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Saturday, 12 May 2012 01:18 pm
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Last night I went to go see The Avengers. I then proceeded to spend the rest of night in a state of manic euphoria. I believe the phrases "I can't" and "Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts" were basically all I was capable of saying. It was beautiful and I want to see it again so badly omg. If I tried to say what my favourite part was I think I'd kind of be referring to the entire film but now I've managed to narrow it down to about three moments (although I still love the whole thing, omg, it was amazing), which are these:

1. "There's another guy you pissed off. His name was Phil." OMG MY EMOTIONS if I hadn't been in love with the film from the very beginning that was the exact moment I fell in love with the film.
2. After the army's taken care of and all the Avengers go to deal with Loki. Just... that scene with all of them staring him down. I just. I want to take a picture of that and keep it with me forever. It was perfect.
3. THE SHAWARMA SCENE. I have no words. It was just... it was beautiful. I didn't know it was a thing I needed in my life and then it started playing and I realised there was an emptiness in my heart that I never even knew was there only it was already being filled.

Also despite the fact that I need to be doing more Wizard's First Rule right now my brain has decided to give me all the Persona fic ideas because really, I really needed those, thanks. Specifically my brain decided to go all "LALALALA  LET'S WRITE A P4 SEQUEL TO THAT P3 FIC WE NEVER  FINISHED" because, you know, I never finished the original so I definitely need to be writing a sequel, brain, thanks. Except that I actually really do like the ideas involved, I mean, since I was always pretty fond of the premise for the P3 story, and I can expand it out in P4 and make it more drama and more Ryoji-feels and just more everything that I just. I really, really want to! But there's so much work involved, I just don't even. Like, I just... don't even.

And I mean, like, a lot of work. I haven't even written to the opening ceremony on the first damn day of P3 for Death and All Her Friends (though I do have the beginning of a sub-plot, like, started) and my notes aren't much beyond "this is the fic summary and at the end Saika does this and Ryoji does that and also there's a Reaper subplot for lolz". Then, Life In Technicolour (the P4 sequel) doesn't even exist in notes yet, I have like a sentence and a half of beginning written and the rest is all in my head, like, "this is how Saika ends up in Inaba and she's pissed off at Ryoji and also pissed off at Theo" and that's, like, it. So although I should probably write the couple of scenes of Life In Technicolour that are bouncing around in my head right now, I really need to outline the main events of P3 and work Death and All Her Friends in around it so I can write that, and I thought maybe I'd write it for NaNo this year, but depending on how fast I can outline I might just do it for Camp NaNo instead (which is in June). And then I have to outline the events of P4 and work Life In Technicolour around that, which is going to be way way more work because the P3 protagonist has literally no reason to be kicking around in P4.

I forgot to mention Shinji-feels, didn't I. There are going to be a whole lot of Shinji-feels in Death and All Her Friends thanks to the premise of it. His s.link is going to be fun and painful in the feelings. (I wasn't planning on doing non-party member s.links but I should probably do Akinari's, since it's going to be changed a lot, too, for the same reason as Shinji's. Or maybe I can do non-party s.link scenes as omakes or something. Idk, I'll figure it out later.)

I don't need all this work and everything right now. It's so so so much stuff. And yet... I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Anyway, off to write up two chapters of Wizard's First Rule to post today because I missed yesterday because Avengers, and then to read and write up a draft of another chapter to for tomorrow.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010 07:13 am
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Other M got pushed back a couple of months ): While this means I have more time to potentially buy a Wii before it comes out, I'd already gotten used to the fact that I'm just going to be watching videos on Youtube, so the delay means that I just have longer to wait. /: Of course, I'll have P3P to keep me busy from July till August, when Other M now comes out, so... yeah.

Speaking of Metroid, I had a weird Metroid-related dream last night. Like, I was playing Super Metroid (I know it was Super Metroid, because I remember clutching the SNES controller, though it was actually more like I was playing, like, The World, because it was all super realistic-like, lol) but I was getting my ass handed to me (as usual, actually...) and I was freaking out because I was in some place that was totally not on the map, like at all, and then when I got back on the map  I was in some totally weird new area that's not even a part of Zebes, and I was like, wtf? Except I was still totally freaking out. And then I like accidentally set off some alarm, and this timer showed up at the bottom of the screen, but it was counting... weirdly, it started at like 40/90 and then when the left side hit 90 the right side went up to 100 and then the left side did, and then I was on this spaceship (still freaking out over the different map, mind, and also over what the hell just happened, because I'd been thinking, "Oh hell no, there is no way I'm ready to go into Tourian and fight MB, and I am so not rushing out of here back to my ship on a timer" or something like that) and then something weird(er) happened (I've since forgotten, damn it) and I had to go into, like, stasis or something so I wouldn't die.

And then something about Pokéwalkers and for some reason I had two, and on one of them a Gardevoir named Llewellyn was super pissed at me and something about spirit week and it being dress up like a wizard day that time last year but almost everyone was doing it this year too and general weirdness.

More rain today. I can't really complain, I guess, at least so long as I remember my umbrella today.

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Monday, 1 February 2010 06:29 am
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fffffff should have posted this last night but.


Speaking of last night, the moon was like huge. And really ridiculously yellow and awesome!. It was like a ~*~sign~*~ or something... only really not, because hi there wolf moon.

On my calendar, yesterday's date just says NYX

I need the date of the last day of the game s-sob. I'll bake like cookies or something. It'll be great.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010 11:44 am
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In other news, Flying Voldie Man Snake is coming along well. I... actually need a reference of Voldemort's face to be able to properly draw his, but. I'll manage it. Flying Top-Half-Fish Man Cat is also coming along (though that one's not mine) and it looks... really cool. Scaaaaaaales aaaaaaaah I don't want to draw them all ;____;

Spent some time this morning playing FFXII instead of, like, doing the history homework that was due yesterday. I'm in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea (yeah, I know, so far from where I left off). I only had about an hour so I got to go forth into a couple of areas, kill a few things, and then go right back to the save crystal. xD; I did swap Balthier from guns to poles, though; I actually wanted to swap him to swords, but I... don't have any spares and anyway, he's got a giant purple pole strapped to his back now, it's funny. I'm going to grind until Fran can get one, and then grind some more just because Basch and Vaan are only at level 13 and the rest of the party is 15-16 I feel like it (probably). I can grind forever in that game, it's really weird. At this rate everyone's probably going to have three Quickenings before I even fight the first Demon Wall, haha.

There's a sub in this class and it's rather annoying. Mmm, teenage "priviledge". Also it's storming like mad out. Mmm, thunder.


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