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Monday, 31 January 2011 09:13 pm
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New classes! They really aren't that interesting, to be perfectly honest - first block is fun, second block is maths, third block is journalism, and fourth block is rage. Nothing to write home about, really! I had fun making a cover for the binder that's apparently required for second block, though - plus it works out since I apparently need a folder for journalism, and now have a free one since I don't need it for precal.

Um. What else? Let's see... I'm up to level 31 in Latale! Naturally I need to be 32 to equip the last piece of the armour set I'm on. |: S-so much grinding... and most of the quests that are popping up are for monsters that can kill me, uh, pretty easily. 99 Privarings! I don't think I've even killed ten yet, and that was after fifteen minutes of farming them while trying not to die horribly (after dying horribly trying to slay Great Monkeys, which I actually can kill okay, just not when five of them swarm the area portal). It's really monotonous.

Lately I've been working on this story thing that somehow randomly popped into my head. See, I made up this clan idea once (okay it was a guild idea, but now they're clans) and was writing something that didn't pan out too well. Then the idea for this other thing came up, and I figured they would probably mesh pretty well, so I stuck them together. It's a weird sort-of-crossover between FFT and SO3 with some FF8 ideas crammed in there, and it's really weird. /: It's kinda fun, though.

Speaking of really weird, I feel the urge to stick an amnesiac Mao into the Dangerverse and see what comes out. Nothing good can come from it, and I know that, but I still want to do it anyway, just to say that I did. (This, when I can barely even tell the Killjoys apart... right, it's totally a good idea.)

I'll write something yet tonight, I just haven't figured out what it should be yet! I'd... probably better work on that.

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 07:42 pm
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Danger Days will be the death of me. I worked up concepts for art for each track - not quite the same as the album's plot, but pretty close, I'd assume. I'm doing character concepts right now... although, since I'm listening to the album at the same time, it's slow going, because I'm torn between drawing and singing out lyrics.

Also, I knew Vampire Money was a response to the band being offered to do a song for the New Moon soundtrack, and I'd picked up on a few things -" sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun" and "hair back, collar up, jet black, so cool" being two particular lines that are pretty obviously a take that - I totally didn't realise that one of the lines in the chorus was "Play it right and drive a Volvo car" and, now that I've noticed, I think I love the song just a little more.

Plus it's, you know, catchy. Just like every other freaking song on the album.

Also, totally random, but I'm sure that if I'd worn my Lennon sunglasses today I would have been mistaken for a scenester. Which is cool, except that scenesters are just one level below hipsters on the douchebag scale. Have I complained about how I love their fashion but hate their personalities? Because I really do.

...also, I got TA for the teacher I wanted! :D And switched from ceramics to journalism, a class in which I will have almost nothing to do. Which is a good thing, considering the ridiculousness that will be my current art endeavours.

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Sunday, 23 January 2011 03:23 pm
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I now find myself in possession of three more pairs of pants and some plaid shorts. And also a new belt. All I had to do was try stuff on.

I still don't have the perfect pair of grey skinny jeans. However, I do now have three pairs of pretty awesome jeans, a belt that fits me much better than the last belt of his I took, and a pair of shorts that are comfy and easy to wear perfect for offending Mez's sensibilities (she doesn't much care for plaid).

This is where I point out that my brother is eight years older than me and nine inches taller, and I can wear all his low-cut Hot Topic pants.

I don't think hand-me-down clothes have ever been quite so awesome.

(Except for the M*A*S*H shirt I inherited from my mum. I am very unhappy that I cannot find that shirt.)

(Also, it's no longer urgent that I find my other pair of jeans, and this makes me happy.)

(...also, why couldn't he have given me those red jeans when I needed them in December?)

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Sunday, 23 January 2011 11:55 am
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I'm supposed to be studying right now (finals, how I... am relatively indifferent to you, actually) but something I read in my soc book reminded me of AVID on Friday. They had a socratic seminar (or fishbowl discussion) that day where they discussed - or were supposed to discuss - separation of church and state. They actually mostly discussed religion and faith. This was surprising for two reasons - firstly, any mention of religion or belief is usually the one thing that makes any AVID discussion deader than a very dead thing, very quickly; and secondly, that some of the things said were actually meaningful and thought-provoking... for me, at least. (And by thought-provoking I mean that they gave me plotbunnies that I had to try very hard to squash. I think I succeeded.) Of course, it was ultimately talk of faith that killed the conversation, but it was nice while it lasted.

