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Friday, 16 July 2010 02:03 pm
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Been playing lots of P3P lately x: It's September 22, and I should be going in Tartarus to grab the next Old Document, grab some missing people, and grind, because I've been neglecting that for a bit and Tziah is just a little bit difficult for me now, even with my attack dog and my battle robot /: Also I know that the October full moon boss is a pain in the ass, so I'd like to be overlevelled for that. (I've just about reached the point where I stopped playing P3F, actually; I was at the October full moon, and Fortune and Strength were kicking my ass because the rest of my party was underlevelled, because I'd been using Ken and Shinjiro almost exclusively, and they're both unavailable for that fight. I'd like to not have a repeat of that, lol!) Also, Shinjiro's s.link is adorable and I can't wait to finish it. But first, more Tartarus! D:

I was feeling Tartarus-ed out today, so I switched to Second Evolution to advance the plot. (At first I was thinking, "but wait, I haven't done the thing with the Luxurious equipment yet, when is that supposed to happen?" but then I remembered that that's in First Departure, lol.) So I went off to Lacour, only to get dragged in to taking Leon along to the ruins, which I wanted to do anyway because that's where you pick up Ernest, and then I grabbed Welch before heading off to Hilton... and then I remembered that I forgot to do the scene in Arlia that's required to get Ernest, but since I already had Leon I couldn't sail back to Krosse. So I had to reload, go do the scene in Arlia, sit through the entire thing in Lacour, go through Welch's recruitment again, and then head off to the ruins and pick up Ernest.

Did I mention that in Second Evolution, you can't skip voiced dialogue? You have to wait for whoever's finished to finish speaking before you can click forward to the next person's speech. Which takes a while, if there's a lot of talking going on. Did I mention that both Leon's recruitment and Welch's recruitment have a lot of talking? Did I mention that they're both voiced? Yeah, sitting through them again was painful.

I feel like drawing right now, but I don't really know why. Though it's not as if I don't already have a million half-Photoshopped drawings on my computer to work on, haha. I have a meeting later, and I have to cook snack for it (well, it's not really cooking; I just have to heat up the corn dogs, though they take like twenty minutes per batch), but I don't have to start until like five, so I've still got some time to kill. ...maybe I'll do an OC meme or something...

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Sunday, 11 July 2010 01:25 pm
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The farmers' market was pretty cool. The first thing we did was get grilled corn on the cob, which mum then proceeded to put entirely too much butter on. /: It was still really tasty, though. We looked around for a bit after that; there were a surprising number of not-food-related stalls there. Like the pony rides. And the Boy Scouts. And the live band. It's a summer thing, I guess. Mum was looking for grapes, but she didn't find any. There were at least three baked goods stalls, though; we stopped at one of them, and picked up a blueberry scone and some cookies. They were chocolate orange and they were absolutely delicious. The scone was really good, too, even though I've been picking out most of the blueberries. (I like blueberry flavoured stuff, but I don't like whole blueberries. Most of the ones in the scone are pretty mushy, though, so they aren't so bad.)

And then we went to the grocery store, and bought twenty dollars' worth of flavoured water. /: We went to Wal-Mart before that, so mum could get more yarn (she's on a crocheting thing right now) and also some candy. I was kind of kicking myself for not buying movie candy, but I actually did get a little bit, so that's cool. And then I can take some of the flavoured water with me, too, so all I have to buy at the cinema is my ticket and some popcorn. And since it's the first showing, the tickets are only $6.25 each (as opposed to the regular matinee price, which is $7.50).

And now I'm eating a sandwich. :9 Mmmm, sandwich. I think I'm going to wait for my iPod to finish charging, and then I'll play more P3P. Gotta go save Fuuka!

edit: Remind me never to put both cheddar and monterey jack on the same sandwich. They're tasty on their own, but they're too strong to go together... n_n; Also, I was worried about being underlevelled in P3P, but apparently I've got the opposite problem, judging by the playthrough I was reading earlier. Right now I'm around the same level that player is, but I'm two weeks behind. (Of course, that person also has more social links than I do... n_n; Though, the only two I'm really concerned about are Moon and Fortune, lol.)

Also my cat is a goofball and also adorable. I can say that, because earlier he was being demanding and ate some of my scone, and then he was being all cute and asleep, and now he's chillin' under my blanket, and hasn't stopped purring since he found his way under there.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010 11:28 pm
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And lots more P3P! Well, that's what happens when you spend five hours playing it... I find that I tweet a lot when playing handheld games, but not so much when I play console games. P3P is no exception! This actually sums up what I did pretty well:

cut for edited tweets )
...or at least that gives a good idea of what goes through my head when I'm playing games, haha. It's three days before the June full moon, and I've got Fool, Magician, and Emperor s.links at level 3, Lovers at level 1, and Chariot and Hermit at level 5. I have 4 Personas: level 17 Pyro Jack, level 16 Principality, level 16 Oberon, and level 10 Archangel. The Archangel is fusion fodder once I find something decent enough to fuse it with. I've been having problems with that, this playthrough... Oh, and Saika's level 18, and Junpei, Yukari, and Akihiko are level 17. All in all, I think I'm doing pretty good right now!

