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So I got my stuff for English finished. And I made up missing wordcount from yesterday.

That's about it.

I still have to do today's 2k and also that ten-paragraph government midterm paper I've been putting off for weeks that's due tomorrow... and also at least some of the relevant reading, because I do believe I'm expected to quote shit. My wordcount is currently 6277 and I picked which of the two prompts I'm going to write and I have done absolutely nothing else because I'm a fucking loser!

Real college students procrastinate, kids.

I have at least been vaguely social in the form of making posts in the NaNo forums, so I guess there's that. I wouldn't have thought of posting last year at all - hell I wouldn't have thought of posting last month - so at least I've worked up the nerve to shout into the abyss. (Also Amber asked for photos of my Aradia costume and I linked her to the post I made and she reblogged it and said I was really cute! 0//////////0 That kind of made my day a little bit.)

So far, in the last 6k words, I've learned that Jacob eats a metric fuckton (this is probably going to be something mages in general do) and that he's being a little shithead and decided he didn't want to act like John, and furthermore that he didn't want to be the generic male protagonist, either! On the one hand, at least he's more interesting, but on the other hand... dude, you're going off-outline! Stop fucking up my plans!

He hasn't warmed up to Gareth as much as I thought he would. This is probably because he's neither your typical magical girl candidate nor (apparently) your generic male protagonist, and so just because Gareth saved his life doesn't mean he's going to hop to Gareth's quest and start the fucking plot like a good little protagonist. (It's also partly Gareth's fault for doing his best Kyubey impression, because Kyubey is a creepy little fucker. And if Jacob were supposed to be Madoka it might even work, but Gareth is supposed to be Kero in this analogy and that makes Jacob Sakura, which means he's supposed to decide to start collecting the magic plot devices already damn it.)

I've introduced another character, one who we won't be properly meeting until the end of the book, although she will pop in from time to time before then. (Actually I think she has three more appearances until the characters learn who she is.) And then I realised as I started writing the Jacob section after that that, uh, her bit should probably break up Jacob's morning routine and him actually being at school. Which would be fine, because I can just move it later, except... I have to actually get Jacob to school, first. And he's decided he'd rather wake up early and then bum around the kitchen drinking coffee with his dad. Put some fucking clothes on and get an Egg McMuffin or something, asshole! (Or even better, get some Breakfast Jacks. It's not like the Jack-in-the-Box isn't right next to your fucking school. I know it is, because you go to my old school!)

...Actually, he totally should get some Breakfast Jacks and also some bacon cheddar fries, because those things are delicious and he eats a metric fuckton and would therefore appreciate the calories anyway and oh shit I made myself hungry. I guess I'll go heat up some leftovers or something. (And cover them in shredded cheese because some genius bought some and then didn't put it on his shelf, so it's fair game.)

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Friday, 2 November 2012 10:56 pm
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And then I finally hit four thousand words! About fucking time. So I actually secretly got to what's pretty much the end of chapter two, oops. I'd hoped it might shake out a bit longer, but since chapter one is a monster comparatively I guess it evens out.

Writing eighteen-year-old boy is not quite what I'd expected. Mostly my characters just swear more than I usually have characters swear, but I felt Jacob's reactions were a bit off. And then he kind of started snapping and that felt about right, so I guess there's that.

I realised belatedly that there are not nearly the usual amount of awesome ladies in this story so far, or even very many ladies at all. And the ladies that are there aren't exactly... awesome. Leesha's first two lines are about how eating a lot makes you fat (and in her next appearance she points out that there are times you should question free pizza, although she certainly doesn't turn it down). Estrella is okay, although she doesn't have any dialogue and is in fact only discussed. Maddie doesn't even technically show up, she just gets talked about. And then there's the unnamed lady who attacks Jacob and is subdued by Gareth with... surprisingly little effort. I know the whole plot centres around two ladies being awesome (well, three ladies technically, although Amelia is an antagonist) but so far I feel very bad about the lack of non-awesome ladies.

(I actually felt so bad that I went so far as to decide that the unnamed lady knight who attacks Jacob for his source is named Cordelia, the mage who she works for is Emily, and that Emily is a painter and she wants to use the soulcatcher to cure her boyfriend's cancer so that they can get married and be happy together. ...Shit, writing that down makes me feel worse, since it isn't going to happen at all ever. Fuck.)