One of the ideas thrown out in the discussion's death throes was the idea that we, as teenagers, probably aren't truly religious, because we've never been in a situation where we had to have that kind of faith. Since we never needed to believe in the existence of something bigger than ourselves just to keep going, we're more likely to be... agnostic, or something; the actual phrasing was something along the lines of believe in ourselves instead of God, but I don't like the implications that come along with that wording (that neither our accomplishments or our failures are our own, because they were all God's will; so we shouldn't believe in ourselves, because we're not the ones that make anything happen). And that, of course, was what killed the conversation - because suddenly the answer becomes "God did it" and you can't argue with that, because there is no argument, because there's no reasoning behind it - that's the thing about faith; it's something you believe despite the lack of solid evidence.

Since I am agnostic, and I do believe in myself, I obviously disagreed. I suppose, then, that it's a good thing that I wasn't able to participate in the discussion, because I know that just by listening near the end I was starting to get annoyed. (Well, and near the beginning. And, uh, also near the middle. Suffice it to say that I only ever don't get along with people because they're either too different from me, or too similar in all the wrong ways, and the person running the discussion - who ultimately killed the discussion - is the latter.) Still, I was impressed, and some of it was pretty thoughtful.

...anyway, back to the Sociology Textbook Of Doom.

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Monday, 17 January 2011 07:23 pm
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Is it acceptable these days to hear somebody talking about group plans they have and just be all, "Hey can I come too?" I am actually honestly curious, because I really have no idea. I always thought that it was supposed to be rude to do that, so whenever my friends talk about plans they have with each other I'm always just "Oh yeah that's, uh, that's cool," all awkwardly, buuuut it seems that my friends always make plans with each other that never ever involve me in any capacity whatsoever, so I'm always having to be "Yeah, that's totally milkshake" when I actually think that it is totally not milkshake at all.

I mean, maybe they never think to ask me because whenever I am actually invited to something I usually end up not going, or having to leave for some reason. So maybe they just don't ask me because they think, "Oh, she's probably not going to come anyway." Which, okay, yeah, there's a good chance that that might actually be the case. And sometimes I don't go because I don't want to go, which... yeah, okay, that's not so shiny of me, but I am after all an introvert at heart. I don't always want to be around people. So, somehow, it always works out that when I am invited to things it's when I don't want to be around people, but when I think that hanging out would actually be totally awesome, everybody else has plans, and by the way, you're not invited.

So yeah, I don't know if nobody ever invites me to things because I never make them invite me to things, or if nobody ever invites me to things because they would rather have fun without me.

(This post brought to you by a person I hate inviting all my friends to her house to go watch films I don't want to see. It's not actually about that particular invitation! It's just that seeing her do that reminded me of all the other invitations I never got from people I actually like to do things I actually did want to do.)

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Monday, 17 January 2011 11:10 am
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Chillin' with the dogs, since they were acting weird earlier and I don't have to worry about them escaping if I'm in the room with them. My brother's room is actually pretty cozy, so that's shiny.

Yesterday I met up with a friend to study for an English test tomorrow, and although we didn't actually spend all that much time quizzing off of my flashcards, we did spend plenty of time chatting over coffee, and it was really nice to hear that I'm not the only person who has all the issues that I have. It does raise some, um, other possible issues (I've heard the kinds of things that people say about her, for example, that relate to some of her issues, and since I have some of the same issues, I wonder if people say the same things about me - so I have to remind myself that I've got nothing to prove to anybody, and whatever they say behind my back doesn't matter and reflects more on them than it does on me).  I had fun, though, so I'd say that it was a success.

