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I just finished Disney Town in Terra's story (on my beginner playthrough because fffff not trying to 100% while trying to story, thanks) and I realised I've got some beef with how they treat darkness in this game. I think part of it's just me and what I think, but I want to get this out there anyway, because there's no such thing as too much fanon!

So we start the game, and Aqua and Terra are taking the test to become Keyblade Masters. Aqua passes. Terra doesn't - because, according to Eraqus, there's too much darkness in his heart. (Not a spoiler; we should all know this by now.) This was demonstrated to us, the players, when he almost uses ~*~the powers of darkness~*~ during the test. Key word there: almost. He starts to, and then he stops. Eraqus seems to interpret that to mean that Terra doesn't have control over his darkness, but I disagree. I think it means that he does have control, because even though he does lose control for a moment, he quickly reins it back in.

We then spend the rest of Terra's story watching Terra learn that darkness is not the only way. It's true, darkness isn't the only way. But that doesn't mean that light is, either. Everyone has darkness in their heart, except for the Princesses of Heart - that's everyone; even Eraqus, even Aqua. Terra doesn't need to learn to stamp out the darkness inside of him in order to become a true Keyblade Master; he just needs to be able to know when it's okay to use and when it's not okay to use. Sometimes you do have to fight fire with fire - that's what King Mickey and Riku do, during KH2, after all, and nobody's arguing that they're bad or evil. Don't Sora and Riku even argue with Xemnas, that the darkness isn't inherently bad? (I think they did, anyway, but I might have picked that up from fanon :/ ) The darkness is a tool, just like the light is; it's what you do with it that makes it either good or evil.

Certainly it's easier to do bad inside the darkness, because people don't see it like they do in the light, but if you know yourself and you can say, "This is where I draw the line," in regards to your actions, then your power won't go to your head. Terra can do that, and we as players see that he can, so I don't get why everyone considers him tainted by the darkness. He's definitely still learning, but he knows how to do the right thing. Whether he uses light or darkness to do that shouldn't matter.

(There's a spoilery version of this that goes into the plot more, but now is not the time for that version. Maybe after I beat the game...)

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Thursday, 9 September 2010 03:16 pm
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I've been enjoying BBS so far! I think I'm like halfway through Terra's story already, and I've only been playing for five hours (and I've spent at least one of those dicking around on the Command Board). I'm also playing on beginner mode, though, so... that might have something to do with it, haha.(I'm already thinking I might want to delete that file and start over again in standard mode... it can't be that much harder, right? And if I check the guide for each world I can make sure I get 100% completion.)

Almost finished outlining arc two of Inoue Chronicle (actual story's alternate title: "I Will Be Chasing a Starlight" but Inoue Chronicle is shorter so... yeah). It's turned out to be a lot less action-y than I was initially thinking, but for where it comes in the story that's probably better. With luck I can finish the outline by the end of this month, then I can spend next month working on my Heartless doll (for Halloween) and college apps (so I don't have to do them in November), and then I can spend more of November writing. I know that I'll need to write about 1700 words a day to meet the goal... but I cheated a little! I already have the first chapter written, the last chapter (sort of) written, and some of my interludes are also already sort of written, so I've already got about 3500 words, so I actually only have to write about 1550 words a day. I just have to... not write any more of that story until November! /awkward laugh But I'll probably have my hands full with outlining and essays and college apps and sewing, so I guess I shouldn't have to worry.

And speaking of essays, I get to write two of them over the weekend! :D <-- that emoticon is sarcastic. One about Macbeth, since I'm not going to the play (well, the people who are going have to write a review comparing it to the play in written form, and I think I'd rather write the essay, even though I don't know the prompt yet). And the other for college apps. I'm not sure which ones to write, though; 1000 words for the UC prompts (between the both of them, so that's cool) or the two (or maybe three) prompts for the University of Chicago - I don't actually plan on attending either school, at least not right out of high school, but since I actually need to write one of them for my AP English class, I should just kind of pick one. Or two, really, because I need to write two for either school...

I guess, it basically comes down to, do I want to write about how my world has shaped my dreams and aspirations, and about a personal something that makes me proud and how it relates to who I am, or do I want to write about why I want to go to the University of Chicago, and about the two types of people in the world (totally those who use the Oxford comma and those who don't - or, I could write about how to find x, or what I would dissolve, if I could dissolve anything in the world, and what I would use to dissolve it). (That was a terrible sentence and I should feel terrible for writing it.) I think I should ask around, I guess, before deciding what to do - I have a day before I have to start writing, after all.

And in the meantime, I'll read Macbeth. And outline more, because I want to get through Albert's Legacy so that I can get to Christian's Inferno, because I like writing Damien and I like writing crazy, so writing crazy!Damien should be awesome.

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010 06:17 am
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This morning I woke up thinking, "Well, at least that was Ovan's theme." It wasn't. It wasn't even from the same game.

This morning I woke up thinking, "Well, at least it's Friday." It's not. It's Tuesday.

On the plus side, today = Tuesday September 7th = BBS, whoo! :D I just have to, you know, get through the rest of the day, first. Which... I think I've done okay, so far. Wrote up my quotes for English, finally applied for my Ohlone class, actually have time to eat breakfast. Not a bad start, I guess.

Song Of The Century has been stuck in my head since yesterday. I'm totally not complaining.

