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Probably something like "I am a shadow, the true self!" T: And she'd look like me but with yellow eyes.
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No; I'm not all that into it. Instead I went out and did laundry, and now I'm doing homework and studying, because I have a government test tomorrow and a precalculus teacher who doesn't actually teach.
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I like eating meal-type foods when I'm gaming. Like mashed potatoes and chicken, or hot dogs, or burgers, or mac and cheese, or pizza. I try to avoid greasy foods then, but it doesn't usually work out that way. ^_^; I'm definitely more militant about it when doing homework, though. Food on textbooks/assignments = bad.

I like snacking on warm things, too. Chips and chocolates are fine, but if all I've been eating all day has been vending machine snacks, then I'm going to want something more like real food, even if it's just like bagel bites or tater tots.

A-also, ice cream is best when I'm watching things on the computer. :D Nothing beats sitting there with a pint of ice cream and a spoon while watching someone suck ass at Super Metroid 8D (Unless that someone is me, haha.)

...and now I'm really hungry. ): Chicken alfredo, I want to eat you sooner D:
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This one's a .hack//G.U. reference - my favorite character is the epitaph user of the eighth phase, so. eighthphase. Actually, now that I think about it, most of my account names are .hack//G.U. references...
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I think it looks pretty. That's really the main reason I want to go see it; it's major eyecandy and I'm a sucker for eyecandy in my sci-fi and fantasy.
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Yes. I did. Edward sucks as a boyfriend and the sparkling effects got even more annoying, which I didn't think was possible. (Of course, there was more sparkling in this film, which probably doesn't help.)

That being said, there were some intentionally funny bits this time around, which is an improvement over the unintentional hilarious awkwardness of the last one. Improvement is always a plus.


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