I also played about a million hours of Latale... predictably. I spent a couple of hours on Saturday levelling a freshly-rolled warrior up to about twelve, and the rest of Saturday and yesterday levelling my engineer more, up to twenty-four now. I was tweeting kind of a lot at the time, as well... mostly stuff like OMFG BEARS and OMFG MORE BEARS and FUCK BEHEMOTH STOMACH... things like that. (ughhhhh, so many quests in Behemoth Stomach. I get swarmed every time by monsters that aren't the ones I'm questing to kill, and they don't even give good xp...)

I'm off for more torture in Behemoth Stomach, I think. Maybe the spawns will be nicer to me today... (and maybe the channels will be emptier, since it's a Monday and all... but it's also a holiday, so maybe not.)

...I need a Latale icon. Maybe I'll do that today, too...

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Saturday, 8 January 2011 08:42 am
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And then I figured out how to import my internet history and all was well. Except for the seventeen gigs of music that I have to transfer four gigs at a time. That's not so awesome... but still, I'm not complaining.

Currently downloading Kitsu Saga; I didn't really get the chance to play it on Arata but I promised myself I'd try again once I got a new computer, so that's what I'm doing. I might give La Tale another try, as well... but I'm not sure, yet. I guess it depends on what I end up liking.

I should totally be transferring files or working on my soc paper or something... but I'm not, and I won't for a while yet. I mean, it's 8:40 in the morning. My cat woke me up at 6. D: So I think that, if I want to take some time to enjoy things, that that's okay. (It always starts like this, really. And then my homework never gets done.)

Also, there's something I really don't get. It used to be, that you'd download a file that would install a program. Now you download a file that downloads a file that installs a program. I mean... isn't that a little unnecessary? Can't you just download the installer, instead of the installer downloader? But then I guess that would make too much sense.

Got Skype! ...finally. I haven't added anybody, though... probably not going to, for a while. But whatever.

...I'm kind of tired. This is all the cat's fault.

edit: Yeah, Kitsu Saga wasn't really doing it for me. Back to La Tale, I suppose...

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Saturday, 1 January 2011 08:36 pm
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And then I spent the first day of the new year at the cinema! I saw Tron: Legacy finally. It was pretty epic! I want the soundtrack, haha.

Also, yet another strange thing involving technology happened to me! Two, actually; both in the arcade. See, my brother and I got to the cinema about an hour early, so we decided to kill some time in the arcade. So I played a couple of rounds of DDR (Sexy Planet is hard orz). Last song of the first round, I couldn't find the song I actually wanted to play, so I decided to do Dynamite Rave instead. And the high score for Dynamite Rave on light? Was set by me.

Now, I knew that I'd played on that machine before, but I'm not terribly good at DDR and I certainly didn't remember setting any high scores, so that was a complete surprise. Plus it had to have been at least five years since I played that machine... I guess nobody else does. (Can't blame them; I hate Supernova.)

And then later, when playing air hockey against my brother, on the last game, the table seemed to lose power before we even finished the game... even though nothing else in the arcade did. Which was a hell of a lot weirder than seeing an old high score, I'll admit.

Finally, I just want to say how much Bridges-as-Flynn was like Bridges-as-The Dude. I mean, "You're messing with my Zen thing, man!" anybody? Such a Lebowski line. Mind, I'm not complaining... it was just kinda funny.

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Friday, 31 December 2010 01:29 pm
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Today I learned that my journal had somehow mysteriously reverted back to the old style I was using. And I mean, I liked that style and all, it's just... I'd changed it. I wasn't using it anymore. Completely different CSS and titles and everything, for over a month!

And then it went back. I don't know how. I don't know why. It just... changed back.

(It's like that time my icons kept losing their keywords, except more annoying because at least I remember what my new style and titles were.)

Anyway, I really haven't done much in the last week. I got books and DVDs for Christmas, along with a few gift cards - I'm getting a laptop soon as well, hopefully this weekend - and I beat Star Ocean 3. That ending! Is so long! And I got the solo ending, too. /: Still, not like I'd done too many PAs to change that.

