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Tuesday, 7 June 2011 06:08 pm
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Mass Effect: if at first it doesn't work, try again with a smaller resolution.

Last night I had to race to the Conduit. I tried three times and failed each time. Surely this can't be right! I raged. Then today I watched some videos of people doing the exact same thing and realised something... their Mako moved faster than mine. Now, I knew that the game lagged a little when I play - I don't get accurate lip-synch, that kind of thing. But I didn't think it lagged all that badly.

Then I loaded my last save and played in windowed mode at the smallest resolution. (Hey, it worked for Feros!) Wouldn't you know it, through the Conduit with seven seconds to spare! Autosave on the Citadel, and... back to normal resolution for me.

In completely unrelated news, I didn't expect physics class to come back and bite me in the ass, but it has. Today we got our check-out forms, which come with a handy little list of all the books you have checked out to your name - if you don't turn them in, you don't walk. The AP Gov book, Econ book, and precal book I expected.

The physics book I did not expect.

Now, it turns out that what happened was, when we turned our physics books in to our teacher at the end of the last term, he didn't check them in like he was supposed to, and instead just distributed them out to his next class. So basically everybody in my physics class has overdue physics books to their name and doesn't know who's running around with them. And the teacher is no help at all - a friend in the same boat went and asked him about it, only to be told, "Well, you can come back tomorrow and look through the books to find yours, I guess." Which is not only supremely unhelpful, but also only works if nobody else has the book - and somebody probably does.

I'll put up a plea on facebook tonight, though I expect nothing will come from it.

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Thursday, 16 December 2010 09:25 pm
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And then my physics teacher remembered about the test, so I really did have to take it. Which is just as well, because it turns out that without it my grade was about 32%. I don't know what it is now but I'm pretty sure it's a passing one. Also, I have a physics test tomorrow, too! So I spent the last hour doing physics homework. At least it was all really easy, unlike the electrostatics homework that I did a page and a half of. I also finished grading the essays for class; that took me about an hour and a half.

Then, before that, I spent two hours wandering around Moonbase! Sophia's at level 24, Peppita at level 17, and Fayt and Maria are in the early forties. I wasn't trying to grind, honest! I just got lost and was too lazy to look through the guide. I did end up with more than enough fol to create another Orichalcum, refine it, and synthesise it to a Laser Weapon for Albel, though, so now my entire battle party is a deathtrain. It's pretty epic.

Tomorrow I have a possible tea party, a possible regular party, and a possible pizza party. I don't know for sure about any of them, though! (We're supposed to have the tea party, but the presentations started going long, so I don't think we're going to finish.) I don't have a Christmas party, though; originally it was on Saturday, then people tried to move it to Friday except that didn't work, and then it got moved to Sunday, which works for everyone but me. So I guess everyone but me is going, and I really couldn't care less.

Also, I really hate the new header.

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 07:57 am
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And then my physics teacher realised I didn't take that physics test last week! So I actually do have to make it up. (I figured, "Hey, it's physics, nobody cares," but I failed to realise that maybe the physics teacher cares. Oops.) I'm annoyed only because I know he's going to send me into the adjacent classroom to take it, which is... basically absolutely pointless. I mean, I get sending someone to the library or something, because that's at least a vaguely similar environment to the original test-taking environment, but sending a student to the nearby classroom (and its class) to take a test is absolutely nothing like that. It would seriously be less ridiculous to just have me stay in the classroom during the lecture, or to have me make it up during some time that isn't actual class time.

In other news, I finally got to disc two of SO3. I'm that much closer to where I was before! (I used to have a save of 120 hours right before the final boss, but then the memory card died.)

...of course, I also feel rather like throwing up. This is lovely! I would stay home and just go to soc class, but I was absent last Wednesday, as well, so... yeah. /: I'm probably not actually going to throw up, which is both good and bad: good because I hate throwing up, bad because if I don't, it obviously means that I'm not ill and am totally just faking it.

But enough about that! Today I have too much homework and later I can maybe sleep. That's always nice.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010 09:47 pm
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It's done! )

There's a Persona 4 joke in there somewhere, but I'm not going to make it. (Also there are like five other dolls on my bed that aren't in that photo... well, four, but there are supposed to be five. Wilson fell off the bed and I haven't fished him out from under it yet.) I actually had to go out and buy more stuffing, and there still isn't quite enough in the head - but I'm not ripping out all those seams just to do that, so instead I reinforced the back a bit and called it good enough.

Also, I got very lucky: my physics test got pushed back another day, so now it's on Friday. That means that instead of doing tons of physics homework tonight, I get to do tons of physics homework tomorrow night! :D It's just as well; I spent the afternoon learning more about my car and then the time after the meeting finishing up shadow-kun. I'm so tired now, haha.

Tomorrow: perform soliloquy! Write up some R+G journal entries! Actually pay attention in physics tutorials/class (maybe)! Add hood to shirt! Do physics! (I found a secret weapon for that last one - well, not so much "found" as "was told about and demanded it to be forwarded to me," but still.) But that's all tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow...) - for now, bedtime.


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