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Thursday, 8 July 2010 10:37 pm
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Okay, so Mars rovers, 2005, we just (relatively) recently lost one of them; it got stuck and couldn't be moved, and basically just sat there until so much dust built up on its solar panels that it couldn't get any power at all. Those rovers are were are the little rovers that fucking could, because they were only expected to last 90 days. But anyway, I haven't been thinking about them much lately, because, you know, Mars and all.

And then I read this comic. No lie, I started tearing up a bit. actually it was more than that, but People can complain about the space program all they like. It doesn't change the fact that we have done some amazing things.

Also, more P3P progress! Let's do it in list form today:
 - Saika (FMC) is level 10!
  · Junpei and Yukari are level 9. This is because when we split up, I'm the one who ends up in battle.
 - Started Yukari's s.link!
 - Levelled up Junpei's s.link.
  · I haven't worked on Emperor or Chariot, though. Story events have contrived to keep me from going to tennis club or student council.
 - Completed almost all of Theo's available quests!
  · I'm still looking for that damn Juzumaru, though.
  · Also, Theo is kind of adorkable. I can't wait to go out with him again.
 - It's five days before the May full moon!
  · I got to the top of Thebel and collected the first Old Document at least five days ago, though. The day before Theo told me about his quests, actually.
 - Leveled up Academics to Average.
 - Current Personas: Orpheus, Angel, Nekomata. I already got Angel's spell card (Garu) but I'm levelling her up until she learns Hama so I can fuse it onto my next Persona. I haven't started working on Nekomata's yet, mostly because I have to level her to 11 to get her spell card (I forget what it is.)
 - I'm still trying to get that damn Juzumaru! I know I already said that, but I think it bears repeating - I've spent like all of Golden Week looking for it. /: I found two rare chests my first run through Thebel, and now I can't find any? I wonder if maybe they don't spawn when your party's split up...

I'm also not going to comment on the huge major local thing that's happening right now, except to say that I'm not going to comment on it, and also that I know where I'm not going for the next while! (And that's every major city around here that I can avoid, which is all of them - well, except for the one I live in, obviously. Which is really actually a town, not a city, but that doesn't stop it from being ridiculously huge.)

Also, I slept through dinner. /: This means, obviously, that I didn't get to eat dinner, but also that I'm probably going to be awake forever. (Maybe not, since I'm still a little bit tired...) And also that I'm going to play more P3P, since that was what I was doing before I fell asleep. I'm probably definitely going to beat the Priestess. I'm not sure about anything after that, though.

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Thursday, 1 July 2010 07:33 am
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Today I actually woke up early enough to watch the morning news (I've been up since like 6:20). And the news station I watch has new theme music. I think their music dude spent too much time in the jungles of Brinstar, because the new theme music sounds like something out of Metroid.

Yesterday my iPod stopped working; it did it in much the same way that it did last time, where it somehow managed to corrupt itself. I plugged it into the computer yesterday and nothing happened, which... I actually kind of expected, because it took a few tries last time for something to start happening, too. Then I plugged it in this morning and it immediately responded. All my files are still on it but it doesn't remember what I named it. Except that the computer does, so I think it's more me not remembering where the name is supposed to show up.

Also, I started a new writing comm (after deleting my old one, which was getting a little embarrassing). I haven't posted anything yet, but: [livejournal.com profile] firstawakened! I dreamed up the name, which is 1) a miracle, because I never remember details about my dreams, or at least not for long, and 2) seemingly witty without being witty at all. It ties into this username, though! (Because Ovan is the epitaph user of the eighth phase, and was also the first to awaken to his avatar ability.)

Of course, it's entirely possible I came up with it when I woke up around 1:40 after dreaming of ice cream, at which point I remembered I actually had ice cream, so I got up to eat some. That would explain why I still remember it, though I can't fathom why I'd have been thinking about it.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010 06:32 am
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Test today \o/ And another like 8 degree change in temperature. /: I don't like it when the weather does that, my allergies are always worse when it does. Then again... they weren't so bad yesterday, so I think I'll be okay. And if I wash out my thermos and brew some extra-strong mint tea to take with me, that should help, too. And we might have a sub in AVID again today, which means we can't do binder checks, so I might not have to stay at school all day! Which would be very nice, though... it's not actually that bad. I'm starting to get over it.