I decided Jacob had an older brother. I had to come up with a name for that older brother and nearly called him Dirk, except that it felt 1) obvious and 2) not very fitting. Then I almost considered renaming Jacob to John and calling his brother Dave, but hell if I was going to do that. His brother's name is David, though.

I also had to come up with a synopsis for the NaNoWriMo site, and it was... not a very good synopsis. Of course, I couldn't exactly write "it's kind of like a magical girl story - the Card Captor Sakura kind of magical girl, not the Sailor Moon kind - except the protagonist is an eighteen-year-old boy" as a synopsis, since that describes the plot a bit but doesn't actually tell you much. (Actually... swap sources for Clow Cards and Eileen for Clow and it actually kind of describes the plot a lot.) I have pretty much settled on the name Soulcatcher for both title and magical device, however. So there's that.

This actually really is a lot like a magical girl story, though. The protagonist finds a thing and doesn't know what it is, then learns it's a magic thing that has a magic guardian and he has to collect more of them to make a magic device work. There's a bad guy who wants to use the magic device for evil purposes and there's a rival who doesn't want the bad guy to use the magic device but doesn't want the protagonist to use it, either, and the protagonist and the rival end up having to work together to defeat the bad guy.

Now did I just describe Card Captor Sakura or Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha? Actually, I think I also just described Dragon Ball Z, too. It's kind of a general description, really. (Yeah okay it's not a perfect fit for any of them but I think I made my point.)

It's late, so I think I'm just going to check on my dragons and then go to sleep. And then despair writing another 2k words tomorrow amongst research on Emily Dickinson and all the reading I have to do for that ten-paragraph essay I have to write for my midterm. (Both of those things are due on Monday and I have not started either of them.)

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Monday, 22 October 2012 08:05 pm
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so i'm not actually using vriska's quirk for this even though there's an 8 up there in the title! actually i guess i'm using more like aradia's except she doesn't use much punctuation

i type a lot like this in chats to be honest but uh in a blog post you actually kind of need a bit of punctuation so that you can tell sentences and shit so there's that. also lack of apostrophes makes me very annoyed and sometimes you just really need a comma (says the girl who hasn't used a single comma in this post yet!)

several of my professors today (well okay i only had two today so both of them) asked if we were watching the presidential debate or the giants game tonight. "it's such a tough choice!" they said. no it's not a tough choice, everyone's watching the giants game! well at least i am. it's not like presidential debates are actually very useful anyway, it's all sound bites and whoever looks better on tv and none of that actually has much bearing on running a freaking country.

today was not a very nice day honestly, the weather was pretty shit. (oh snap a comma!) i mean i like the rain and all, but i like having a choice of whether or not to be in it! i did not have a choice this morning. fortunately it let up after a while. i wanted to get a hot chocolate while it was still drizzling out but the coffee cart's making-hot-drinks-machine was broken ): but on my way to government class it was working again! so i had a large hot chocolate and it was tasty :9 by that point i felt really bad though, and by the time i got off the bus (well by the time i got on the bus really) i wanted to drive an ice pick into my skull and also my uterus was trying to punch me in the face. which was not very fun! but then my mum was all "so you wanted to go into ross right?" and i was all "sigh yeah okay i did even though i feel like shit i guess it won't take very long" and it didn't take very long at all!

and also i found an aradia skirt!! so that was nice and awesome :D it's all long and swishy and comfy. so actually i first found a black one that looked about right except that it was black, and then my mum was "okay let's keep looking" and then we found a grey one that was the same! except for being grey and therefore perfect of course. (:

so now all i need to do is paint aries on my shirt and dig out my leggings to wear under my skirt and everything will be done! well except for the stuff that still hasn't shipped yet ugh ugh ugh why

the shipping status has actually changed on that stuff! it went from 'not yet shipped' to 'shipping soon'. what does shipping soon even mean?? it's like "oh yeah we still haven't shipped your shit yet but we're totally actually going to ship it don't worry" which is really not that reassuring considering i placed the order like an entire week ago and the other stuff i ordered at exactly the same time already showed up. T:<

also also also! my whole family votes by mail-in ballot and so i'm finally getting around to filling mine out. with the voter guide by my side of course, except that the thing i really really needed it for (well okay i needed it for everything since i actually don't know much about anything on the ballot but whatever) which was the propositions. i know there's information about them available but i have to look it up and of course my mum had the computer when i needed it ): and then she turned on the giants game so i'm watching that right now, so there's that.

