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Tuesday, 5 July 2011 08:58 pm
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I really kind of hate Aquila now. /fistshake

All of my recent attempts at making new ringtones have been thwarted, and it is very annoying. Clearly this means that I need a new phone that I can just plug into my computer and download things to. I feel that would be a much easier process than what I currently have to do.

Also, today I was gifted a pair of really crappy headphones. Like, everything sounds tinny and there is no bass kind of crappy. I was told that they are a placeholder until the person who gifted them to me buys me the headphones I actually want, and then she insisted that she was buying me new headphones even after I told her not to. "But I want to!" she said.

I feel really weird when people buy me things. I don't get it, because I buy things for people all the time, even when they tell me not to. But when somebody returns the favour, I feel really awkward, like I owe them or something. Maybe it's because I know a few people who'll act like I do owe them something. But most of the people I know aren't like that (I don't think), so it's really weird and awkward for me.

Ten minutes ago I opened a bag of Reeses Minis, expecting to find some only slightly melted mini peanut butter cups. What I actually ended up doing was sticking my fingers into a puddle of molten chocolate. /: That's the kind of day today has been.

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Monday, 4 July 2011 03:01 pm
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New layout, yeah! I really like this one, it's super pretty *____*

Yesterday I went out for Driving Lesson #2. (Lesson #1 was a while ago, and in the interim I've actually gotten my permit.) This lesson consisted of speedbumps and parking! I've gotten speedbumps down, I think; they were those especially annoying parking lot ones that I don't think my brother ever actually drives over, but I drove over them a lot. I only hit it really hard about twice, though, and then I figured it out. My car sits really low, so you need to go really slowly over speed bumps so that the suspension doesn't complain and so that you don't hit the exhaust pipe on the pavement.

I was slightly less successful at parking, though. I hit like five imaginary cars. /: This is because I'm not all that great at tight manoeuvring yet. (In my defence, the car has no power steering so you have to really yank the steering wheel to get it to turn. Unless you're my brother, apparently. But then he's driven this car more than I have, so it makes sense that he'd be better at it.) I also haven't really driven at normal speeds yet, either; partly because my brother thinks I need to learn to love the brake pedal and partly because I've only ever driven around in parking lots.

Still haven't beaten ME2 yet; I got the IFF and picked up Legion, and was in the middle of his loyalty mission when I learned that surprise! You have three minutes to get out and there are a ton of geth shooting at you, including a Prime right in the middle of your path! :D So that killed me. Though it was just as well, since my laptop was getting warm. (This is why I should buy a 360. Then I can play all three Mass Effect games without worrying about my poor computer not being able to handle them! And also Tales of Vesperia, and a few other awesome-seeming games that seem to only be coming out on 360.) I might finish it today, or maybe tomorrow.

I'm pretty decently into DQIX; I've got like three fyggs and am working on the fourth (but am lost in the dungeon, woe). I actually did get Shiki to buy a copy, but I haven't seen her since so I don't know how she's doing. I hope she's not further than me; that would just be embarrassing (although it would also be about par for the course; she often beats games much more quickly than I do). Maybe I should ask her...

I also bought another sketchbook, and another how-to-draw guide, since I'm so fond of collecting them. Between that and a thing I recently drew, though, I'm kind of despairing for my art. ): I know I can do better than what I've been doing; I just can't seem to figure out how.

Um, but enough of that. Someday, I'll stop doing catch-up posts! But today is not that day.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011 08:42 am
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So the party yesterday turned out kind of weird, and I could write about it, but then I'd just get pissed off again, so I don't think I will.

I did get the rest of the ME2 dlc after that, though, so that's all good. And then I found out that the Collector beam weapon wreaks havoc on Collector barriers. Took down a praetorian with it right quick, and Harbinger doesn't seem to like it all that much, either. New favourite heavy weapon? I think so!

And then I've also been playing more DQIX. (Not at the party, though. Mostly while waiting for all the dlc to download.) I started a new adventure log earlier in the week, because I am an idiot and - for some reason - decided that starting a new game was the best idea! :D So I kind of only just got to Stornway and am grinding for cash and levels for my new party members. /: It's not all that bad, though, so I can't really complain.

Going to dad's later today; I wouldn't, but I get food out of the bargain, so that's cool. I was debating whether I should bring my laptop like usual or just my DS (should I play Mass Effect, or Dragon Quest?); I think I've basically decided on the DS, because I really don't need to spend forever and a day playing Mass Effect, as I kind of already do that.

(I like how Shepard tells Hackett "I'll make this a priority." Fuck no I won't, I'm not doing Arrival until after the suicide mission. And as I just got the IFF mission but still have to pick up Tali and do seven loyalty missions and a ton of random assignments, I ain't doing the suicide mission any time soon, either.)

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Thursday, 19 August 2010 04:01 pm
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And then I bought Dragon Quest IX. I am a pathetic excuse for a human being with no self-control to speak of. B-but it's Dragon Quest! And it's in British English - my favourite kind!

Also, I think my wireless network card is dead. /: In the meantime, I turned off the router and dragged the modem back into the living room; everything works fine plugged in. I think that means I can go back to playing La Tale, but right now I'm enjoying Dragon Quest too much.

I tried going shoe shopping after I got home yesterday, because I'm sick of getting blisters in shoes that are supposed to fit. |:< Unfortunately we went to like five different places and didn't find anything; at Payless there were these grey plaid Airwalks that I liked but I wear a men's five and the smallest size they had was a men's six; at Journeys they didn't have any Converse (or anything, really) that I liked; and at Takken's there were these orange plaid Converse slip-ons that looked awesome, but there was only one pair left and they were a men's four. ): We didn't get to look around Pacific Commons much, either, because by the time we got out of the GameStop there I was feeling really gross, because I hadn't gotten a chance to change my shirt between all the walking around to/from the library, and then going out shopping.

But Converse has plaid Chuck Taylors again! All is right in the world! :D Except for the part where I don't have a pair, but, you know.


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