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Friday, 29 January 2010 07:57 am
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We're watching Star Trek in MS Office class. I AM SO EXCITED. Also, I have been fed a glazed donut, so I am VERY SUPER EXCITED. Mmmm, donut. :9

Pillow fight yesterday was very unepic! Some idiot told Jacob about it once class started and he called his mom and asked her to bring him a pillow. Let me repeat that, just so the super lameness can set in: he called his mother to bring him a pillow. I can't believe it. Also, I no longer have an art class. This makes me very sad.

ahhhh technical difficulties are making it difficult to watch Star Trek ahhhhh

Uh. Played more FFXII yesterday! Got through the Henne Mines without incident; it really wasn't that difficult and my nine-Quickening chain followed by a Concurrence took of over 3/4 of the boss's HP. Then we went back to Eryut, did some ~*stuff*~, and went back through the Golmore Jungle.

Only to be ambushed by a GIGANTIC TREE DRAGON.

I wish I could say that I totes kicked its ass. I didn't. ): I was totally unprepared and my sure-fire boss-kill strategy actually failed. ;_____;


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Saturday, 23 January 2010 09:28 pm
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Finished the first Maximum Ride yesterday; started the second yesterday and finished it today. It's interesting, though the internets tell me that the plot doesn't really go anywhere. ): They also tell me that there's an "adult" version of the series which may or may not be more interesting, so I may or may not end up checking that out sometime soon.

Mostly this weekend, though, I played FFXII. Yesterday I went through Raithwall's tomb, doing such things as mercilessly slaughtering the Garuda with an eleven-quickening chain followed by a concurrence and almost dying when fighting Belias but... not actually dying, then being an idiot and giving it to Basch, who summoned the gigas and kicked around the boss on the Shiva after Fran and Balthier killed off the accompanying soldiers. I think I left off yesterday at "Let's go visit the Garif!" but I don't really remember, because I was half-asleep when I finally turned off the PS2.

Then, today, it was lots and lots of grinding. 31000 gil for weapons and armour, then the Osmone Plain --> Jahara quest leg, then "Let's go to Mount Bur-Omisace! But not really because we'll cut you off five minutes into the jungle!" then Eryut Village (which... ugh, hate viera culture in FFXII), followed by 35000 gil for weapons and armour (which was really only like 15000 because I already had the other 20000) and swapping out Basch (lvl28) for Ashe (lvl16), giving her better equipment, and trying to level her up by turning off her attack gambits so she wouldn't get herself killed and making her heal everyone. It's not working all that well; she's like level 19 right now v Balthier and Fran's level 30 (and Larsa's level 29, but hi there static guest party levels!). I figure by the time she's at a relatively decent level, I'll have to swap her out for Basch again and powerlevel him up 10+ levels, too. /:

Did I mention everybody's got full Quickenings now? Also I took on a bunch of marks, got myself mercilessly slaughtered by a Ring Wyrm (level III mark), reset from the save I'd made right before trekking off to fight the Ring Wyrm just in case I got myself mercilessly slaughtered by it, and then very decidedly did not go to fight it again and instead went to progress the plot. I love the sandbox-ness of this game. You can spend ~3 hours grinding for gil for new weapons and armour, taking out marks, and doing side-quests, with full access to all of the world that you've explored so far, and then pick up the plot right from where you left off (only to then grind there for another ~3 hours for gil for new weapons and armour just to spend another twenty minutes on the next bit of plot + half hour of relevant cutscenes). It's so easy to access all the bits of the world you've already been to, but at the same time, you can walk straight through from Raithwall's tomb to Eryut Village, if you wanted to (did I mention that the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea = great grinding area? I easily gained like five levels just from fighting Urutan-Yensa and getting over 200 Earth Stones in drops... and a 107-chain, haha). It's all connected, and it's very cool.

...mmm, wall of text.

Tomorrow I get to balance dad's house, history IDs, and possibly Folklore. But probably not Folklore, because hi there weekend video game quota! Between yesterday and today I think I spent seventeen hours playing FFXII, which doesn't sound like much until you realise that I tend to get my gaming done in 1-3 hour snippets and am probably now going to hop over to 358/2 Days if I can ever get mum and the cats off my blanket.


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Friday, 22 January 2010 11:37 am
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Played more FFXII yesterday! (I actually had the levels backwards; Balthier, Fran, and Ashe were 16, with Penelo at 15.) Uh. But anyway. Went through the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, and am now at THE TOMB OF RAITHWALL. In, like, the first area, haha. I think Balthier and Fran are... 18, now? Basch is 16 and Vaan is... 15 or 16, I forget which. I don't use him that much, really. Balthier and Basch have all 3 quickenings now, too, with Penelo, Fran, and Vaan at 2 and Penelo at 1. I'm working on it, okay?