i feel like i don't really want to vote for anyone who puts a url in their voter guide blurb but that doesn't really help when nearly everybody does it. at least there was only one person who took the opportunity to pimp their book, i was all, really? like, you're really doing that? ugh.

anyway my laptop battery's about to die but i'm still watching the game (ahahahaha home run fuck yeah) so i guess i'll cut this short so i can conserve power. i'm kind of rambling now anyway! maybe later i'll talk about the update <3

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Thursday, 16 June 2011 11:35 am
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Somehow, events that have me in the sun and/or heat for more than about an hour always end with me dehydrated, no matter how well I worked to avoid that.

What this means is that I probably shouldn't have gone to the grad night party, because I was really not doing all that well after four hours of being stuck in the sun or, alternately, being crammed into a room that was never meant to hold nearly three hundred people. I was tired, I was cranky, I was nauseated, and I had a killer headache. But I went to the party anyway, because I'd put $20 toward it and there was supposed to be a Pokémon jumper house. (There was. It was Destiny Deoxys.) I only stayed for two hours, though, because I couldn't knock the feeling that I was constantly about to throw up. /:

Of course, now I'm at home, having slept for seven hours and lounged about for another three, and am wondering what the hell I'm going to do with myself. I've completely revamped my tumblr, complete with random not-poetry description (and more-accurate description describing exactly what I post that sounds disparaging but is absolutely true). What I should do is just suck it up and play more ME2, get the hell off of Horizon so that I can recruit me a justicar and an assassin, and do some loyalty missions so that maybe everybody doesn't die at the end.

If Garrus dies I'm so replaying the entire damn thing. ...of course, I was already planning on replaying the whole thing anyway, between wanting to do a tech run and a biotic run and playing as male!Shepard just so I can see if Kaiden is less boring when he's not trying to get in my pants. Plus I don't have all the ME2 DLC yet; mum's buying it for me as a graduation gift, but I probably won't get it until the end of the month. Which is totally cool, because at the rate I'm playing, I might not even have my first runthrough done before then. /:

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Monday, 13 June 2011 05:57 am
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Things What I Need To Do Today:
 - fill out a transcript request & turn it in
 - camp out in front of the 100 book room until somebody shows up so that I can turn in my damned precalculus book
 - get all my teachers to sign my yearbook
 - take a picture of everybody in the amphitheatre during break, if everyone's amenable
 - get my check-out form signed by my counsellor and the finance coordinator

The hardest part is probably actually the book thing. We were supposed to have them all in by Friday, but it's really hard to turn a book in when the room is locked and nobody's actually there all of the five times a day you stop by. So I'm going to go camp out over there this morning until the guy shows up, and then I'm going to get all my stuff signed, and if anybody complains I'll explain, but if they want to make a fuss over it, things aren't going to end well for anybody. So I hope nobody wants to make a fuss.

Also, after an adventure on my college's website, I found out that I do, actually, have to send in a high school transcript. I really wasn't sure, because the faculty were saying I did, but nobody I talked to at the college ever mentioned it, and the people I know who know more about the college than I do were saying how I didn't need to. Finally I went and looked, and after ten minutes of mindless googling I found that the answer was, in fact, yes.

Now, if that information had been posted on the website a little more obviously, that would have been nice.

Anyway, I've only got about half an hour left before I have to start getting ready, so it's back to mindless self-indulgent fanfic for me.

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Monday, 13 September 2010 06:28 am
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Then I got all set and ready to do my soc reading, only to remember that I left my textbook in my locker. /: Well, at least I could do the supplementary reading...

I didn't get around to reading over Shiki's story this weekend, and I feel kind of bad about that because I told her I would. ...well, so long as I get it to her tonight? I'll have more time when I get home, and it's just five pages. That's easy.

Speaking of later, we're doing a late lunch after school today! I'm kind of excited, because the last time we did this was the last day of term last year, I believe. Between doing things like that, and being able to leave at lunch three days a week because I don't have a class afterwards, I'm feeling more like a college student than a high school student. (Technically I'm both... not that it really counts, I don't think.)

