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Monday, 8 November 2010 05:43 am
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Standard Time, how I missed you! No longer will I have to trudge to school in the dark (not that I did anyway), no longer will I be able to tell between 5pm and 6pm! It's good to have you back, Standard Time.

Got all caught up on wordcount, and stuff. Christian's Inferno is... probably going to be much much shorter than Albert's Legacy! But that's fine, because some of the others are going to be ridiculously long anyway. It'll even out in the end! (And anyway, for now I get to actually write crazy!Damien, and then really awkward!Damien and Mao. That conversation is going to be fun, haha. "So, uh. I'm Damien." "Yeah, I know. You tried to kill me." "Yeah, and then you called down lightning on me and nearly killed me." "Right. Um. No hard feelings?" "Sure, okay.")

I've got like a million layers on right now, and I'm still kind of cold. Mostly it's just my fingers, since I'm not wearing gloves - my thumbs are warm, though, since I've got armwarmers on. (And the rest of me, since I've got two shirts, a jacket, leggings, shorts, and sweats on. ) I'm actually kind of glad that the weather report for today is "really cold;" I've kind of missed that, too. There's nothing like bundling up and knowing that you aren't, actually, going to regret putting on all those layers - so far it's been pretty iffy, since we've had temperatures in the seventies and eighties for the past few months, but today's supposed to be barely sixties, so it's time for layers! :D

Anyway, time for some Let's Play Metroid Prime 3. The forums kicked me off because I didn't have an account (or archives, for that matter) but I checked the site the videos were archived on and, lo! MP3 LP. That kind of totally distracted me yesterday, haha.

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Monday, 1 November 2010 06:47 am
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2560/50000, yeah! A strong start - good job, self. Keep up the good work and we'll have this challenge finished in no time! I think if I have time later I might write a bit more, get that wordcount up to around 3400. Yeah, that's two days worth of work, but if I have that then it means I can write less one day and still not be behind. (Could I do that during AVID? I shouldn't, because I've got so much Hamlet to do omg, but I probably could, I bet... two journal entries each, Five Conversations Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Didn't Have (And One They Did), and How Rosencrantz Met Guildenstern; find literary devices for those last few quotes; type up all the words - death predictions, analysis chart, soliloquy translations, performance analysis; revise the essay that's very important. That's all, I think.)

Still, even if I do have loads and loads of work (oh yeah, got to finish the outline for that novella I'm writing this month, that might be important, huh?), I'm not letting it get in the way. I will complete this challenge! I will not let anything get in my way! And I will remember, one week from now, that I told the entirety of AVID 12, half my physics class, all my friends, and my very favourite English teacher that I was going to do this challenge, so I can't quit or else I'll look like a total loser. AVID 12 already thinks, "omg Aloxa, you're so amazing," and I want it to stay like that, damn it, it's good for my self-esteem. (Not much else is, really.)

I should just drag my laptop to school with me, jfc. Too bad it's an ancient thing and I don't have a carrying case for it and it won't really fit in my bag. ...though at least the new power cord for it should come today! Keep thinking positively, Azu, things'll turn out the way they're supposed to :D

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Monday, 4 October 2010 06:19 pm
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FINALLY FINISHED OUTLINING ARC 5 OMG. That took forever. It's like, I knew where I wanted it to go and I knew what I had to work with, it was just the getting there that was the hard part. There's not a lot of action! That was a little disheartening, because I like action. Of course, I should have expected the no-action thing just from the fact that I sidelined my two favourite characters. |: Still, it's over. (Arc 6 has even less action! Yet, somehow, I'm okay with that. It's called Intermission for a reason; it's supposed to be a break for poor Mao after arc 5's annoyances and before I sling her headlong into arc 6 and, more importantly, arc 7. It's called Misery Business for a reason.)

