wasn't really for the paper anyway.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010 10:41 am
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So then I sculpted the seal key! :D It took two whole hours, but since it was the first time I'd tried doing anything of the sort, I guess that makes sense. I just pulled it out of the oven. One of the wingtips broke off again! It did that while I was sculpting it, but I thought I'd reinforced it pretty well. Didn't think it would come off again after I'd baked it... Fortunately we still had some super glue left over from my gear pins, so I glued it back on. I had a bunch of in-progress pics, but they're all on my phone, which doesn't have a memory card, so I can't get them off. ):

In other news, I found my camera charger! After months of searching for it, this morning I was determined to find it... except that I couldn't. "It's got to be over in that corner," I said to myself, "because that's where I always used it! So it has to be over there!" And then I looked at the table in the corner, and spied something sitting on the edge... "Whaaaaaat?!" I shouted. "Has it really been there this entire time?!" And it had been, because months ago, I had put it right there so that I wouldn't lose it. I remember doing that, now...

Um, so, anyway, I still need to get paints, but I probably won't until, like, next week or so. I think I only need gold, red, white, and yellow; I can mix pink from red and white, and then a bunch of lighter yellows from yellow and white. I need to sculpt the other keys, too; I'll probably do Eriol's next, and then the star key. Maybe I'll make Laevatein, too, since I've got a bunch of clay and I'll have the right colours to paint it.

The new season of Doctor Who starts tonight~! I mean, I've already seen the first two episodes online, but that doesn't mean I won't watch them on BBCA, too. I don't mind seeing them again~

I have to go out to dad's today. I don't feel very good about that, but it's out of my hands now. I think that, even though it's not painted yet, I'll put the seal key on a chain and wear it anyway, for luck. I'm sure I'll be all right... if I just keep telling myself that, maybe it'll be true.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 04:50 pm
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Finished my trig homework~ I still need to rework a couple of problems from yesterday's worksheet, but I'll save that for homeroom tomorrow. I should be working on my essay, but that's on my laptop, which mum's using. (I'm on my brother's computer, since he's not home right now.)

I talk out loud a lot, especially when I'm doing math; every so often I'd look up to see mum just staring at me, because she couldn't understand a thing I was saying. (I was doing arc length and sector area, and then linear and angular velocities... which are mostly physics, not trig, and mostly just unit conversion.) She said it was like listening to technobabble on some sci-fi show, lol. I wonder what she'll say once I get to chapter four, which is graphing and involves fun phrases like frequency and phase shift and things like that. Then it'll really sound like technobabble, haha.

cut for family drama )

Um. Something less depressing... I've been watching more Cardcaptors. I started with season 3, because I like Eriol and I don't feel like watching hours of Meiling. The names don't bug me so much anymore; I guess I'm getting used to them. It's really not that bad. Also, I can't find my Japanese textbook. /: I can find the workbook that goes with it, and my kanji workbook, but I can't find the textbook, which is annoying because I want to study it again. Also I made a Japanese-only playlist on my iPod (finally) and am going to download a bunch of Kingdom Hearts remixes once I get back on my laptop. I was listening to some this morning and there are a lot of really nice ones, like this trance remix of Dearly Beloved. ♥ So I'll have a bunch more KH songs, and that will be cool, too.

I want an icon with a line from Camisado. x: Maybe with Josh, too... hmm. I'll have to see what I can do later. I'm also toying with the idea of getting some Sculpey clay and some paints and making replicas of Sakura's staff keys, and also Eriol's. They'd be nifty, if nothing else, and maybe I could put them on a bracelet or necklace, or on my lanyard like my lanyard really needs more things on it, ,lol. That will have to wait a bit longer than the icon, though~!

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Sunday, 11 April 2010 09:18 pm
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Today, as usual, I spent procrastinating working. (I actually got a little bit of work done, but not very much.) Most of the procrastination time was spent reading Cardcaptor Sakura~ I love that manga, it's so cute. Also Cardcaptors was one of my first anime... um, even though the English dub was pretty bad. (Though, I'm watching some of it now, and it's not actually that bad. I mean, I will never forgive whatever company did it for what they did to the names, but the actual voice acting isn't that bad.) I actually like some of those voices better than in The Sealed Card (Michael McConnohie as Fujitaka? That sounds kind of weird. Kirk Thornton as Touya? Yeah, no.), but most of those are pretty decent, too. It's an excellent cast, even if it doesn't sound all that great ^_^; Well, it's not that bad. I mean, Johnny Bosch did Eriol~ So obviously that's okay.

I had something else to post about, some kind of really deep discussion-type thing, but I forgot most of it, and I think if I tried rewording what I remember now it would just be... weird. /: I can say that I really haven't made progress on my paper, and I doubt I'm going to have it done by tomorrow (even though I had all break to work on it... oops). It's proving really difficult to write, and I don't like that. There are ideas in my head, but I can't make them come out the way I want them to, and it's really annoying me. Writing isn't supposed to be hard for me. I guess it's... I know what the big picture is supposed to look like, but when it comes to the details, I can't get them down. Which is what plagues my normal writing, not my essays. Then again, most of my essays are 'this is bs this is bs this is bs' but I feel like I can't do that with this one. This one feels too important to just bs my way through. ...plus I've never faked my way through seven pages, let alone fifteen...

Maybe I'll try again in the morning. If I get up a little earlier, I might even be able to finish it. It's not like I've never written essays that near the due date, anyway... and I did five pages in an hour once, that wasn't that hard, and I only have to write six now. (I've got one page done, anyway...) I'm still way behind on the reading and the IDs but... I should be able to catch up on those easily enough, I think hope think.

...mmm, Clow Reed-centric fic. I think I might just have to find more~ :D Or maybe Eriol this time, since I read all that Clow-centric fic this morning. While procrastinating. .///.;


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