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Friday, 13 August 2010 09:02 am
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Or, you know, not. I don't think I would have noticed, except I was trying to figure out if there should be a new episode of Grammar Girl. (There should be. There isn't.)

New iPod playlist, one I'd been meaning to make for a while. And now I have! :D Also, I heard the BBS version of Dearly Beloved, and, hnnnnngh it's so pretty *___* I never actually liked Dearly Beloved and then I heard a trance remix and I've been in love with the song ever since. I forget which KH soundtrack I bought the twins (knowing me, probably both of them) but whichever it is I want to borrow it so I can rip it and listen to Dearly Beloved in all its forms, all day long~ And, you know, the other songs, too. (I know I bought the KH2 one, because I remember it has the Atlantica musical songs in Japanese.)

Actually, I should go back to the store I bought those at, because they might have the BBS soundtrack, too. And if they do, I will buy it, because if there's one thing in the world that I need more of, it's JRPG soundtracks. (KH is a JRPG, right? I mean, it's an RPG... and it's Japanese... so, surely, it's a JRPG? At least,  it should be a JRPG, because it's not a Western RPG... huh. My brain is starting to hurt. It's too early for this.)

My cat is looking at me like I'm committing some kind of crime, because I'm not paying attention to him. It's a very cat thing to do.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010 01:03 pm
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Going to the mall with Ani later, I guess. Earlier in the week I would rather have gone to Pacific Commons, but now I'm cool with the mall. Mostly because I doubt he'd follow through on the plan we concocted earlier in the week: that he and I would split the cost of the Birth By Sleep entertainment pack or whatever it's called (it's a long and awkward name, I know that). Basically it's the game bundled with a limited-edition PSP 3000. I think it's just a special colour, though, and there isn't like a design on it or anything. Anyway, it's $200, and Ani said he'd split the cost with me, since this way I'd get a new PSP and he could have my old one. The only thing is, you have to preorder it to get it, and I want to do that at the Pacific Commons store, since that's where I preordered BBS; that way I could just transfer the deposit to the bundle instead of having to cancel it and then go to two different stores to pick up the game and the guide.

Um. But, I don't think that's going to happen, and anyway I really don't need a new PSP, plus if I don't tie up all the money I'll be getting between now and September 7th, I think that means I can actually buy lunch the first week of school... or that I can spend more when I go out with the twins later this week; I forget which one it is.

I feel bad for neglecting my neopets the last couple of days. ): Mostly because Kurou isn't going to farm the last 30k I need to get a paintbrush for him on his own! Once he's painted I think I might start drawing petpage designs for the lot of them. (Actually, that should be "once I buy that second accessory for Kurou I think I might start drawing petpage designs for the lot of them;" I keep forgetting that I'm not done with him, yet. ...ugh, that's another, like, 32k right there.) I should probably play more games to get more cash, but I'm really bad at most of them /: I think I could manage frumball but I'm too lazy to update my shockwave player. (Why is there shockwave and flash? Why can't there just be one? Although... I never update my flash player, either...) Maybe I should try restocking, since I just bought a shop to sell off junk anyway. (And by junk I mean the bottled dark faerie I got from the Wheel of Excitement last week, and the codestone that I got from a random event that I didn't even notice getting. Anyone else would use those on their pets! I'm not anyone else, though.)

Then again, I do want to fill up that old sketchbook... maybe I should draw Aki and Mitsu today. I mean, I still need to draw Simba, too, but... ugh, too lazy. Too lazy to draw, too lazy to Photoshop, just... too lazy.

...maybe I'll see if last night's White Collar is on demand, yet. And if I'm not too lazy maybe I'll make some popcorn to go with it.
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I just wanted to find a picture of Terra; I was not expecting massive Birth By Sleep spoilers! At least on other websites there are spoiler warnings!

Terra, you have blindsided me for the last time! I will no longer tolerate your existence as a walking spoiler! (And by no longer tolerate I mean completely avoid.)

I guess this means that I'm not going to get to hardcore work on my Hearts Connected fic until after I've beaten BBS, if only because I basically can't google Terra (or certain other characters that it should not be that difficult to google) without getting smacked in the face by spoilers.

Also, for max amusement: Luke Skywalker would never have imagined it while training under Obi Wan, but now he is the Master. Master Eraquas, that is. (Voice acting joke. I am so lame.)

re: BBS voice actors

Thursday, 5 August 2010 11:18 pm
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I don't know if I can take Master Xehanort not-seriously anymore. I was all set and ready to be "lolol Master Rent-A-Ho" every single time he showed up or whatever. But now I don't know if I can.

Because his English voice actor is Spock! I mean, I thought he sounded like Leonard Nimoy but I'm not always the best with voices, but it turns out it actually is Leonard Nimoy!

I think I need to go watch the E3 trailer again, lol. Just to bask in the voice acting goodness.

(Also I'm feeling better and it's about time. Also the scene I'm about to write has Ienzo being all talkative and I'm not entirely sure if that's totally IC or not /: Maybe I can have Even explain it all instead...)

re: BBS trailer

Sunday, 11 July 2010 11:02 pm
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*incoherent squealing*

I mean, no words. I am more than willing to brave the tortures of (somehow) managing senior portraits, (somehow) applying for a million scholarships, (somehow) taking even more college entrance exams, and (somehow) applying to every college I can think of, JUST for the chance to play this game.



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