Also, I get my senior portraits taken on Wednesday. This is cool, because - hey! - senior portraits. That's not why I'm excited for it, though - I'm excited for it because I can dye my hair after I get them done! The bottom layers are going to be red - I plan on getting a bright cherry-red dye, if I can find it, but I'm not going to bleach my hair first, so it should turn out relatively natural-looking, except, you know, red.

I'm also really excited for tomorrow, because Behemoth comes out tomorrow! :D I think I can also pick up The Devil's Eye, assuming I do actually get to Borders tomorrow. Also I'm excited because no fourth block, though I do have tutorials. I need to stop complaining about tutorials. I really don't like them, though. (Why did I sign up to be a tutor, then? Oh, right - college apps. :C )

Anyway, off to lend mum the laptop and maybe do physics homework.

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Thursday, 23 September 2010 11:56 pm
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Finished outlining arc 4. Now I get to do the Greek mythology-based one \o/ I'm double excited for arc 5 because it's Exanimare-verse and I love love love Exanimare-verse... and then it's also got godly possession and possibly ghosts and possibly also the one character I don't like as much getting to be awesome (since Azel's too busy being possessed by Hypnos and Melissa's too busy trying to figure wtf is going on, Cassandra will just have to be snarky enough for the both of them <3).

I've realised recently that I tend to write a lot of female characters, and not a lot of male ones; the few male characters I do have tend to be not as well-rounded as my female ones. With luck, this is something I can fix while drafting, because even though Mao is my protagonist, I'd like for all my characters to be memorable. (Plus I especially need to work on characterising Haru, because the driving force behing the plot should not be a cardboard cutout of a character.)

Soc experiment tomorrow! It's going to be difficult x: but I'll do my best, because the more data I have, the better my paper can conceivably be. In the meantime, I should be doing physics homework! But I think I'll play with the cat for a while instead.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010 02:59 pm
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And then I joined swing club. "I thought you don't dance," said everyone. I don't, but swing is kind of fun, it's more time I can spend hanging out with my friends, and it's an extracurricular, of which I have zero. (None of the schools I'm applying to actually care about extracurriculars, but then none of the school's I'm applying to want three years of science and four years of maths, but I'm doing those, too.)

Also ran into a bit of a snag in outlining - I don't have a name for Alice's realm. /: I was going to call it the higher plane but then I realised that was really lame, but I couldn't think of anything else and trawling for names on my phone in soc class didn't work. So I ask, "I need a name for a world populated by demons who used to be angels, any ideas?" The responses I got were, "China. Wait, what was the question?" and "Uh... hell, maybe?" which... okay, not helpful. (Of course, I was also told that "So now she's back and she's pissed, so she's going to just kill them all and take back her throne" was not very angelic.) So it's back to the name generators, I guess.

I also joined another club! Technically I'm not joined yet, but I already did the first thing for it so I figure that's close enough. Shiki, you absolute enabler, why do you do this to me?! (She started a club on dA that killed my resolve, and she's also started the swing club. Though, in her defence, it was actually Marc who convinced me to join swing club.)

So basically to-do list for this afternoon/evening is: find a freaking name for Alice's realm Aethia, while I still remember it!, finish cleaning up the living room, finish lining the drawing for #Org-escapade and scan it in, do the reading for APE, and then if there's time start colouring the drawing. There is no reason I cannot get all of that done today, except perhaps the colouring!

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Sunday, 19 September 2010 04:01 pm
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Greek mythology, why so interesting D:

I'm doing way more research for arc 5 than I would have liked, particularly since I'm still only about halfway through arc 4. I think I finally found something I like that works with the story of it, though. Mao can't be Nyx, because there's just no correlations between the two; she can't be Hemera for the same reason. I was thinking about Aether, because "the upper sky, the universe, and heaven" goes quite nicely with travelling to other worlds, but I wanted a goddess, not a god. Most of the rest of Nyx's children don't work, either, but I think I can spin it if she's mistaken for one of the Hesperides. Nymphs are rather care-free creatures, which meshes with Mao's eventual personality, and one of them is named Lipara, meaning perseverance, which certainly describes Mao as she is at that point in the story.

