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Saturday, 9 July 2011 12:32 pm
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So iTunes is streaming this concert series, and My Chemical Romance is supposed to start their set soon... although I didn't realise that when I tuned in, so I got to sit through an opening band. I feel kind of bad for opening bands, because people go to concerts to see the headliners and not them, and so are kind of disrespectful toward them... but at the same time, when the iTunes ad prominently features MCR in its "Watch Live Now!" thing, I expect to hear MCR, not some band I've never heard of. /:

Anyway, so I went through all my ME2 screencaps. Out of 150, I have about twenty-one I actually plan on posting. For reference, I posted 24 out of ME1, and 41 so far through ME2. I'm really not eager to make that 62, so I might skip some of the shots I'm not particularly fond of, and just post the ones I really really like. (Although I am kind of trying to weave something of a narrative with them... but that hasn't stopped me from skipping a hell of a lot of other stuff anyway.)

You know, opening bands don't really improve with live streaming, and neither do intermissions.

edit: Then I only queued up thirteen screencaps. Of course, I've still got DLC to go through, so there's no telling how many I'll end up with in the end. And this damn intermission continues to go on. I "borrowed" my brother's Skullcrushers for this concert, so it better not go on much longer or I'll have to replace the battery in them, too. /:

I can't wait until my tumblr queue empties. Then I'll have twenty-five posts (maybe more, if it ever imports my relevant tweets) to code links to. Huzzah for HTML coding! /sarcasm (Although, so long as this keeps up, there's nothing keeping me from getting a head start, since for some reason tumblr decided to pretend I never linked my last five links and at least a few posts have gone through the queue since yesterday.)

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Saturday, 14 May 2011 07:37 am
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Every day this week I have told myself, "I am going to go home and play Mass Effect." Every day, I have then proceeded to not do that. Today, I'm not telling myself that! Not because I don't want to, but because I know I won't have time - I'm working a garage sale this morning and I'll be home around two, and then I have to be at Pinky's and Shiki's mum's house by five, because that's where the limo for prom is picking us up. And I can't play after I get home from prom, because prom isn't over until about midnight, and there's an after party. So I probably won't be home until about two, at which point I will want to do nothing else but crash horribly.

I am going to make another music post on my tumblr when I get home the first time, though, partly because I did it last week and partly because I want to listen to some better dance music than what they'll play at prom. I know Mez has a playlist and that we're going to try and find somewhere outside to set that up so we can dance to our own music, but it's also supposed to rain, so that might not happen. And I have it on good authority that at least two-thirds of the DJ's playlist is "music you can grind to." Which really isn't what I'm into.

I will tell myself that I'll spend all of tomorrow (or whatever's left of it once I've woken up) playing Mass Effect. Because really, I haven't got anything else to do.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 09:08 pm
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Went out today! I'm definitely going to feel it in the morning, but I got what I needed and I had fun, so that's okay. And I got a pair of Skullcandies! If I'm really really lucky I might even have them for more than six months!

While walking to the hub with Shiki and Pinky, I said some stuff about the new Panic! At the Disco CD (I'd burned Shiki a copy of mine, since I don't have the actual CD for her to borrow). I thought about it again later, and realised that I wasn't exaggerating, it was actually true. Basically, Vices and Virtues feels a lot more like their first album, and I think that only benefits it. There's not a song off A Fever You Can't Sweat Out that I don't like, where Pretty Odd had a few I really wasn't all that into (and by a few, I mean something more like a third of the entire album). But not only does Vices sound more like Fever, there isn't a song on that album that I don't like. I mean, maybe Nearly Witches. If I had to pick a song I don't like, that's probably the one I like the least. But I still like it!

Also went out to dad's today. It was pretty chill, so that wasn't too bad.

I submitted a secret to fandom_secrets last week and it got posted today. So I went to read the comments, like you do. And then I cried a little, because I hadn't expected such nice comments ;___; (Actually I hadn't expected any comments, but all the ones I got were really nice ones.) I wasn't having a bad day by any means, but they still totally made my day better.