I also started playing .hack! From the beginning. Man it's been so long since I played the originals they're so weird now haha. The really weird part is, whenever I'm playing R:2 I want to be playing R:1, but now that I'm playing R:1 I want to be playing R:2. I guess it's one of those grass is greener things. I forgot some of the really annoying things... like doing dungeons solo, and Elk dying all the damn time. Seriously, it's a level 14 dungeon, I'm level 14, Elk is level seven. I think that, getting down to the boss, I used three Resurrects on him. Then, fighting the boss (who took forever to protect break, and then kill after that, christ) I used something like seven or eight Resurrects on Elk. (Who, to be fair, had to use like two on me.) Still, I really do like .hack.

I bought myself the new MCR album. That was the biggest mistake ever. Every. single. song. on that album is so catchy omg. I think Na Na Na is going to be stuck in my head for all of eternity. That said, I also like both the album's concept and all of the songs, so I can't really complain too much.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010 08:35 pm
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I have lost track of how many cups of tea I've had to drink today. It's somewhere between five and seven, but other than that I have no idea. I've also consumed about a quarter of a bottle of honey with all that tea... but at least my throat isn't sore any more.

Played even more Star Ocean! I think Nel was actually 76 or 77 when I went to advance the plot... well, when I went to refine me some Boots of Prowess, and then go advance the plot. At which point I learned that either my memory is really poor, or this game is horrible.

See, to get to the penultimate dungeon, you have to go through another one from earlier in the game. When you get to the final room, you fight a boss, and two new doors open. The eastern one, which the boss came out from, takes you into an underground area full of water. This area is lit solely by floating enemies, so you can barely see. You're supposed to stumble around blindly until you find a turtle you can ride through the water (but only certain bits of it!) and then feel your way around to a specific area where you fight another boss, which lowers the water level, at which point you can continue to wander around blindly until you find some pillars you can disintegrate with your Ring of Disintegration, behind which is a faintly glowing crystal embedded in the ground. You find one of the floating light monsters and lure it over to the crystal, which unlocks a door behind which is a boss fight against not one, but three of the most annoying boss ever (actually three different bosses, only one of which you've fought before, but the other two are exactly the same except with different elements). This then leads you to a room containing a cutscene that opens the penultimate dungeon.

Or you can go through the western door, behind which is a cutscene that opens the penultimate dungeon.

I figured this out by looking at a guide online, after ten minutes of trying to lure the damn light monster to the stupid crystal, which I did after half an hour of "I hate this game. I hate this game. I hate this game." I honestly cannot say I regret it! Even if I passed up the opportunity for a couple of battle trophies, I didn't get the trophies for the stupid boss the first time around, so I doubt I'd get them against three of it.

In other news, I have half the main body of a katamari! Now I just need to crochet the other half and then fourteen little nubby bits. I don't have any magnets, but then maybe this first one should just be stuffed anyway. (: I also learned how to do a magic circle and how to finish off a crochet piece, since whenever I ask mum to show me how she just kind of does it for me, which is nice, but defeats the purpose of asking. /: But now I can do it myself, so I don't need to ask.

I am not drinking any more tea today. I have had so much tea. I'm probably going to crochet more, though.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010 12:07 pm
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Yesterday surprised me on two counts: firstly, that I was actually able to stay up all night to watch the eclipse, and secondly, that I was actually able to sleep soundly. (Although the Benadryl I took around midnight probably had a lot to do with the second one.)

Today I am still sick! I don't feel particularly achy or feverish, though; just congested and sleepy with a sore throat. I've been offered both Nyquil and Dayquil, but I turned them both down, because I'd rather be awake right now and both medicines will knock me out. I can breathe fine, so I'll just take tea with entirely more honey than is proper.

To keep myself awake, I'm playing more Star Ocean! I'm trying to get Nel to level 75 (which will put Fayt around 77 and Maria around 76), at which point I'll go do more IC and then go through the Ruins of Mosel. It's kind of annoying, actually, because I can't seem to keep a bonus battle going; I had a 32 chain but it broke, and I haven't been able to keep one up past five. My chains always start with increased healing after battle, which is fairly predictable given my strategy (control Maria, spam Scatter Beam cancel combos, kill enemy, repeat) but annoying because I'm really going after triple experience. I forget what the last move has to be to start with triple exp, but since I never ever start with it it's probably symbology or minor attack or something that even the AI doesn't use (not entirely true; the AI-controlled Fayt and Nel love using symbology. To the point where I had to turn off Fayt's Explosion spell so he didn't keep MP-killing himself with it).