Or I could go the easy route and have her mistaken for Ladon, but that would kill the Nyx link I want to keep.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 06:52 pm
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And then I finished outlining arc three! The outline is shorter than arc two's; I'm a little surprised. It doesn't look like there's going to be much  crazy!Damien, though... but there is some chaos dialogue, so that's cool.

Right now my plan is to type up what I have, and then make swap all my files from one flash drive to the other, since the computers in Mr Williams's room wouldn't read the one I was using. (Then again, I don't really remember it working in any of the school computers, so... I guess that makes sense :\) Then I should probably do physics problems so that I can spend more of AVID tomorrow not doing physics problems. I have, like... fifteen left, or something like that; an hour's worth of work, maybe. But that comes after all the typing and stuff, haha.

I think I have a GS meeting tomorrow night. So that means that the rest of my week looks like: Wednesday - GS meeting; Thursday - senior picnic; Friday - Julie's surprise party; Saturday - ren faire. That's kind of a lot of stuff! It should be fine, though. I should probably also revise my essays, since Ms Dollard looked at my second essay and said that I should rewrite the opening and then we'll go over the rest. I'll probably scrap the whole thing... though honestly it's kind of all wasted effort, since I'm not applying to any UCs anyway. I might transfer into one in a few years, though, so I guess I could work bits of the first into the transfer prompt, and then reuse the second as-is... Plus, it's an opportunity to improve my writing, and how could I possibly pass that up? <-- Not actually sarcastic; I actually do look forward to it

MAlice starts off with a nice break for Mao, which should be especially nice for her, since she spent basically all of Christian's Inferno in a forest!

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 12:09 pm
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So I thought I could find a nice quiet room to work on my novel outline, in the form of Mr Williams's classroom, but apparently he does tutor training during fourth block, so... yeah, no. So I came home instead. Genius me brought my physics book home, even though I actually need my soc book... oops. (Note to self: don't be lazy next time, just go to your locker and swap books.)

That said, it's noon, and I have nowhere to be for the rest of the day! This is awesome. There should totally be more minimum days on not-Monday-and-Wednesday.

I've gotten to the action-y bits in Christian's Inferno, finally. It started out really slow and the beginning is full of awkward, but it's not like I need a finished idea, just something I can work with come November. I also got a new name for that world I couldn't name (Dracoterra - guess what that world is about!) and new names for the gods in Janus Project-verse, since I jacked them from Greek mythology but I'm already doing something else with Greek mythology, earlier (arc four, or maybe arc five). Fantasy name generators can give a ton of crap but occasionally they also can give decent names!

I think I'm going to go cook something for lunch now. :9

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Friday, 10 September 2010 05:05 pm
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And then I finished outlining arc two of the novel. (I feel so conceited saying "Yeah, I'm outlining my novel" or "I dunno, I'll be pretty busy in November, what with writing my novel and all." Just - I mean, who expects a seventeen-year-old to be able to write a novel? But that's what I'm going to do. The idea is still a novelty - lol, novelty - right now. I imagine I won't feel that way come week two... ^_^;; ) I'm taking kind of a Kingdom Hearts approach to this, I guess - even though each world is its own separate story, there's still something in each of them to tie it to the whole. So I need to drop hints in each arc as a reminder of the actual goal of the story. I think the Starlight interludes will help with that, maybe... I still need to figure out what those are going to be, though. I know what I'm doing for one of them, but I don't know where it's supposed to fit in, plot-wise... maybe, after Midorikawa...? Idk, still working on it.