Day of nothingness tomorrow! I'll probably spend it alternately working on the keys and this one plotbunny that Shiki gave me and that Pinky encouraged shamelessly. Then on Thursday mum's dragging me off to work with her, because it's Take Your Kid To Work Day and she works with a bunch of editors and hey! I want to be an editor. (Plus she's taking the day off and there's always tons of cool activities set up and I usually always come home with armfuls of free space posters, so there's that, too.) I might even be able to walk by Thursday, so I will probably enjoy myself, even if I can't take my phone or iPod with me. (Man, I remember when having a cameraphone was the coolest thing ever. Now if your phone doesn't have a camera people look at you funny.)

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Sunday, 24 April 2011 04:20 pm
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Happy Easter, everyone! This is not an introspective post because I am absolutely tired of writing introspective posts. Instead, this is something of a random things post.

For example! Without even trying I'm subconsciously picking out songs for characters of mine. I've got a Mao song (Starlight), a Haru song (Trade Mistakes), a Mao-and-Haru song (Star Gate Heaven), and a Noemi song (Bad Apple). (I don't think I've ever mentioned Noemi by name, although recently I've talked about the issues I've had actually writing her story. Part of this is probably because, while I know Noemi really well, I don't know Luke very well at all, and I'm supposed to be actually introducing him into the story.)

My nail polish is finally starting to chip off, after two weeks of nearly perfect nails. It's weird, because the stickers I put on are coming off, too, from underneath the topcoat. So then I have a petal-shaped hole in my topcoat. It's really weird.

Hopefully getting out to the craft store on Tuesday! I've planned to go with Shiki and Pinky but I don't know if their mum will let them. /: If not I might try asking Ruchia, and if that doesn't work then I'm just going to have to ask mum. /: I basically need a whole ton of stuff for making the keys: clay, paints, paintbrush, gloss, wire, pliers... I'm also after a new pair of earbuds, as well - I want some Skullcandies, but they're always "locked merchandise" and there's never ever anybody actually in the electronics section, so I'll probably end up with another pair of the Sony ones I have now. But really, I just want a pair of earbuds that doesn't hurt my ears and doesn't start doing weird staticky stuff after four months, is that really too much to ask?

Also, I really don't understand this. List of Apple Software I Want: iTunes.
List of Software Apple Apparently Thinks I Need: iTunes, Safari, MobileMe, Ping, Genius, VoiceOver Kit, GraceNote, and Kerbango.

You'll notice there's only one thing common to both lists. The really ridiculous part? With the exception of Safari and MobileMe, the rest of that all comes with iTunes. But I don't want any of it. I don't even need any of it! I never use it! So why do I have to have all of it just to get freaking iTunes?

Which reminds me, I've got about four months' worth of Grammar Girl and Are We Alone? to listen to, as well as those three audiobooks I never finished. Who wants to listen to Tim Curry read Sabriel? I do! :D (Plus I've had a raging headache for three hours. I think getting off the computer and indulging in some awesome Skullcrushers might help.)

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Friday, 31 December 2010 01:29 pm
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Today I learned that my journal had somehow mysteriously reverted back to the old style I was using. And I mean, I liked that style and all, it's just... I'd changed it. I wasn't using it anymore. Completely different CSS and titles and everything, for over a month!

And then it went back. I don't know how. I don't know why. It just... changed back.

(It's like that time my icons kept losing their keywords, except more annoying because at least I remember what my new style and titles were.)

Anyway, I really haven't done much in the last week. I got books and DVDs for Christmas, along with a few gift cards - I'm getting a laptop soon as well, hopefully this weekend - and I beat Star Ocean 3. That ending! Is so long! And I got the solo ending, too. /: Still, not like I'd done too many PAs to change that.