I have a loaf of bread stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, and Italian sausage in the oven. I hope it's delicious, because if it isn't then that's an entire hour wasted and I'll still have to find something to eat. It's probably going to be delicious, though. (Unless it's missing plastic flavour, which I doubt - the directions said to leave the plastic packaging on, but plastic has this nasty tendency of melting when introduced to heat, so yeah, no plastic film in my toaster oven.)

Anyway, back to grinding and tea and cats that are sitting entirely too close for comfort.

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Monday, 20 December 2010 07:37 pm
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I think I have a cold, and I'm pretty sure Taco Monday didn't help it much. I'm so ridiculously tired right now it's not even funny. D:

No Star Ocean today, which is probably a relief more than anything. Instead I spent the day lazing around until about noon, at which point I got dressed and headed out for Jack in the Box for Taco Monday. I didn't actually eat tacos, though! But I did get some food, and hung around with friends, and that was cool. And then I walked home and puttered around a bit and tried not to instantly fall asleep, though at this point a nap might not be a bad idea. I do have to stay up forever tonight, after all. Maybe I'll play some Star Ocean later to keep me up...

And speaking of later! I have always always thought it would be totally cool to, like, re-enact some of those final KH scenes in front of a lunar eclipse. I mean, just imagine it. It would be totally epic.

And then, two hours later, I am pretty damn sure that I have a cold. It is a horrible night to have a cold.

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Sunday, 19 December 2010 05:15 pm
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I have feasted, and it was good. Now I must lounge it off /mellow~ So much food, haha.

I've spent the last three days laying around and playing Star Ocean, basically, and it's been really nice. It is so nice knowing that I don't have to go to school for the next two weeks. I can sleep, and play video games, and read, and hang out with friends, and chill with my brother (when he's home, anyway), and just generally unwind. I do have a little bit of homework right now, but it's almost entirely reading.

Also, tea parties in class are pretty awesome. Even though I'm pretty sure the reason my right wrist is messed up is because I had to carry the box with my electric kettle to and from school, it was totally worth it. Two cups of tea first block, a third during fourth block, and just the feeling of coziness from everyone gathered around drinking tea (except for the people who weren't, of course. I even brought hot chocolate for the twins, like I said I would, but they didn't bring mugs, so that was pointless). Even though we still had to watch presentations... it really wasn't that bad, because I had tea.

And then three days of Star Ocean turn out to be fairly productive. And by fairly productive I mean getting Nel back into my active party, refining weapons (Fayt's to +2500, Nel's to +2000, and Maria's to +3000), adding some DEF to said weapons, breezing through Styx and Arkives and Sphere and the Shrine of Kaddan, picking up new inventors, spending half an hour trying to make the Philosopher's Stone (and then, after using it to recruit Ansala, trying to make another one because I forgot to patent the first one), grinding ridiculous amounts of Fol only to end up spending them on synthesis, running out of Alchemy Materials, and getting the battle party up to ~62.

I also painted my nails. I borrowed some black polish from Mez, but it ended up chipping super quick, so then I bought some polish that I thought was black (and with a colour name like 'nocturnal' I think I was justified) but turned out to be super dark blue that just looks black most of the time. It's pretty nice, I guess.

Currently watching The Big Lebowski, since it was on TV. I might start playing Star Ocean again, though, since I'm so ridiculously close to the end. (Just the Ruins of Mosel, then Firewall, then the Spiral Tower, and then I fight Luther! And hopefully win this time; I remember on my last file I tried fighting him like five times and lost every time. And usually he'd shout "Wallow in despair!" when the game over screen turned up. It was, like, "Thanks, Luther, I already am." But then I didn't use IC and synthesis in that file, really, so maybe that'll make the difference.)

