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Friday, 20 August 2010 01:36 pm
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Making pasta~ :9 Part of me wants to scramble up an egg to go with it, but I think that's the same part of me that comes up with positively hideous colour palettes, so I'm not listening to it. (Maybe I'll make fried rice some other time; that's a good excuse to scramble up an egg or two, I guess.) Another part of me wants to try melting some parmesan cheese into some butter or something and make a sauce like that, and I'm not sure if that's the same part that's going on about the egg. x: The water's not even boiling yet, so I guess I can google that and see how farfetched it really is.

Also, I tried playing La Tale again. Only to run into the exact same issues I had when my internet connection was less stable; that is, the game insisting that it can't connect. Maybe it's my laptop...?

I've been watching cooking shows all day. Maybe that's why I'm so hungry.

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Friday, 25 June 2010 10:06 am
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I hate spam, and I hate people who knowingly send spam. I'm even a member of the Facebook group "No, I Don't Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter."

And yet people still do it. People still send me spammy chain letters like "This is totes from the founder of Facebook, and we're totes running out of room for people to be on facebook, so if you don't send this letter to 15 other people I'm going to delete your profile" and... other things like that. (I was going to ignore it, and then people started responding to it so of course I couldn't leave it alone and responded by pointing out a ridiculous typo/what the hell is that actually supposed to mean followed by stating my dislike for spam. Of course the twenty other people on the thing - because you can only Reply To All - probably consider it spam. But at least it isn't a chain letter.)

Also, I actually did manage to get La Tale working again last night. I was shocked! Anyway, I was levelling my engineer. I should play as my wizard more (gonna turn her into a bard, hells yes!) but... it's so hard... ): She's level 17, and level 14 monsters can totally kill her when I solo (which is all the time, because I'm a total loner and am, somehow, even more socially awkward online than in real life). I shouldn't even be in the Temple of Pluton still, but I can't go anywhere else, because I die instantly. Ugh so annoying...

Anyway, I'm going to hope my luck holds and try some more MMO-ness. If it doesn't then I'll play more Portal, I guess.

...also, I really want a Pokémon icon for a default icon, but I haven't found the perfect icon yet. /: Have to keep looking.

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Saturday, 29 May 2010 08:09 pm
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Level 17 in La Tale! :D It shouldn't feel like an accomplishment, but I've gone up two armour sets since yesterday, which does feel like an accomplishment; I went from pink to blue to blue-green, lol.

Also finished setting aside my clothes for tomorrow. I think the blazer might be a bit much, honestly, but it's the only really nice jacket I have, and anyway it matches the greyness of the rest of my outfit. I couldn't find my grey slacks, so I'm wearing my grey jeans instead; it's just as well, because none of my slacks have enough pockets to hold all my stuff anyway. Then the only dress shirt I have that fits properly anymore ): and a grey vest I haven't worn in ages, light grey and doublebreasted. (Though it actually fastens with hooks. I have to be careful, because sometimes the ones in the middle like to come undone when I slouch.) And then the darker grey (with pink pinstripes!) blazer and my nice new dress shoes.

It's an awfully good thing that I roughly know my way around a needle; one of the buttons from the blazer came out in the dryer, and it's really poor quality, not even lined and with loose serged edges just hanging there. So I sewed the button back on and did my best to tidy it up a bit; I basically had to just sew what I could to the pocket, because if I'd done any more to it, it would have shown through the front (since it's not lined). It won't really keep me warm, but at least it'll look nice.

Complete subject change: it's 21 degrees with 43% humidity. Whoever said "twenty is nice" was an asshole; it's ridiculously warm, especially in the house. At least outside there's a breeze... /:

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Saturday, 29 May 2010 11:31 am
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I really dislike people who bitch about you being indecisive, then force you to make a decision, then bitch about the decision you made under pressure (because it's not the one they wanted you to make). Like just now, when my brother's all "Are you coming to dad's with me are you coming to dad's with me" and I tell him, "I don't know, I have to take a shower before I do anything," and he replies, "Don't lag, I have to go," so I tell him, "Fine, then just go without me," and then he started complaining. If he'd just waited ten minutes for me to take a damn shower, I'd have gone with him, but noooo, we can't have that.