I also started playing .hack! From the beginning. Man it's been so long since I played the originals they're so weird now haha. The really weird part is, whenever I'm playing R:2 I want to be playing R:1, but now that I'm playing R:1 I want to be playing R:2. I guess it's one of those grass is greener things. I forgot some of the really annoying things... like doing dungeons solo, and Elk dying all the damn time. Seriously, it's a level 14 dungeon, I'm level 14, Elk is level seven. I think that, getting down to the boss, I used three Resurrects on him. Then, fighting the boss (who took forever to protect break, and then kill after that, christ) I used something like seven or eight Resurrects on Elk. (Who, to be fair, had to use like two on me.) Still, I really do like .hack.

I bought myself the new MCR album. That was the biggest mistake ever. Every. single. song. on that album is so catchy omg. I think Na Na Na is going to be stuck in my head for all of eternity. That said, I also like both the album's concept and all of the songs, so I can't really complain too much.

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Monday, 6 September 2010 09:10 am
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Okay, so having listened to 21st Century Breakdown (I finally bought the CD! It only took me going to another concert on that tour to do it...) I can say this with some certainty: there is a story there, and I kind of want to write it. I doubt I'm going to, because once I actually decide I'm going to do something I usually... never do it, but. I'm a sucker for stories of desperation, of last chances. As much as I like happy endings, I also like stories where things don't turn out okay in the end, where there's no way to make things better. This album has that (though there still is hope at the end) and I kind of want to borrow from this album and just write. Nobody's going to interpret Christian and Gloria's story in the same way, but I think I want to put my interpretation out there.

(Maybe I should write this for NaNoWriMo. ...haha, and then ask my English teacher, "Hey, can I get extra credit for doing this?" Haha.)

21st Century Breakdown's story also strikes me as coming after American Idiot's. Not just because it was, you know, released after, but also because the themes I'm picking up seem to be American Idiot, but more; I guess because the album as a whole feels more desperate ("Desperate, but not hopeless; desperate, but not helpless"). Hell, maybe I should do, like, a two-part epic - the story of the American Idiots, with their desperation giving birth to the Jesus of Suburbia and their anger bringing forth Saint Jimmy; and the rise and fall of the both of them, as the people who believed in them "grow up" and decide that the world can't be changed after all; which sets up the 21st Century Breakdown, where Christian and Gloria, undeterred by the failures of our previous protagonists, set out to change things for real, through action, and we follow them as they learn that the world doesn't work that way. (That was a bad sentence and I don't even care, because I like where it went.)

Minor gripe: the "class of '13" comes up a couple times in the lyrics, and I know full well that it's meant to represent the current generation, and I know full well why they chose '13, but it still bugs me because I'm class of '11 and feel unrepresented |:<

I had another post sort of like this in mind; I meant to post it last night, but it's a companion to something else that I need to finish first. So today: finish that, get up both posts, register for my Ohlone class, finish my English homework, and draw Damien for my bestest concert buddy ever who is finally seventeen.
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days: 3
severe mood swings: 2
panic attacks: 1
emergency room visits: 0

Luckily none of that happened at school! That would just have been embarrassing

In other news, rallies and I are officially over... at least until February, at which point classes change and I'll have an actual fourth block class and will therefore be unable to skip events after fourth block, like rallies. "Surely this rally won't be so bad!" I thought this morning. "I mean, it would take a lot to be worse than last year," (when they cut the rally short by half an hour because the entire student body was bored out of their minds) "but it's not like anybody will be booing our class this year, since we're seniors!" That mentality lasted right up until the freshman class started booing us. The freshmen. Yeah.

Also, new layout! And Muse lyrics, because I am really really into Muse right now. (And by Muse, I mostly mean, like, Starlight. I just wish I had a version of it that wasn't live :/) I didn't think I could find a friends page title more emo than the old one, but I seem to have managed fine.

Also also, I'm going to a concert tomorrow night :D Green Day at the Shoreline. I've never been to the Shoreline; I just know it's an outdoor venue. It's been... really warm lately, so an outdoor concert should be nice.