I'm actually really bad with beginnings and endings, so plotting out each arc is a little awkward, since they are (sort of) self-contained stories. My favourite English teacher started the first novel we read in her class by reading out the first sentence, and then talking about how that set the mood for the entire story; I don't know if it was her or someone else who said that the last sentence contains the feeling your readers take away from your story (or if that's even something I just thought up; I guess it could have been), but I believe it. I was actually pretty proud of the first sentence of this particular story, because it does convey the mood for the rest of the story - it's about change, it's about how things don't stay the same. I still have to rework the ending, but I know the feeling I want it to convey: things aren't all all right, but they're getting there; Mao may not get her questions answered right away, but she doesn't have to search for them any more, either; the answers are right there, she just has to ask.

hnnnngh, I'm probably going to be talking about Inoue Chronicle a lot in the next few months, so sorry if it gets boring/repetitive. I have this habit of being obsessed with something and then never shutting up about it (I said that earlier to Emma, and Neku and Pinky, who were listening in, were immediately all, "Yeah. Yeah, you do." in that way that only people who've known you for five and ten years can), which... might actually be pretty obvious, since I do a lot of that here. But, I'll probably be talking about other things soon, too - like all the essays I'm writing, and college apps I'm filling out! ...wait, that's also boring. /: Well, this journal will just be boring for a while, then. (I'll try to make it enthusiastic, at the very least. Surely that can be interesting...!)

Anyway, back to outlining. Christian's Inferno isn't going to write itself!

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Thursday, 9 September 2010 03:16 pm
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I've been enjoying BBS so far! I think I'm like halfway through Terra's story already, and I've only been playing for five hours (and I've spent at least one of those dicking around on the Command Board). I'm also playing on beginner mode, though, so... that might have something to do with it, haha.(I'm already thinking I might want to delete that file and start over again in standard mode... it can't be that much harder, right? And if I check the guide for each world I can make sure I get 100% completion.)

Almost finished outlining arc two of Inoue Chronicle (actual story's alternate title: "I Will Be Chasing a Starlight" but Inoue Chronicle is shorter so... yeah). It's turned out to be a lot less action-y than I was initially thinking, but for where it comes in the story that's probably better. With luck I can finish the outline by the end of this month, then I can spend next month working on my Heartless doll (for Halloween) and college apps (so I don't have to do them in November), and then I can spend more of November writing. I know that I'll need to write about 1700 words a day to meet the goal... but I cheated a little! I already have the first chapter written, the last chapter (sort of) written, and some of my interludes are also already sort of written, so I've already got about 3500 words, so I actually only have to write about 1550 words a day. I just have to... not write any more of that story until November! /awkward laugh But I'll probably have my hands full with outlining and essays and college apps and sewing, so I guess I shouldn't have to worry.

And speaking of essays, I get to write two of them over the weekend! :D <-- that emoticon is sarcastic. One about Macbeth, since I'm not going to the play (well, the people who are going have to write a review comparing it to the play in written form, and I think I'd rather write the essay, even though I don't know the prompt yet). And the other for college apps. I'm not sure which ones to write, though; 1000 words for the UC prompts (between the both of them, so that's cool) or the two (or maybe three) prompts for the University of Chicago - I don't actually plan on attending either school, at least not right out of high school, but since I actually need to write one of them for my AP English class, I should just kind of pick one. Or two, really, because I need to write two for either school...

I guess, it basically comes down to, do I want to write about how my world has shaped my dreams and aspirations, and about a personal something that makes me proud and how it relates to who I am, or do I want to write about why I want to go to the University of Chicago, and about the two types of people in the world (totally those who use the Oxford comma and those who don't - or, I could write about how to find x, or what I would dissolve, if I could dissolve anything in the world, and what I would use to dissolve it). (That was a terrible sentence and I should feel terrible for writing it.) I think I should ask around, I guess, before deciding what to do - I have a day before I have to start writing, after all.

And in the meantime, I'll read Macbeth. And outline more, because I want to get through Albert's Legacy so that I can get to Christian's Inferno, because I like writing Damien and I like writing crazy, so writing crazy!Damien should be awesome.


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