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Thursday, 16 December 2010 06:21 am
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And then my physics teacher wasn't there for the first fifty minutes of class, so I "conveniently" forgot about making up the test yesterday. With luck he won't bring it up again!

Got further in SO3; I'm about to go to Moonbase. I forgot about how contrived that one plotline death was... e_e; Still, drama as the plot demands it, or something like that.

I was listening to the news for the weather, before I started making this Christmas card that I completely forgot I had to do until like 9:30 last night, and I saw along the ticker at the bottom, "Newark High football star stabbed to death at--" and all I could think was Not Kennedy, not Kennedy, please not Kennedy... and then I breathed a sigh of relief when it finished with, "--East Bay bus stop." I mean, I know I shouldn't be happy that somebody got stabbed to death, and I'm not, really; I'm just glad it wasn't near my school. Because my school has a bad reputation that we didn't create and don't deserve, because people from other schools in the district decide to go shoot and stab people from their other schools at my school. So then in the paper the next day you'll read about how somebody was shot/stabbed/killed at Kennedy, and it never really clarifies that the aggressor wasn't a Kennedy student and that the victim wasn't, either, and people go around talking about how Kennedy is such a dangerous school, man I'd sure be nervous if I had to go there. And we're all, "...it had absolutely nothing to do with us, actually, and the school is perfectly safe," but nobody actually listens.

Also, speaking of Christmas cards I made in twenty minutes this morning! That's actually kind of a lie, since I wrote the text in about twenty minutes last night. But today I drew and coloured the front and wrote the text inside. (In English we all drew names from a box and had to make a holiday card for the person whose name we drew with certain literary devices in it.) Fortunately my person gave permission to do a Christmas card, so she gets a Christmas card with a cute little Santa on the front. ♥

Finally, last night I started writing something that might end up awesome and spacey and scifi, assuming I ever finish it. I guess that's what happens when Panic! At the Disco and Star Ocean 3 cross paths in my head! (Speaking of Panic!, they're supposed to have a new album out in March. I'll have to give the singles a listen before I buy it! But I'll probably end up buying it anyway.)

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 07:57 am
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And then my physics teacher realised I didn't take that physics test last week! So I actually do have to make it up. (I figured, "Hey, it's physics, nobody cares," but I failed to realise that maybe the physics teacher cares. Oops.) I'm annoyed only because I know he's going to send me into the adjacent classroom to take it, which is... basically absolutely pointless. I mean, I get sending someone to the library or something, because that's at least a vaguely similar environment to the original test-taking environment, but sending a student to the nearby classroom (and its class) to take a test is absolutely nothing like that. It would seriously be less ridiculous to just have me stay in the classroom during the lecture, or to have me make it up during some time that isn't actual class time.

In other news, I finally got to disc two of SO3. I'm that much closer to where I was before! (I used to have a save of 120 hours right before the final boss, but then the memory card died.)

...of course, I also feel rather like throwing up. This is lovely! I would stay home and just go to soc class, but I was absent last Wednesday, as well, so... yeah. /: I'm probably not actually going to throw up, which is both good and bad: good because I hate throwing up, bad because if I don't, it obviously means that I'm not ill and am totally just faking it.

But enough about that! Today I have too much homework and later I can maybe sleep. That's always nice.

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Sunday, 12 December 2010 07:36 pm
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Today I danced around like an idiot, delivered an airheaded line, voiced over a commercial, joined five other people in the eating of an entire package of bacon, and played some Star Ocean 3! I actually wanted to play Final Fantasy X, but I don't know where my copy is.

Also, arguably most important, I got my very first wireless controller working again. It's this tiny little MadCatz thing that's absolutely perfect for me, and out of all the wireless controllers I've had, it's worked the best (and the longest. even longer than the official Sony one!) Except that it just stopped working one day, years ago. I still had it, though, and today I was so driven to play something that I decided I should see if I couldn't get it working again. So I dug out the controller and the receiver, cleaned them off, pried the old batteries out of the controller, took all the screws out and popped them open, removed the cat hair that had inexplicably found its way inside the controller, put everything back together, put in new batteries, and plugged it in. And it worked!