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Tuesday, 31 August 2010 07:32 am
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I wish I knew where my sweats were; it's really cold right now. (In August! This is awesome!) Also I've been up since too early and it kind of sucks. /: So sleepy, haha. I think the hot chocolate helped a little bit, though. And I should have gotten up like at least twenty minutes before I did, too... I just hit snooze twice. Well, I was tired and it was cold! /fail

I have some art to do today; there are two drawings that I need to draw, scan, and colour, and these are important to get done because they're for other people and I've been sitting on them for like a month. But I'll wait until the lighting is a little better x: And I hope my tablet works okay; it's been kind of twitchy lately. (Well, I kind of need a new one; it's as old as my laptop, and I've needed a new one of those for a couple of years, now.)

I've been trying to pick out the remixes in the Metroid Prime trilogy soundtracks; people have been saying, "Oh, such-and-such song is a remix of Brinstar Green!" and I am not hearing the Brinstar Green. I know what Brinstar Green (aka "The Jungles of Brinstar," thank you Super Metroid sountrack) sounds like, and the MP2 multiplayer theme does not  sound like it. (There's another MP2 track that's also supposed to be a remix of Brinstar Green, and it doesn't sound like it, either.) Torvus Bog being a remix of Maridia is kind of cool, though especially since Torvus Bog is basically Maridia, except on Aether.

Other M today! I don't actually get to go and pick it up today, though. /: I did manage to talk mum into picking it up for me, though, so I still get it today. Art folio, you will be mine...! I saw the first like twenty minutes of Other M on Gamespot (I think; it was linked to me and I wasn't paying much attention) and it looked pretty cool. A lot of people are complaining about 1) cutscenes and 2) Samus with speaking lines, but I think they're both probably a good addition to the game. I think Samus's voice acting sounds pretty decent, for a bounty hunter who was raised by alien bird-people, and I think that plot is a welcome addition to any game. Character development - it's not a bad thing!

I really really want to play this game now. I know I'm probably really going to suck at it, but I want to play it. x: I hope Shiki renews her "You know, you can come over and play it with me if you want" because... yeah, I want. x:

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Saturday, 28 August 2010 06:49 pm
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Yesterday mum bought me five different study guides, for the five different tests I'll be taking this year. I started in on the ACT one first, since that's the first one I'll be taking. (Funfact: I didn't sign up for it, but the first ACT test date is September 11.) So I read the "learning about the test" chapter, and moved on to the diagnostic test chapter, only to become irrationally annoyed at the book with the first passage of the first section. I managed to slog through it anyway, but the second passage was more of the same, so I stopped.

I picked it up again about half an hour ago, and managed to finish the first section, then start on the second section. Only to become irrationally annoyed at the book because I don't remember how to simplify a nested series of four equations (I think I know how to do it, I just apparently didn't do it properly), how to tell whether or not a number is prime without resorting to dividing it out by every number I can think of, and what a secant line is. So I stopped. At this rate, I'll be lucky to finish the diagnostic test before school starts.

In other news, Lady Gaga is growing on me. I realised this when mum had me look up the music video for Paparazzi, because her issue of Rolling Stones magazine told her that Alexander Skarsgard was in it, and I actually kind of liked the song. This in turn led me to realise that my music library would be a hell of a lot bigger if 1) music in general were a lot easier to obtain and 2) I weren't so lazy.

(Also, Firefox has, for some reason, disabled my British English dictionary. I am not happy about this.) 