Flying Voldie man snake is in final draft stage now. I started drawing scales on him. I hate drawing scales ): They take so loooooooong ):

I should probably try playing Metroid Prime when I get home, rather than lapsing into FFXII (in my brother's room, on my first PS2, with all the electronics going and the heater on and under a comforter with the dogs like right next to me... man it's so comfy. And warm. And makes me want to fall asleep, actually...), if only because I haven't played MP in a while and I... really probably ought to. Or maybe I'll start FFXII when I get home, and then when mum gets home I'll stop, and if she drags me out to dad's I'll probably play Folklore (or maybe not, since that's probably what I'm going to do tomorrow), and if she doesn't then I'll switch to Metroid.

Which reminds me, I started doodling a Super Metroid comic, but gave up on it a little bit after 1) my abysmal doodle of Draygon and 2) I would have to flip the page over to draw the last three or four panels.

I should probably do the last assignment for MS Office class! It's the very last assignment for this class (as far as I know)! There's only, like, one week left in this term, haha. That means a lack of updates from school which... may or may not mean a lack of updates about school (but... probably not, because I talk about school a lot OTL).

Mez gave me the first Maximum Ride book today. It's... interesting.

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Thursday, 21 January 2010 11:36 am
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My school cannot manage arts exhibitions. I know, I should cut them some slack because it was the first one ever omg but still. There's no excuse for making over 100 students stand around in the mini-gym doing absolutely nothing including PBL, because that was horrible. Though the dance performance was interesting (but I didn't get to see my kitten s-sob) and the band and choir were excellent as usual. And I was pleasantly surprised to find I actually did have a piece in the art exhibition! It... would have been nice to know beforehand, though, because I might actually have volunteered something if I knew I already had something in!

FFXII progress is as follows: did three hunts, though Montblanc's still got one more for me. It's the last rank I hunt, I think. Ended up swapping Balthier and Fran's weapons, so now Fran's got the purple-and-turquoise pole and Balthier's got himself a bow. Did some grinding in the Lhusu Mines, too, though not... really that much, haha. I'm on the Cluckatrice hunt right now but I didn't talk to the NPCs who would let me actually... fight the thing. ): Vaan and Basch levelled up! So they're both 14, Balthier, Fran, and Ashe totes types Asch at first, orz are 15, Penelo's 16, and I've got Vossler at 19 (though he's a guest so he doesn't level up anyway).

French projects involving half the class are not fun. Today is the only day we have to film and we're working through lunch, so I don't get to eat. ): /is hungry. Well, Brody just gave me a Pop Tart, so that helps a little. Haha, but we're working after school, too... ): /has like 21 IDs to do for history. I might just do the ones that are actually due and skip the other ones... or I could do them all but not finish the analyses or... something like that.

I doodled a Metroid comic in art class today. It's cute. I also doodled Metroid... doodles, on the back of my French test yesterday, but I couldn't finish it because I can't remember what Draygon looks like. |:

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010 11:44 am
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In other news, Flying Voldie Man Snake is coming along well. I... actually need a reference of Voldemort's face to be able to properly draw his, but. I'll manage it. Flying Top-Half-Fish Man Cat is also coming along (though that one's not mine) and it looks... really cool. Scaaaaaaales aaaaaaaah I don't want to draw them all ;____;

Spent some time this morning playing FFXII instead of, like, doing the history homework that was due yesterday. I'm in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea (yeah, I know, so far from where I left off). I only had about an hour so I got to go forth into a couple of areas, kill a few things, and then go right back to the save crystal. xD; I did swap Balthier from guns to poles, though; I actually wanted to swap him to swords, but I... don't have any spares and anyway, he's got a giant purple pole strapped to his back now, it's funny. I'm going to grind until Fran can get one, and then grind some more just because Basch and Vaan are only at level 13 and the rest of the party is 15-16 I feel like it (probably). I can grind forever in that game, it's really weird. At this rate everyone's probably going to have three Quickenings before I even fight the first Demon Wall, haha.

There's a sub in this class and it's rather annoying. Mmm, teenage "priviledge". Also it's storming like mad out. Mmm, thunder.

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Monday, 11 January 2010 06:16 pm
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Totes meant to make this post earlier, then I got sucked in by FF12 again. I beat Ghis! :D! I was stuck on him the last time I played through, then this time I used like 4 Quickenings and killed him in less than a minute. /overkill

I've got a Birth By Sleep theory. (Another one, anyway.) I think Terra is the Xehanort we're all familiar with, or will end up becoming him. Unlike my last theory, this one actually kind of makes sense! (Well, if you think 'his hair looks kinda like Xehanort's and his eyes turn orange at one point during the opening cutscene' makes it make sense, anyway...) But I'm not going to find out if I'm right or not until I actually play the game because I am VERY DECIDEDLY NOT SPOILING MYSELF. I did that with Folklore and I'm still pissed at myself for it orz So it's not happening this time. (While I'm on the subject... not spoiling FF13, either! Not happening!)

One more go at downloading the opening cutscene for my iPod and then I'm moving on to English homework. It's only ten ids, it should be easy! ...until I start working on the project, anyway. |:

/wants BBS icons orz


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