Breakfast time! I'm thinking probably toast, maybe with some tea. Or should that be some tea with some toast...? Either way, I'm off to it.

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Sunday, 12 September 2010 09:22 pm
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Finished the Macbeth essay; finished the college essay, as well. I ended up writing the UC prompts, both of them; I'm about 100 words over the "limit" but I think that's okay; if it's not, well, it's just a first draft, anyway. I actually wrote more for those than I did for the Macbeth prompt, but then, they really are two essays, so I guess that's... fine?

I know that I wouldn't have written those two essays if it weren't an assignment for my English class (well, I only had to write one, but I felt if I was doing one then I should do both of them, and really, 1000 words is nothing anyway), but somehow I don't mind. Thinking about what I was going to write helped me focus on what I really want, for myself and in life. I'm not a social person and I don't like interacting with people, but I do like to write. If something I write helps someone, anyone, in any way at all, then I'll feel like I've done something worthwhile. If something I write helps a lot of people, somewhere, in any way at all, then I'll feel like my life has had meaning. I don't babysit and I don't tutor and I don't volunteer, because the world scares me and because people scare me, but I write. Even if it's all I can do, at least I can do something.

I don't like introspection, either, but somehow I find that I've been doing more of it in the past two weeks than I have in a long while. I guess I'm fine with that, as long as it doesn't keep up.

(At least it's not another post about Inoue Chronicle!)

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Thursday, 9 September 2010 03:16 pm
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I've been enjoying BBS so far! I think I'm like halfway through Terra's story already, and I've only been playing for five hours (and I've spent at least one of those dicking around on the Command Board). I'm also playing on beginner mode, though, so... that might have something to do with it, haha.(I'm already thinking I might want to delete that file and start over again in standard mode... it can't be that much harder, right? And if I check the guide for each world I can make sure I get 100% completion.)

Almost finished outlining arc two of Inoue Chronicle (actual story's alternate title: "I Will Be Chasing a Starlight" but Inoue Chronicle is shorter so... yeah). It's turned out to be a lot less action-y than I was initially thinking, but for where it comes in the story that's probably better. With luck I can finish the outline by the end of this month, then I can spend next month working on my Heartless doll (for Halloween) and college apps (so I don't have to do them in November), and then I can spend more of November writing. I know that I'll need to write about 1700 words a day to meet the goal... but I cheated a little! I already have the first chapter written, the last chapter (sort of) written, and some of my interludes are also already sort of written, so I've already got about 3500 words, so I actually only have to write about 1550 words a day. I just have to... not write any more of that story until November! /awkward laugh But I'll probably have my hands full with outlining and essays and college apps and sewing, so I guess I shouldn't have to worry.

And speaking of essays, I get to write two of them over the weekend! :D <-- that emoticon is sarcastic. One about Macbeth, since I'm not going to the play (well, the people who are going have to write a review comparing it to the play in written form, and I think I'd rather write the essay, even though I don't know the prompt yet). And the other for college apps. I'm not sure which ones to write, though; 1000 words for the UC prompts (between the both of them, so that's cool) or the two (or maybe three) prompts for the University of Chicago - I don't actually plan on attending either school, at least not right out of high school, but since I actually need to write one of them for my AP English class, I should just kind of pick one. Or two, really, because I need to write two for either school...

I guess, it basically comes down to, do I want to write about how my world has shaped my dreams and aspirations, and about a personal something that makes me proud and how it relates to who I am, or do I want to write about why I want to go to the University of Chicago, and about the two types of people in the world (totally those who use the Oxford comma and those who don't - or, I could write about how to find x, or what I would dissolve, if I could dissolve anything in the world, and what I would use to dissolve it). (That was a terrible sentence and I should feel terrible for writing it.) I think I should ask around, I guess, before deciding what to do - I have a day before I have to start writing, after all.