Also, my PSP has started making strange noises. Have you ever put a CD that had something on the bottom of it into a CD drive, and listened to the "click-click-screeeeech-grindgrindgrind-click" noises the drive makes? My PSP is making those noises with all my UMDs. ): I mean, it still plays them all, it's just 1) really loud and annoying, 2) makes me think my UMDs are getting murdered, 3) happens every time the PSP loads from the disc, which makes loading really slow, and 4) isn't supposed to be happening at all. My tried-and-true video game repair skills (if it isn't working, blow into the cartridge. If it still isn't working, blow into the cartridge slot. If it still isn't working, blow harder) aren't working for me, and the UMDs are clean, so I have absolutely no idea what to do. I'm going to be really angry if I can't play BBS because of this T:<

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Friday, 27 August 2010 01:59 pm
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I like gloves as an idea. I mean, they keep your hands warm and protected, and they sometimes even look cool, too. What's not to like? Then I actually wear gloves, and I remember why I don't like them. I mean, I have short fingers, so I buy gloves and they never fit properly. And if I ever have to perform a task involving any kind of dexterity at all while wearing gloves, well... it just doesn't work. I can barely even write while wearing gloves. That's just pathetic.

On a completely different note, my brother just texted me asking if I wanted an Xbox 360. I don't. He's being rather persistent about it, so I'm thinking maybe it's free or something /: I mean, okay, so I can think of like three 360 games I would like to play. Two of them got better PS3 ports! And anyway I have like a million JRPGs so I really don't need more of them and anyway I heard Star Ocean 4 wasn't even that good, Infinite Undiscovery was like Radiata Stories, which I didn't like, and Tales of Vesperia is... a Tales game. Not much to say about that. And anyway, he knows that if he comes home with a random video game console I would rather it be, like, a Wii or a Dreamcast or something like that. (We've had discussions about it. Is that weird?) I mean, maybe he was trying to impress me with his hookups or something. I'm not really impressed. (Although I guess I could take the 360 and then sell it and use that to buy a Wii. Or maybe just a new PSP; mine was making horrible screeching noises the other day :| )

Also, I find myself in possession of new music! Well, it's not really new, it's more like some music I ripped of my brother's iPod and some pre-laptop CDs that I found (and one not-pre-laptop one that I just never ripped). Ani's always complaining about how I'm "forgetting my heritage" or some shit like that whenever I'm too entrenched in anime or j-rock, so two CDs' worth of Wicked Tinkers should appease him. (I wish I could find the first and fourth ones; I know we have them somewhere but hell if I know where.) Plus I'm sure there's nothing better than Nana Kitade followed by bagpipes, right?

Now if only I could find that hip-hop remix of the Super Metroid title music, I would be totally content for the day.

edit: And then I went and cleared out all the extraneous playlists from my iPod. I mean, if I want to listen to, say, just Fall Out Boy or just Metroid Prime songs in iTunes, then I need a playlist just for that. But if I wanted to do that on my iPod, then I could just go through artists or albums or whatever and pick through it. So now I don't have like a million playlists on Balmung, and now I don't have to scroll through a million playlists to copy stuff onto my iPod (in iTunes I have most of them in folders, so I don't see them all the time, but you can't do that on an iPod). I actually feel productive today!

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Friday, 13 August 2010 09:02 am
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Or, you know, not. I don't think I would have noticed, except I was trying to figure out if there should be a new episode of Grammar Girl. (There should be. There isn't.)

New iPod playlist, one I'd been meaning to make for a while. And now I have! :D Also, I heard the BBS version of Dearly Beloved, and, hnnnnngh it's so pretty *___* I never actually liked Dearly Beloved and then I heard a trance remix and I've been in love with the song ever since. I forget which KH soundtrack I bought the twins (knowing me, probably both of them) but whichever it is I want to borrow it so I can rip it and listen to Dearly Beloved in all its forms, all day long~ And, you know, the other songs, too. (I know I bought the KH2 one, because I remember it has the Atlantica musical songs in Japanese.)

Actually, I should go back to the store I bought those at, because they might have the BBS soundtrack, too. And if they do, I will buy it, because if there's one thing in the world that I need more of, it's JRPG soundtracks. (KH is a JRPG, right? I mean, it's an RPG... and it's Japanese... so, surely, it's a JRPG? At least,  it should be a JRPG, because it's not a Western RPG... huh. My brain is starting to hurt. It's too early for this.)

My cat is looking at me like I'm committing some kind of crime, because I'm not paying attention to him. It's a very cat thing to do.

