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Monday, 10 December 2012 07:18 am
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Actually I think I'm probably just burned out on life, really; finals haven't been that stressful. I just don't want to do anything, really.

I'm not even kidding. If it weren't for the fact that there's a group assignment due today I would probably just not even show up for the government final at all. My grade could eat that and I'd still pass with like a B. (When your final's only worth ten percent of your overall grade, I think someone weighed something wrong. But maybe that's just me.) But no, I have to pretend to be responsible, so I get to hole up in the library for like five hours and read six chapters of the textbook and five pages of Tocqueville and do one-page writeups for each thing and then print out two copies because there are two people in my group (including myself).

Honestly I don't think this exam is going to be very hard; neither the California Politics quiz nor the midterm were, and all I did was throw words at the page and pretend that I'd actually paid attention in class (disclaimer: I did not actually pay attention in class). Honestly I even did that with the journal assignment; I did like half as many entries as we were supposed to, but one of them was like six pages because if you tell me to research shit then I'm actually going to do some fucking research, not just some pansy-ass three paragraphs fifteen sentences nonsense. So even though I did exactly 5% of the reading we were supposed to do for the midterm and journalled on exactly none of it, I got full credit for the journal.

Actually I've gotten full credit on every assignment in the class thus far, and apparently this professor goes by what-you-see-is-what-you-get, with each point of credit on an assignment being one percent of your final grade, and since the final is worth ten percent, I technically have a ninety percent in the class. Or maybe an eighty-five; I've forgotten if the group assignment is actually worth any credit or not. Eh, either way it's a pretty decent pass.

So anyway, although I would strongly prefer to stay in bed all day with my cat and my kindle (although I think the cat is on mum's bed, right now), I'm going to get up in half an hour and get dressed and wait for my ride, because he has a 9:30 final and I have homework to do, even if my final today isn't until 2:30, and once I get onto campus I'm going to read six fucking chapters of Government By The People and five pages of Tocqueville and I'm going to do the best notes ever because I've got like five whole hours, and then I'm going to hope to $deity that the printers are actually working and print that shit out, and then I'll show up for the final and kick its ass.

Or just vomit words on it until it begs for mercy, I guess. That does sound more like my style.

In other news, in the past few weeks I've had to read Othello and then write an essay about it - an in-class essay, of course, as a final exam. I managed to bust out an entire outline and seven paragraphs in about an hour and a half, and I felt they were pretty good - and I did it all without actually sitting down and reading the play.

To be fair, I did read bits of it, mostly in class; my professor likes having people actually read out plays, so we did some of that, although I can't say I was paying particularly much attention, particularly as we got maybe two pages in the first day, I was absent the second, and forgot my book the third. (Act V was the fourth, and the exam the fifth, so there's that.) We watched some bits of film versions, as well. For the exam I meant to actually read it, but our textbook has footnotes everywhere explaining the most inane things and it was incredibly distracting, so I found a free podcast version to listen to instead, and I even made it through the middle three acts! So there was that.

I also heavily considered not showing up for bio class... pretty much all last week, really. But I managed to haul myself out and drag myself to the bus stop both days, so that was a success. I started just crocheting through class and nobody even cared. I can only assume the professor noticed, since the first day I was using kind of obnoxiously-coloured variegated yarn (candy kingdom woo!) and the second day I was crocheting something rather a bit larger, but he never said anything. I mentioned this to a friend who I ran into on the bus the second day (there's a few buses that go up to campus but only one that mostly everyone takes; usually I take a much earlier bus, but I was feeling really lazy so I took the last possible one, which just so happened to be the same one she was on) and she said that he probably just didn't care, since he knows I pay attention and I still ask questions and stuff. Which is true, I mean, since I'm not failing the class in the slightest and also was still engaging in conversation and stuff even while crocheting.

I wasn't taking notes at all, of course, but I've stopped taking notes in that class a long time ago. And at least crocheting is more productive than just doodling all over my "notes" - although my bio notes never got as bad as my last few days of English and government notes; those are ridiculous. I should snap photos of them or scan them in or something; they have to be seen to be believed.

I didn't actually finish the pair of obnoxiously-coloured handwarmers I was making (to go with the scarf, of course; I had another pair I'd made but they went rogue on me, and I had another skein of the yarn, so...), but I did make a new kindle case (complete with lining) and a cat ears hood thing which is awesome, so there's that.

I want to try getting some wooden knitting needles; I think that might help me to actually be able to make knitting work, since the metal ones aren't getting me anywhere. Knitting is hard as balls, really; I'm absolutely dreadful at it. I want to learn, though, because then I can be all "click click click" everywhere and be making stuff. Also it's a lot easier to do ribbing when you're knitting than it is when you're crocheting. That's mainly the real reason I want to learn. Well, that and cables, but you can apparently do cables with crochet, too; I just don't know how yet. I also want a wooden crochet hook; a few times I saw these really gorgeous rosewood ones, but they were a bit expensive. They looked so nice, though! And I'd really only need an H size, since that's the one I use most of the time anyway and all my H hooks have vanished on me because they're all tucked into unfinished projects. Which reminds me, the one I was using for Pinky's bag went rogue on me, too, so I really need to find another one.

All I have to do to finish out this semester is the stupid homework I have today, and then my myth paper for anthropology. I've got mythology books already; I just have to pick two fucking myths and then... look up the guidelines for the paper, and then write the thing. Only picking myths is hard ): I'll probably use Norse and Celtic (I also have a book of Chinese myths) but I have no idea which ones I want to actually use. Probably I'll spend tomorrow going over myths and then Wednesday writing the paper, since... I don't have anything going on those days, class-wise. Oh, I'll need to go over the study guide for bio one of those days, too. I'll probably even read the thing, once. Then on Thursday, I can... finish the paper, if I haven't already (pfffft. This is me I'm talking about; of course I won't have finished already) then I've got the bio final, and then my anthro class later in the evening. All I have to do is turn in the paper! ...and then sit around for two hours watching some kind of film and, let's be honest, crocheting throughout the entire thing, because actually paying attention is for losers and anyway it's not like we're going to be tested on it; the final was last week.

SPEAKING OF MY ANTHRO FINAL, that was such a crock of shit. I hardly studied for it at all, I mean, I took like ten minutes to look at the essay questions and bs some basic answers for them so I could actually write the essays on the test. And then I got there and was like... "fffff I don't want to write these, this sucks" and wrote significantly less than I did on the midterm. I bsed a lot more, too, really, and I kind of wanted to fall asleep through the entire essay portion. I was okay once I got out of the classroom, though. I think I probably still did okay, though? And then after the exam a few of us hung around and got some snacks and just kind of talked and stuff. I was still crocheting - trying to finish my hood, okay, and I totally almost did that night; I got the ears finished and also the trim, so I only had sewing the ears on left. Which... I ended up mostly doing the next morning, since my brother decided to be The Drunken Astronomer and that was, uh, a thing that happened for like two hours.

Anyway, I have a bit of homework left and only two finals, which is the important thing to take away from all this. And then a ton of crocheting to do, since I have to unearth that stupid pattern book and then finish the tree and make some dogs - which might be a huge mistake but idk I'm rolling with it - and then finish Pinky's bag and make a matching scarf and also make Kay a matching scarf for her bag. And possibly make a hood for da and a tablet case cover for Sara? Idk, I forgot the measurements she gave me. It was something like 11x8x1.5? I don't really want to ask her again, maybe I'll just wait until she's over one night and they leave to go do whatever and see if she leaves her tablet at home, and measure it again if she does.

I'm going to go get dressed now, and maybe I'll even crack my government textbook open before I get onto campus.

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