And in the meantime, I'll read Macbeth. And outline more, because I want to get through Albert's Legacy so that I can get to Christian's Inferno, because I like writing Damien and I like writing crazy, so writing crazy!Damien should be awesome.
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days: 3
severe mood swings: 2
panic attacks: 1
emergency room visits: 0

Luckily none of that happened at school! That would just have been embarrassing

In other news, rallies and I are officially over... at least until February, at which point classes change and I'll have an actual fourth block class and will therefore be unable to skip events after fourth block, like rallies. "Surely this rally won't be so bad!" I thought this morning. "I mean, it would take a lot to be worse than last year," (when they cut the rally short by half an hour because the entire student body was bored out of their minds) "but it's not like anybody will be booing our class this year, since we're seniors!" That mentality lasted right up until the freshman class started booing us. The freshmen. Yeah.

Also, new layout! And Muse lyrics, because I am really really into Muse right now. (And by Muse, I mostly mean, like, Starlight. I just wish I had a version of it that wasn't live :/) I didn't think I could find a friends page title more emo than the old one, but I seem to have managed fine.

Also also, I'm going to a concert tomorrow night :D Green Day at the Shoreline. I've never been to the Shoreline; I just know it's an outdoor venue. It's been... really warm lately, so an outdoor concert should be nice.

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010 03:04 pm
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And then I went to school and it was boring. I wrote an essay in first block. I also might be able to go to a play for first block, but it's in two weeks and at night, and I would need a ride from someone else, so I'm not sure. Um. Second block I sat around literally doing nothing. I'm not even kidding. I mean, first day and AVID tutor and all that, so obviously there's not much to do, but. I am the only tutor second block. There are twenty-five people in that class (apparently. I think there's actually more, though). I cannot grade twenty-five binders; I cannot lead that many tutorial sessions (although the students can lead their own tutorials, after three years of doing it already, but the binder thing still stands). Mr Williams is certain that things will work out, and it's great that he can be so optimistic, but I'm not so sure.

In third block I got a maths worksheet that I didn't really know how to do! I kind of figured it out, but I still wasn't sure about the first section. I am now, because it suddenly came to me while standing in my kitchen getting water, so I'll finish that now, probably. And then came fourth block. The class itself wasn't that bad; it was just the hour and a half I had to wait before the class actually started (half an hour after everyone else got to leave, I might add) and the looking around for the classroom, because the room on my schedule wasn't right, and the room I was told to go to when I went to the room on my schedule wasn't right, either. I pretty much found the right room through dumb luck. On the plus side, I don't have that class again until next Wednesday. On the downside, I have to buy the textbook (and also actually register for the class, which I should probably do now).

And then I went to the bookroom and got the textbooks I was supposed to get at orientation, except that the bookroom they were in was closed by the time I got to it. (It was supposed to be closed by the time I got to it today, too, but the dude was still there and the door was still open. The guy complained about how people were still coming to get their books the whole time... it's like, close the door if you don't want people getting their books, it's not that hard!) And then I went home, because I was tired and it was really hot. It's still really hot; it's like 91 degrees outside. That is entirely too hot.

And then I get to go to AP English 12 at 7:35 tomorrow morning! /sarcasm

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010 01:06 pm
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s-so hot /melts At least I have my schedule! I had to move a lot of classes around, haha. I mean, first they didn't even give me Government/Econ, which is kind of required for graduation. So I had to fit that in somewhere (I was hoping second block first term, because I had AVID tutor second block first term, and second block AVID just doesn't work. Plus I wouldn't be able to go home early or anything, because, you know, middle of the school day. /: ). Then I had to add physics, switch intro to stat for precal, and lose two language electives.

So I dropped one language class to move my English class, dropped the other language class for precal, dropped intro to stat for physics, and dropped my beautiful, beautiful fourth block second term AVID tutor for government/econ. Because graduating is a little more important than only having class three days a week. I'm still a little disappointed, though. /: Second block first term AP Govt/Econ class, why did you have to be full ;_____; I mean, I was probably going to drop that AVID tutor for Ceramics fourth block, so I could have it with Amanda and Kristen, butstill. Oh, and I have an open TA slot first block second term. I don't know who I want to TA for yet; if I'm lucky I can find somebody cool who isn't about to make me run all over the school, since I don' t know all the super-secret school stuff (though I could just ask, and then I could be cool, too). I have half a year to figure that out, though.

My ID picture makes me look deader than usual, though. /: Maybe the lighting was just bad or something.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010 09:09 am
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Apparently today is supposed to be the hottest day of the week, though our area has is one of the cooler ones; it's only supposed to be about ninety-three degrees today, as opposed to over one hundred, like in other nearby cities.