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Thursday, 5 August 2010 10:25 pm
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My body's not very happy with me right now. It's probably because of something I did, but I can't really figure out what it was, because I'm too busy feeling like throwing up and wanting to curl into a ball and die or something. I've taken something for the latter, but I'm really just not sure about the former. I'm thinking it was either the cupcakes or the onions. I kind of hope it was the onions, because I'd like a better reason to dislike onions than "I don't like the way they taste."

Moving on, I'm always amused by flame wars over music or bands, because I just don't see the big deal. Then again, I also seem to have the ability to treat absolutely nothing like Serious Business. Even if it is Serious Business, like a speech competition or a presentation that my entire grade is riding on. Of course, in those cases I do eventually realise the seriousness of it, just too late to really freak out about it until afterwards.

Also, I'm writing fanfiction of fanfiction. It feels weird, haha. It's actually kind of a long story: back in seventh grade (like, five years ago) some of my friends had the brilliant idea to write a crossover between Avatar and Kingdom Hearts, starring... them! (I'd say us, but I wasn't really in on it.) There was a start, but nothing much really came from it. Then, freshman year, Shiki decided to rewrite it, cutting out the Avatar part so it was just one huge Kingdom Hearts self-insert. She certainly rewrote it. Then she wrote a CoM sequel (which I got to be in, haha). Then she wrote a KH2 sequel, which she finished last month. It's every bit as self-insert-y as the original concept, but it's also kind of fun.

Anyway, at the end of the KH2 one she put a note saying that she wasn't going to write a Days version and she wasn't going to write a BBS version. I immediately began trying to convince her to write a BBS version, and now she's starting to like the idea, haha. But, back to the "fanfiction of fanfiction" bit, I decided to try writing my own little BBS bit. It's not very long, since I, you know, haven't played BBS, but I like it. Sometimes writing self-inserts is fun, and there's nothing wrong with a little indulgence. I was hoping to finish it tonight, but now I don't know if I'm feeling up to writing /: Maybe I can get a little bit done. At least I know where I want to go with it.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010 03:59 pm
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I can draw~! /flail

sinking with the melody (of the cliffs of eternity)
sun & moon

Also I finally listened to When The Day Met The Night again. I don't know where my copy of Pretty Odd is so I had to go looking on Youtube, but it was definitely worth it. Even if it seems that I'll have to completely redo my sketch, now... Well, that's art for you. Besides, I need to spend more time drawing things out of my comfort zone, anyway.

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Monday, 26 July 2010 10:02 pm
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So I decided I wanted to go to the cinema. Couldn't make it with the people I wanted to go with (Shiki's busy, Pinky didn't get back to me before Ruchia-chan did) but I don't mind going with Ruchia-chan, so that's cool. (I don't know why I'm using silly nicknames for people I know I've referred to by name before. I guess I'm just in a silly nickname kind of mood right now.) Except that after I made plans, Pinky mentioned she had something in the works, which turned out to be on the day I'm going out with Ruchia-chan. /: I'm trying to see if maybe the twins would want to go to the cinema first and then the mall, but I have no idea if that's going to work out at all (and I think it probably won't, but that's my inner pessimist talking).

Also, these plans are on Thursday. I asked everybody if they were free tomorrow, because I kind of really wanted to do something tomorrow, but nobody was, and Ruchia-chan said Thursday was better for her, so... Thursday. This wouldn't be a problem, except that for the past three hours I'd been operating under the assumption that today was Tuesday.

It's Monday. Needless to say, I am definitely going to try and get out of the house tomorrow, even if it's just to the art store to pick up another 9"x12" sketchbook (because I've almost filled up my current one, and the two 10"x14"s and the 14"x17" totally aren't enough!). Or maybe another set of manga pens so that I can try to finish my Joshua shoes. The ones from the cosplay that fell through that I can't wear anyway because I only ever got around to colouring a third of one shoe. If I can finish them, I'll at least have a pair of not-dress shoes that fit me... even if I haven't finished breaking them in just yet.