(I didn't manage to get it put together quite properly; the R2 button ended up a bit stiff. In my defence, controllers are complicated! It took me like fifteen minutes just to get it to the point where I could put all the screws back in. And anyway, R2 isn't an important button anyway.)

So yeah, hurray for SO3. I'm still on disc one, but I went from "Let's go talk to Crosell!" to... "Let's go talk to Crosell!" I also fought two bosses and the O button, won four battle trophies, went on a fetch quest, recruited a new inventor, tried and failed at item creation, got a spiffy new key item, and was about to go break the game with IC and synthesis when my mum decided she wanted to watch TV. Still, not bad for four hours. Tomorrow I'll get to disc two! Or at least fight Crosell, which is practically the end of disc one. (Actually, getting to the Aquaelie is the end of disc one. Still, you fight Crosell, watch a bunch of cutscenes, go to the Diplo, watch more cutscenes, go to the Kirlsa Training Facility, more cutscenes, boss fight, even more cutscenes, and then you're on the Aquaelie. So that shouldn't take too long.)

I also taped the pages that were falling out of my SO3 guide back in. There were more pages falling out than I originally thought. The guide awkwardly opens somewhere between Sphere 211 and Firewall now, but at least I'm not in danger of losing pages anymore.

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Thursday, 25 November 2010 06:48 pm
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I've learned that I can't slice potatoes properly! Oh well, they'll still taste bacony and delicious. I'm currently frying up some potatoes for some bacon and potato hash, and this marks the first time that I've 1) fried potatoes and 2) cooked bacon. I'm not expecting it to be particularly tasty, but still, it's bacon and potatoes. You can't really screw that up. (I would have made a bacon and potato frittata, which is admittedly easier to screw up than a hash, but big bro doesn't like eggs, so it's just a hash for us.)

I meant to work on my Frankenstein project today, and I didn't. I did figure out the very basic idea of what I'm going to do with it, though... maybe I'll start on it later. /: Also meant to read more Pride and Prejudice, which... also didn't happen. Oops! I don't really mind though. Because I spent the day playing Magician's Quest, and catching up on my blog for it. And also cooking. And also reading The Exiled Queen, which isn't the book I wanted to buy yesterday but is a good book nonetheless.

Anyway, yeah, blogging games. I don't know why I'm doing it, but right now I'm doing two: Pokémon Soul Silver and Magician's Quest. It's fun, even if it's kind of time consuming. Still, it's not as bad as a full-out screenshot LP!

And then I found out that the best Disney film ever was on, so that made today even better. And the hash didn't turn out too bad, either! Everything's rather crispy, but in a good way. I kind of wish I'd made more, though, haha.

So, rest of tonight: watch some film, take a shower, do some Frankenstein Abridged: The Graphic Novel. Maybe play more Soul Silver, too, since I haven't for a couple of days.

edit: And after everybody finished eating there was still enough for me to have seconds, hell yes! :D

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 10:04 pm
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Thanksgiving is over! I couldn't be happier. (It's probably not over - there are probably going to be phone calls and other unpleasant things. But I can hope, right?) Dinner was great and I realised that I do, actually, take after my dad a bit, temperment-wise - though I think I'm a bit more genuine about it than he is. If tomorrow works out okay then I hope Christmas ends up the same way - I don't care if it's traditional; gathering my family together under the same roof never ends well and I would prefer to avoid it forever.

Meeting with Pride and Prejudice group on Friday - we're watching the film, eating pizza, and allegedly planning project bits. I should probably, then, spend tomorrow alternately reading Pride and Prejudice and working on my Frankenstein project, though I'm betting only one or even neither will get done.

I am convinced that Borders hates me! All I wanted was one of two specific Mercedes Lackey books, but no, we can't have those in stock, that would be too easy! And then, to add insult to injury, I figured that I could probably swing the hardcover I did end up getting, since after all I had five bucks in free money in my Borders account, only to learn that no, that free money that was supposed to expire at the end of the month? Expired yesterday. Which was really useful, because mum only told me about it yesterday! So now I'm out $20 with a book that wasn't actually the book I wanted to read. ...though I'll probably enjoy it anyway, but really, it's the principle of the thing.