Not that ninety-three degrees is cool! Man, yesterday was bad enough, I thought I was melting, and now it's supposed to be hotter. And I just got dizzy from standing too long in my kitchen, so if that's any sign of what today is going to be like, then today is going to suck. (Also I'm a little annoyed because I just bought new jeans, damn it.)

Orientation is today, so I get to try to find a nice locker, completely confuse the leadership kids collecting the money because I have cash instead of a cheque (because mum ran out of cheques), get a crappy ID photo taken (and get my ID), and haggle with my counsellor about my schedule! But not for an hour and a half, so in the meantime I think I'm going to watch the last episode of Let's Play Metroid Prime. And probably eat something, so that I don't pass out in the gym or something equally uncomfortable.

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010 04:37 pm
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So I just read a news article about how the price of stamps are going up again, and the Post Office is losing tons and tons of money because people aren't mailing things if they don't have to because the economy sucks and it's too expensive to mail things, so the Post Office loses money because people aren't mailing things... to infinity, because it causes itself. I think the actual problem isn't just that it's expensive to mail things, but that the mail system itself pretty much sucks. I hear my aunt, a postal worker, bitching about it all the time, and she recommends to everyone she knows - don't mail things.

Of course, if the mail system sucks, it's just going to suck more because the Post Office has no money, because people aren't mailing things, because it's too expensive because the mail system sucks, so there's still no solution.

In other news, I got my AP scores today! :D 3 in APUSH, which I was entirely expecting, and... a 5 in APE! 8D Right after I took the test I was all, "Hell yeah, I'm really awesome, I'm totally getting a five." And then I reconsidered, because that was really boastful and probably not at all true and I'd just be setting myself up for disappointment.

And then I got a five, so.

Moving right along, GameStop hasn't texted me about my reservation coming in like they're supposed to, and I know mum doesn't feel up to driving out to Pacific Commons today anyway (and anyway if we did then dad could complain about how we're not going out to his house tonight) and I'm too lazy to call in, so I'll pick it up tomorrow, or something like that. (Not that I've really been getting texts from any automated system that's supposed to be sending me texts, because Facebook hasn't been texting me like it should be, either, even though I haven't changed any of my settings.)

I was reading about the epic fail in YA literature earlier, which really resonates with me, not in an "I'm sick and tired of these motherfucking abusive relationships in my twelve-year-old's motherfucking books" kind of way, but in an "I JUST WANT SOMETHING GOOD TO READ" kind of way. I'm sick of girls falling for assholes who may or may not also be trying to/fully capable of killing them, not because those are some dangerous values to be shoving down 11-15 year old girls' throats, but because I'm sick of reading about girls falling for assholes who may or may not also be trying to/fully capable of killing them. It's like that one time when I was totally into omelettes. I ate omelettes every day for two and a half weeks. And then I never ate another omelette again, because I couldn't stand the thought of eating yet another omelette.

(I think it also has something to do with the REALLY STUPID DECISIONS many of the female protagonists make - "I'm an empath and my life sucks because the asshole who can make my powers go away doesn't want to be my boyfriend! I'm going to BECOME AN ALCOHOLIC!! :D" - but at the same time a lot of it is that I'm just sick of reading the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Also, I'm too lazy to ctrl-i for italics right now.)

But yeah. I want a nice, well-written, sci-fi/fantasy adventure, that may or may not involve mysteries or crime-solving, that doesn't have a a major romantic subplot. I'm sick of romance, because nobody seems to know how to write it properly. Unfortunately, that's all everybody seems to be writing, and if it isn't shitty romance, then I've probably already read it. /:

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010 06:36 am
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I'm so tired right now, it's not even funny. /:

Yesterday was the last full day of school this year; today's a minimum day and Wednesday and Thursday are finals, with finals schedules. So I get out around one today and noon the next two days. And then it's summer vacation!

I remember what happened last year, around this time, and that kind of puts a downer on the whole "omgsummer!" of it all. I hope that something similar doesn't happen this year. I don't think I could handle that.