Also, I really hate it when lyrics and/or music put these ideas in my head that I don't have the skill to articulate properly, whether in words or in drawings. I've had this one idea for a while, though it's just now solidified to the point where it has some coherence to it, but I'm... really sure I can't get it on paper and have it say what it says in my head. Then again... I have tried before, and it's turned out well, so I guess I have no excuse to not try now.

Also also, I should probably put out the croissants to rise so that I can bake them in the morning. You know, before I forget.

edit: And then the drawing didn't work out, and neither did the plans. Well, at least I still get to see a film.

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Thursday, 1 July 2010 07:33 am
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Today I actually woke up early enough to watch the morning news (I've been up since like 6:20). And the news station I watch has new theme music. I think their music dude spent too much time in the jungles of Brinstar, because the new theme music sounds like something out of Metroid.

Yesterday my iPod stopped working; it did it in much the same way that it did last time, where it somehow managed to corrupt itself. I plugged it into the computer yesterday and nothing happened, which... I actually kind of expected, because it took a few tries last time for something to start happening, too. Then I plugged it in this morning and it immediately responded. All my files are still on it but it doesn't remember what I named it. Except that the computer does, so I think it's more me not remembering where the name is supposed to show up.

Also, I started a new writing comm (after deleting my old one, which was getting a little embarrassing). I haven't posted anything yet, but: [livejournal.com profile] firstawakened! I dreamed up the name, which is 1) a miracle, because I never remember details about my dreams, or at least not for long, and 2) seemingly witty without being witty at all. It ties into this username, though! (Because Ovan is the epitaph user of the eighth phase, and was also the first to awaken to his avatar ability.)

Of course, it's entirely possible I came up with it when I woke up around 1:40 after dreaming of ice cream, at which point I remembered I actually had ice cream, so I got up to eat some. That would explain why I still remember it, though I can't fathom why I'd have been thinking about it.

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Friday, 25 June 2010 03:52 pm
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I can't find my mid-sized sketchbook and this bothers me. Mostly because I got hit with inspiration for a drawing, and my 10"x12" is too small but my 14"x17" is too big. It's just as well; I couldn't seem to snap a decent reference picture for the pose. (Taking pictures in a mirror is a lot harder than you would think.)

I kind of miss art class, now that I think about it; if I ever needed a reference picture, I could just drag Amanda or Melissa outside and take one. And we didn't have to think about things like what medium or what size paper would be best suited for what we were going to do, or even what sort of composition we should do; that was always given to us. But now I think about that kind of thing, and it only took three years of art, too!

(Also, I just found the sketchbook. "I can't find my middle-sized sketchbook," I said to mum, who just got home. "Isn't that it, or is that your big one?" she asks, pointing to a sketchbook sitting in a pile of my stuff. ...oops.)

Finally, I cannot talk enough about the cast recording of American Idiot. It's just really great and I think anyone who liked American Idiot the album should give it a listen. I still really really want to see it live ): I'll have to keep on top of if it'll be in town again. (And I really like some of the things they do to the songs. There's a nice round in American Idiot, and the way Last of the American Girls and She's A Rebel are blended together is really cool, and I love the way they do the last bit of Whatsername - which is what gave me inspiration for the drawing that I can now do properly, since I have the right size sketchbook for it now.)

And time to go run errands. Getting out of the house, yeah!

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Sunday, 30 May 2010 05:35 pm
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I am home! Home and tired, and with that weird feeling that comes from not drinking enough water and eating too many carbs. /: And also twelve videos that I need to email, but cannot compress enough so that I can actually email them. (Maybe I should put them on megaupload or something, lol.)

SF was, as usual, both interesting and boring at the same time. It's boring, because it's like right in my back yard and I therefore don't think it's omgsoamazing, and then it's interesting because... well, this time mostly because of the people. There's always music on the streets; we passed two trumpet players, a saxophone player, three hip-hop dancers with stereo, and a girl singing opera. Three of the people we interviewed were from London, and we also interviewed a happily-married gay couple, who said they were certain to get married when they did because they knew someone was going to try to ban it as soon as elections rolled around (which is what ended up happening.)