I also really dislike stupid people who act like they're such hot shit, when in reality they're complete and utter dumbasses and the world would very much like it if they'd just stfu. They tend to be the same people who manage to talk for ten minutes straight without actually saying anything, are always, "Why do you have to make everything an argument?" when you correct them and also always have to get in the last word. Mostly I dislike people like that because they're really annoying, but also because they bring out my inner deadpan snarker and I have to make an effort to not respond to anything they say. (Like the kid who sits next to me in French class. Seriously, someone needs to just duct tape his mouth shut or something.)

I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow! My group's going to interview people for an intro video for our presentation. (The one that we really need to work on, because presentations start on the eighth and we... have not started. Like, at all.) And then I'm going out there again on Wednesday, for an AP field trip. I'm looking forward to both, but of course the first one's causing drama, or more accurately, dad's causing drama because of it. I'm not even going to elaborate; thinking about it's pissing me off.

In cheerier news, I finally got La Tale working again! So I've been grinding a bit; right now it's mostly for cash so I can buy something from the fancy shop (the cheapest item in the two that I can access is 100k), but also for levels, I guess; it's just that when I grind for levels it's really slow going, because my attack and defence are pretty low (since I'm playing a wizard) so I can't grind in level-appropriate areas without dying or using up a bunch of healing items. I get decent XP from quests, though, so it's not all bad. It... would probably also help if I weren't soloing, lol. I'm too antisocial to form a party, anyway /:

I think I'm going to go back to grinding until I figure out just wtf is going on today. |:

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010 06:32 am
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Test today \o/ And another like 8 degree change in temperature. /: I don't like it when the weather does that, my allergies are always worse when it does. Then again... they weren't so bad yesterday, so I think I'll be okay. And if I wash out my thermos and brew some extra-strong mint tea to take with me, that should help, too. And we might have a sub in AVID again today, which means we can't do binder checks, so I might not have to stay at school all day! Which would be very nice, though... it's not actually that bad. I'm starting to get over it.

Mint tea (not herbal tea, black tea + mint; I'd be more specific but that's all it says on the box) and honey go very well together. The honey taste mixes with the mint taste to make a delicious taste. ♥

La Tale seems pretty cool, too! It really is just like Maple Story (at least, from what I remember of my five minutes of playing Maple Story) but I can actually stand to play it. Level six already~ I can punch wolves in the face now, it's pretty awesome. (Actually I'm whacking them with a staff, and they're 'wild dogs,' not wolves, but still.) It's a little iffy, though. I can't seem to get to the next town, though I know where it is. At least, I think I know where it is. The NPC who told me said it was beyond the forest, but she neglected to mention that there's an ancient forest after the forest. I could barely get through the first forest ¬_¬; So I'm thinking I want to get to around level fifteen before I try doing anything amazingly risky.

It's strange; the character menu said that wizard characters were trickier for new players because of their low... something. Probably strength in regards to defence, or something like that; I don't remember. But it doesn't seem that hard at all. Maybe it's just because I've played stupidly difficult RPGs with major grind required before (/cough Phantasy Star /cough) so I better understand resources like HP and healing items and how far those things go, so I can apply that to any game I'm playing. Or maybe the game just isn't that hard, lol.

On the news there was just a story about a new tactic hotel workers are using in their picketing. One union drew attention to their protest by dancing in the lobby to the accompaniment of a brass band. Those hotel workers are awesome and they should feel awesome.

I'm out of tea and I still have like half an hour before I need to really start getting ready, since I don't want to sit around at school for half an hour by myself. I'll have to make more tea.

edit: Also, though this is kind of old news, there is a rogue satellite out in space. It no longer takes orders from its controllers on Earth, but it's still fully functioning and can, in fact, steal signals from other satellites. This satellite used to carry the SyFy Channel. I'm lolling at the irony.


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