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Friday, 2 November 2012 02:40 pm
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I ended up with 700 and change yesterday /: Which is okay, because so far today I'm at ~2350. So now I just need to write the other 1700! Or through to the end of chapter two, whichever I feel more like doing (spoilers: probably not the second one, considering I haven't even quite finished chapter one yet).

The only problem is that I forgot that writing about high school is fucking boring. Probably because high school itself - especially when you're a senior - is fucking boring. Jacob is well aware of that! This is probably why he sleeps through his government class. (Relatedly, he has a government class that he hates - like me right now - he's pretty eh about his English class - which I made Kay the teacher of - he doesn't like pre-cal - I hated it - and he's in journalism - which I also was my senior year. I know they say "write what you know"... of course, I'm really fucking lazy right now, so that's probably got more to do with it.)

Jacob wasn't even supposed to be in Journalism, but I needed an excuse for him to be kind of walking around and I realised belatedly that giving him a car, which I did yesterday without even really realising, meant he wouldn't be walking home, which was what he was supposed to be doing. So I thought and I thought, and I stuck him in journalism because I needed an elective, and then I thought "well I guess he can be their photographer, that should give him an excuse". So I've learned that he eats a lot, that he actually does have a few friends, and that he is a photographer. I also learned he's in AP English Lit! (Mostly because I think Kay would absolutely hate teaching regular English classes.)

If you know anything about me and/or my friends and/or the city I live in, it's really easy to see how lazy I've been with worldbuilding. Jacob basically lives in my city, he basically goes to my high school (actually he does go to my high school; it's got a common high school name so I didn't bother changing it), and some of his teachers are named after my friends. (Besides Kay, Jordan is the journalism teacher. I was going to make Marc a maths teacher but realised that Jacob's apathy in pre-cal was better served by an expy of my own pre-cal teacher.)

Also, Jacob very nearly ended up being Jacob Taylor. I was this close to just saying "yeah whatever fuck it" and making him Jacob Taylor. And then I was bored at the bus stop and actually looked up surnames and so now he is Jacob Linwood. I was much lazier with his friends and so besides two friends with normal-ish names (Tony and Leesha) he's got Anders and Desmond. Desmond is called Des all the time so it's not as obvious, but Anders is called Anders all the time, because his real name is Anderson (ooo stealth double reference) and he hates it!

I'm trying like hell to procrastinate because teenagers and high school are boring as shit but the NaNo site is being strangled by heavy traffic so there's not much else I can do.


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