Also the one thing I hate more than anything about online fic is that, very often, I'll get into a story and it's totally engaging and awesome... and then I realise I'm stuck at a cliffhanger because the author hasn't updated in #long-period-of-time. And then I get annoyed, because really, how could they?! And then I feel bad, because I of all people should know that writing is most often not anybody's number one priority, and even when it is life can and will get in the way in the worst ways possible. I still feel sad about not being able to read the rest of the story, though.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 02:22 pm
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Stayed home yesterday, because it's hard to think about going to class when you're busy trying to not throw up everything you haven't eaten and the few things you have. Went in today, since I felt better and anyway, if you're going to go back, a minimum day you only have three classes is definitely the day to come back.

Started Frankenstein! Actually that was yesterday, but I started it today. Everybody said it was really boring but so far I'm actually kind of into it. Missed absolutely nothing of import in physics, since he went over easy stuff I already knew and then assigned more problems without explaining them, so nobody did those anyway. Today he explained them and then we had the second-worst lab ever, involving a bunch of seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds milling about beakers on a heating tray, waiting for the water to boil so that their bits of metal would be at 100 degrees centigrade, so that they could then drop them into water-filled Styrofoam cups. I don't think I need to explain what's wrong with that.

After that, of course, I spent a very pleasant fourth block grading classwork and bundling up newspapers. I now know where the Spongebob in the newspaper is, and if I hadn't been told, I could use that knowledge in order to win an iPod shuffle. (I almost told the person who told me not to tell me, so that I could win the iPod, but then I remembered I already had a better iPod.)

Also, I got my Hamlet essay back today. I wasn't particularly fond of that essay, because by the time I'd actually got to finishing it I didn't really believe my argument any more but was also too lazy to rewrite the entire thing, so instead I thought I ended up writing more of a parody of an essay with that argument. "I doubt I'm going to get a good grade on this," I thought, "since it's completely ridiculous and even I don't believe it." Then I found out that I got top marks on it and that it was used as an in-class example of "doing it right" (on the day I wasn't there, naturally). Yeah, I was surprised as well.

Speaking of things I did for the Hamlet project, I posted the five+one fic I did for it. No word on my marks for the project, but I know I definitely had more fun writing this than I did the essay.

And now I'm off to read half of Frankenstein and maybe some Pride and Prejudice, if I don't get dragged off to da's house before I can finish. And maybe make some toast, because I've eaten nothing but crackers all day and I'm pretty hungry.

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Monday, 8 November 2010 05:43 am
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Standard Time, how I missed you! No longer will I have to trudge to school in the dark (not that I did anyway), no longer will I be able to tell between 5pm and 6pm! It's good to have you back, Standard Time.

Got all caught up on wordcount, and stuff. Christian's Inferno is... probably going to be much much shorter than Albert's Legacy! But that's fine, because some of the others are going to be ridiculously long anyway. It'll even out in the end! (And anyway, for now I get to actually write crazy!Damien, and then really awkward!Damien and Mao. That conversation is going to be fun, haha. "So, uh. I'm Damien." "Yeah, I know. You tried to kill me." "Yeah, and then you called down lightning on me and nearly killed me." "Right. Um. No hard feelings?" "Sure, okay.")

I've got like a million layers on right now, and I'm still kind of cold. Mostly it's just my fingers, since I'm not wearing gloves - my thumbs are warm, though, since I've got armwarmers on. (And the rest of me, since I've got two shirts, a jacket, leggings, shorts, and sweats on. ) I'm actually kind of glad that the weather report for today is "really cold;" I've kind of missed that, too. There's nothing like bundling up and knowing that you aren't, actually, going to regret putting on all those layers - so far it's been pretty iffy, since we've had temperatures in the seventies and eighties for the past few months, but today's supposed to be barely sixties, so it's time for layers! :D

Anyway, time for some Let's Play Metroid Prime 3. The forums kicked me off because I didn't have an account (or archives, for that matter) but I checked the site the videos were archived on and, lo! MP3 LP. That kind of totally distracted me yesterday, haha.


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