I'll have my SAT results a week from this Thursday. I can't wait x: I'm really curious to see how I did. I don't think I'm going to send out this score to any schools; I'll do that when I take it in September, when I should probably have a better score. I think I'm taking the ACT in September, too, though I... don't really need to. (It would probably be a better idea to take a couple of subject tests, but I can't do that if I'm taking the reasoning test, too.)

Season 3 of True Blood started, though I... didn't watch most of the first episode. I'm a week behind on Burn Notice, too. Warehouse 13 should be starting... probably this week, but maybe not; sometime soon, at any rate. Eureka is next month, Sanctuary is fall, and Supernatural is... probably fall. (I hope.) P3P comes out next month! I totally can't wait for that. A-and Other M comes out in August. I kind of want to preorder it... I mean, I don't have a Wii, so I couldn't play it even if I wanted to, but I think it comes with an artbook or something like that if you preorder it, and I am all for Metroid concept art!

...and I have to finish revising my essay. I don't know why I say finish; I haven't started. Mostly I just have to find more sources; apparently you have to cite things like stereotypes in society, even though we... all know about stereotypes in society. /: I think there are a couple of places where I need to put in more evidence, mostly near the beginning. (Have I already talked about this? I think I have...)

Time for breakfast now. :9 And then school /:

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Monday, 7 June 2010 01:30 pm
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Today I came to the realisation that I don't care what Neeth wants me to do with my portion of our project, because it's not hers. It's not her material and she's not presenting it; I am. So I'm going to do what I want to do, and not worry about what she wants me to do.

It would have been nice if it hadn't taken her pissing me off so much that I had to just leave the room so I wouldn't make a scene to realise this, much less if today weren't the day before our presentation, but I guess I'll take what I can get. Maybe I cry when I'm really angry because it's my body's way of making my mind realise that, whatever it is, it is so not worth the drama and the stress. Of course, I'd like it better if I had some other way of realising that, because crying sucks and I don't like doing it, but I guess it just can't be helped. I've calmed down a lot since this morning, at least, and being at home for a few hours before having to deal with Neeth again should help, too.

I'm pretty sure she spent brunch whining at Santillan about me (well, it helps that I was in the room at the time) but I don't even care at this point. If she tries to passive-aggressively whine at me like before, she's going to be totally screwed, because however negatively she thinks I've been acting toward her, I've been polite so far. If she pisses me off again, that's going to change.

(Most of the time I think that horoscopes have my personality totally wrong, but then things like this happen and I really do start acting like a stereotypical Aries.)

Anyway, twenty minutes for slides, and then forty minutes on castle drawing, because I really do need to finish that. It looks relatively decent so far, but I need to put in a lot more detail, and I'm going to try to shade it, a little bit.

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Saturday, 5 June 2010 06:48 am
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SAT today. I don't know if I'm looking forward to it or not. I'm... a little worried about the maths part! But I did look up the... two things I remembered for sure I didn't remember how to do that I wish I'd remembered on the PSAT (omg, back in October. So long ago *___* ) so I'm not too overly concerned. I'm curious as to what the essay prompt will be! Also how much time there is to write it... not that it really matters, since I've been writing essays in 35~40 minutes practically all year anyway. I didn't really study or anything (though I meant to last night, oops) but I'm pretty sure I'm going to kick this test's ass.

Also, when I can't sleep I get really weird songs stuck in my head. I didn't sleep well the night before last, and The Human Hosepipe by Harry and the Potters was stuck in my head like all night. Then I didn't sleep very well last night, either (though better than I did the night before) and I had Two Weeks from Twenty stuck in my head before I got up to get ice, and then like Kate's first singing part from It Sucks to Be Me after I got the ice.

Additionally, my iPod is doing very not nice things. Apparently it got itself corrupted or something; at least that's what iTunes told me when I plugged it in last night. So I'm like, "Okay, I'll just click restore then." So I did. And then it was all "We have to download some firmware!" so I was like "okay then do that, iTunes" and... the first time it timed out. (Mostly because I was watching speedrun videos of Metroid Zero Mission while it was trying to download.) So then I clicked restore again, and it managed to download! Then it was "extracting files." For, like, half an hour. Eventually I had to put the computer in standby so I could try to get some sleep, and then iTunes was frozen this morning, and now it won't recognize that there's an iPod plugged into the computer (though the computer sure does). ...and then of course it acknowledges it after I've unplugged it just now.