Mint tea (not herbal tea, black tea + mint; I'd be more specific but that's all it says on the box) and honey go very well together. The honey taste mixes with the mint taste to make a delicious taste. ♥

La Tale seems pretty cool, too! It really is just like Maple Story (at least, from what I remember of my five minutes of playing Maple Story) but I can actually stand to play it. Level six already~ I can punch wolves in the face now, it's pretty awesome. (Actually I'm whacking them with a staff, and they're 'wild dogs,' not wolves, but still.) It's a little iffy, though. I can't seem to get to the next town, though I know where it is. At least, I think I know where it is. The NPC who told me said it was beyond the forest, but she neglected to mention that there's an ancient forest after the forest. I could barely get through the first forest ¬_¬; So I'm thinking I want to get to around level fifteen before I try doing anything amazingly risky.

It's strange; the character menu said that wizard characters were trickier for new players because of their low... something. Probably strength in regards to defence, or something like that; I don't remember. But it doesn't seem that hard at all. Maybe it's just because I've played stupidly difficult RPGs with major grind required before (/cough Phantasy Star /cough) so I better understand resources like HP and healing items and how far those things go, so I can apply that to any game I'm playing. Or maybe the game just isn't that hard, lol.

On the news there was just a story about a new tactic hotel workers are using in their picketing. One union drew attention to their protest by dancing in the lobby to the accompaniment of a brass band. Those hotel workers are awesome and they should feel awesome.

I'm out of tea and I still have like half an hour before I need to really start getting ready, since I don't want to sit around at school for half an hour by myself. I'll have to make more tea.

edit: Also, though this is kind of old news, there is a rogue satellite out in space. It no longer takes orders from its controllers on Earth, but it's still fully functioning and can, in fact, steal signals from other satellites. This satellite used to carry the SyFy Channel. I'm lolling at the irony.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010 07:28 am
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And we have another day! \o/ (Yeah, I'm not actually that happy about it. Well, except that today's Wednesday and so school doesn't start until 8:30.)

Monday I thought AVID would suck. Yesterday I realised that I have two days a week where I don't have anything to do after lunch, and I have realised the full awesomeness of that. ...also, I need to find something to do for the hour and a half that I'm not going to be spending in class. Today I think I might just drag my history book to fourth and work on IDs, since there are six due on Friday and another fourteen due on Monday. |:

This morning I decided that I'm thankful for my family, who get my Star Trek jokes, my friends, who get all my other jokes, and my school, much as I don't act like it, because I fully believe that it's the best in the district and everyone else just hasn't realised it yet. I'm thankful for Mr Williams, who cares so intensely about his students, even if he spends half his time yelling at them, and because he got me to understand maths. I'm thankful for Mme Qadir, who makes learning French really awesome, and I hope that the rest of her pregnancy goes well and that she ends up with a healthy baby girl. I'm thankful for Ms. Santillan, even though I don't do homework for her class half the time, because I used to hate US history, and now I think it's kind of interesting (even though I still don't like it). I'm thankful for Ms. Waller, because she's supremely cool and chill, and because she makes me look forward to English every day I have it (even if we do have pop essays). I'm thankful for our library, even if they don't seem to have the series that I really want to read right now, because they've got about a billion other things that I want to read, including Sandman comics which is just totally amazing and which I didn't even figure out until last week.

I'm sure I could come up with more people and/or things that I'm thankful for if I thought about it. I think it's important to be thankful for something every day, and maybe even to tell the people you're thankful for that you think that way, because if you never tell them then you might never get the chance.

In other news, the rate of pregnancy-related deaths has apparently tripled since... some time. Probably like 2000 or something. (I wasn't really paying attention to the news, can you tell?) And it's apparently safer to deliver in Bosnia than it is in California. I can't be the only one who thinks there's something wrong with that.


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