I also saw a couple of soundtracks I wanted in Borders (we had to pick up a notebook and pen, because none of us had thought to bring one and yeah, we ended up needing it) but didn't have the money for; the original score to Iron Man and the Broadway cast recording of American Idiot. (I don't think I can afford both of them with what I've got left, but I might be able to convince mum to take me to Borders tomorrow so I can see if I can't get at least one of them, lol.)

I kind of wish I had a fedora, because it would have gone better with my outfit today than the hat I did wear; but I don't have a fedora, and I don't think I could rock that look anyway. ):

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Sunday, 7 February 2010 08:35 pm
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I think I've got a new record for IDs... uh, for the first half, anyway. The analyses are probably going to take like two hours *____* /procrastinates until tomorrow

I wanted to do a bit about my feelings on Phantasy Star III, now that I've beaten it, but I did it over such a long span of time (s-six years orz) that I don't really remember much. I'll probably play through it again, and probably as Aron so that I can get the "best" ending, though really I should play as one of the other two third-gen characters, since I haven't played as Ayn yet. I also need to find a guide for PSIV (though I heard the published one was really bad, like even worse than the one for PSIII, which... was also really bad) so I don't feel so weird about playing it... and also find my guide for PSII so I can finish it, but I think I've mentioned that already.

There was some very loud altercation outside the house roughly an hour ago. It was distracting, especially since I was trying to do IDs at the time.

Speaking of IDs, I think I've found a new song I can listen to while working on them. I used to only be able to listen to Godot's theme off Gyakuten Saiban Meets Jazz Soul, but Mexican Flyer works pretty well, too~ Ahaha, can't wait until I get Space Channel 5~ (Mexican Flyer is pretty much the main song in it.)

Speaking of things I can't wait for, the company that's selling our class rings is delivering them on the 16th~ Mine is going to be so pretty, I can't wait to see it~

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Sunday, 22 November 2009 01:45 pm
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Added a bunch of interest tags. Half of them I ganked off my first account, the others I just kind of added.

Am attempting to figure out tea. The internet makes it sound very complicated, unfortunately, but I think between the electric kettle and my basic understanding of the four different kinds of tea (as well as all the useless tea-related trivia I've managed to pick up, mostly within the last hour or so) I'm halfway there. There is a box of Irish Breakfast Tea teabags in the kitchen that, once I've managed to set up the kettle and find a suitable mug, will be calling my name.

I cannot wait until I get my own iPod. Then I will be able to perform such mundane tasks as making tea with a soundtrack. This is particularly amusing when I picture myself looking incredibly proper and dressed up and making tea for the morning... while listening to something like Mass Destruction. (Picked that video because I think it's funny whenever the camera cuts to Yumi Kawamura.)

It's just... it seems so ridiculous, but at the same time, that's me. I'm that girl in the pinstriped vest with the glasses and the combat boots and the Thermos full of tea, carrying her laptop in the ancient Fruits Basket messenger bag that's perpetually covered in cat fur, listening to Fall Out Boy and Lotus Juice and Kenji Yamamoto and Paramore and some live Nobuo Uematsu from that one concert I didn't get to go to when I was twelve, trying to read Harry Potter in French. And if those are all elements that seem contradictory, then I guess I'm contradictory. I'll think about that the entire time I'm sewing the patches to my Girl Scout sash. (But I probably won't be posting about it on Facebook, because nobody ever reads my Facebook posts.)

Wow, talk about derailment there. Wasn't I talking about tea earlier? (Yes. Yes I was.)

One of these days I'm going to have to make a list of all the artists in my iTunes right now. You know. For reference. (That may be after I steal the MC Chris off my brother's computer, though.) Since mum's up, tea is off the to-do list at present, so I might do that in just a bit.


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