I don't really know what's going on with the AP group project, except that I'm very not pleased with the terrible communication going on.

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Friday, 4 June 2010 09:39 am
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The sleeping's not going so well, the Benadryl isn't really working, and nobody's responding to my texts. Yeah, so far this isn't really working out.

Yesterday after tutorials I spent some time talking to Mr Williams. Mostly it was, "I'm taking the SAT on Saturday and I'm really nervous," which, I'm not really nervous, but I am a little concerned, because I haven't had Algebra II in two years, and the last test I took on it went miserably, so I think I'm understandably concerned. Whatever, I can brush up on it easily enough. What I'm actually concerned about is college. I'm not so concerned about my GPA (which isn't a perfect 4.0 but 3.6 isn't bad), or about my SAT scores (which... are probably going to be really good anyway, all things considered) but more about what the hell I'm going to do after college. I mean, Avenue Q puts it pretty well: What do you do with a B.A. in English?

You teach. Apparently, that's all you can do, because if I mention that I want to major in English, the usual response is, "Oh, East Bay has a great program for teaching credentials--" which would be totally helpful if I actually wanted to teach. Which I don't. So... yeah.

Guess it's a good thing I plan on minoring in foreign language! At least then I'll have some sort of value.

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Friday, 4 June 2010 05:54 am
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Urghhh, feel like crap. Allergies = not cool. At all. /: And I've got the first five chapters of The Great Gatsby to take notes on. I'm actually just going to go through the sparknotes version; just because I read 102 pages doesn't mean I want to take Cornell notes on 102 pages, particularly not when I slept very poorly and in fact am still having to get up and blow my nose like every five minutes. I'd ask to stay home, but I'm afraid of what Neeth might do to our project if I'm not there, and I would still very much like to get my essay back today, if I am in fact going to get my essay back today. (...or, what I could do is ask mum, then if she says yes text Kathleen to let me know when/where we're meeting, and to grab my paper if it gets returned so she can give it to me at the meeting.)

At any rate, the point is moot because I can't ask mum yet, it's only 5:45 in the morning so she'll just say "then go back to sleep and get up later." Uh, I can't go back to sleep, I have homework to finish. (Which I could probably turn in late if I wanted to, including the things I didn't finish that might not actually be accepted on Monday, since we had three days to turn it in, and which I should have turned in yesterday, since I finished it yesterday, but, uh, let's not think too deeply about that.)

I kind of hate those people who can sneeze all dainty and cute, the people who you just know have never had an allergy attack in their lives. Mostly because I'm envious of them. And to think, I thought my allergies wouldn't be that bad this year! And then May came around. Fucking May flowers.

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Thursday, 20 May 2010 06:46 am
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I forgot the Optimus Prime helmet, so today instead of being Optimus, I'm a sound gag instead. Specifically, I'm part of Sephiroth's chorus. /yay soundtrack T-shirt. I have like six different versions of One Winged Angel... but half of them are from iTunes, so I can't get them loaded and working. ): So I've only got three. But still, it works!

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Thursday, 13 May 2010 06:41 am
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Tea~ I'm not actually supposed to be drinking so much, as I'm supposed to be watching my caffeine intake, but. It's just so tasty. I can't help it. Melting down ice for tea is a little annoying, though. /: I'll have to remind mum to get more ice along with water tomorrow, haha.

Girl Scouts meeting tonight! In which we put on a ~40 minute skit for a younger troop! The script for which we're getting today, right before we have to put on the skit! While we're missing people! And if we're missing even one more person, we're going to have a really hard time with the skit! Can you tell I'm not looking forward to it at all? Because I'm really not.

Another thing I'm not looking forward to is softball! Except that I know that my teachers are cool and aren't going to force me to play, because that would be cruel, because today has, so far, been unkind to me. I'll get over it, but with luck the rest of the day will be much better.

I apparently missed Mr Martin teaching trig yesterday while I was busy AP testing. I'm a little jealous, because at least things eventually make sense after he's been at it for long enough. /: If he's teaching again today, that'll be great. I also hope that Mr Williams will be at school today, because he's been out all week thus far and everyone's starting to get really worried.

Off to get ready, I guess. /: An apple should help improve my mood, if nothing else.


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