Mum volunteered me to go see Eclipse with my brother's girlfriend, mostly because all my friends have already seen it and mum doesn't want to see it herself. I haven't seen a film with Sara in like two years, so it would probably be fun; it's just that it wouldn't be like seeing it with a friend. Of course, I only ever saw the first one with friends... Mum then tried apologising, but then I reminded her that she's going to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice with me whether she wants to or not. She promptly stopped apologising.

I think we're going to the farmers' market tomorrow, which should be fun. I'd like to get some corn on the cob, since we didn't last weekend.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010 10:37 pm
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Okay, so Mars rovers, 2005, we just (relatively) recently lost one of them; it got stuck and couldn't be moved, and basically just sat there until so much dust built up on its solar panels that it couldn't get any power at all. Those rovers are were are the little rovers that fucking could, because they were only expected to last 90 days. But anyway, I haven't been thinking about them much lately, because, you know, Mars and all.

And then I read this comic. No lie, I started tearing up a bit. actually it was more than that, but People can complain about the space program all they like. It doesn't change the fact that we have done some amazing things.

Also, more P3P progress! Let's do it in list form today:
 - Saika (FMC) is level 10!
  · Junpei and Yukari are level 9. This is because when we split up, I'm the one who ends up in battle.
 - Started Yukari's s.link!
 - Levelled up Junpei's s.link.
  · I haven't worked on Emperor or Chariot, though. Story events have contrived to keep me from going to tennis club or student council.
 - Completed almost all of Theo's available quests!
  · I'm still looking for that damn Juzumaru, though.
  · Also, Theo is kind of adorkable. I can't wait to go out with him again.
 - It's five days before the May full moon!
  · I got to the top of Thebel and collected the first Old Document at least five days ago, though. The day before Theo told me about his quests, actually.
 - Leveled up Academics to Average.
 - Current Personas: Orpheus, Angel, Nekomata. I already got Angel's spell card (Garu) but I'm levelling her up until she learns Hama so I can fuse it onto my next Persona. I haven't started working on Nekomata's yet, mostly because I have to level her to 11 to get her spell card (I forget what it is.)
 - I'm still trying to get that damn Juzumaru! I know I already said that, but I think it bears repeating - I've spent like all of Golden Week looking for it. /: I found two rare chests my first run through Thebel, and now I can't find any? I wonder if maybe they don't spawn when your party's split up...

I'm also not going to comment on the huge major local thing that's happening right now, except to say that I'm not going to comment on it, and also that I know where I'm not going for the next while! (And that's every major city around here that I can avoid, which is all of them - well, except for the one I live in, obviously. Which is really actually a town, not a city, but that doesn't stop it from being ridiculously huge.)

Also, I slept through dinner. /: This means, obviously, that I didn't get to eat dinner, but also that I'm probably going to be awake forever. (Maybe not, since I'm still a little bit tired...) And also that I'm going to play more P3P, since that was what I was doing before I fell asleep. I'm probably definitely going to beat the Priestess. I'm not sure about anything after that, though.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010 10:58 pm
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One day of P3P later, I'm three hours in, level 7 (though I think Junpei and Yukari might be level 6 still), ten floors into Tartarus, and a member of the tennis club. I actually spent a lot more time playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution today than I did playing P3P, but that's mostly because I didn't pick up P3P until like five in the evening, while I had the entire rest of the day to play Star Ocean. (Yes, I did switch from one to two. Mostly because I found my Second Evolution guide after half an hour of moving boxes around, digging through boxes, finding several things that should not have been buries in boxes, and then moving all the boxes back... only to find the guide sitting in plain sight, where it had been the entire time. Started a Claude playthrough: Claude, Rena, Opera, and now Bowman; I'm going to pick up Welch next, then Leon and Ernest. You know. When I never eventually get back to it.)

I've decided that I'm going to go see The Next Airbender next week, but only - only! - if I can talk Melissa into going with me. (I'd try this week but I don't have any money, I spent it all on P3P. Okay, and preordering Birth By Sleep and the guide.) I imagine it won't be fun, and it won't be pretty, but if I go with Melissa at least we can sit in the back and snark it the entire time. That way, at least I won't be inclined to start yelling at the screen... or to storm out of the theatre and spend the hour and a half rest of the time left playing DDR. On a Supernova machine, no less, and as everyone knows, I hate Supernova machines.

Also, I started rereading Bloodhound. Crime-solving fantasy with a kick-ass female protagonist who hears dead people. Awesome. Too bad the last of the trilogy doesn't come out until next year. I kind of wish Tamora Pierce were a more prolific author, because even though she's got like twenty-five books out I've read every one of them like a million times, and the summaries of the books she plans on writing (through 2014) sound so interesting omg I wish she'd write faster. I totally want to read about Tris at Lightsbridge. I totally want to read about Numair's past. I totally want to read about Briar, Evvy, and Rosethorn in Yanjing. But I can't, because those books haven't been written yet. :C

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Monday, 5 July 2010 10:45 pm
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P3P tomorrow ahhhh~

So of course, when there's a new PSP game lurking, I just have to get sucked back into an older one. Mum was on the computer all day today, so I spent the day playing Star Ocean: First Departure instead of... internetting. /: Nearly ten hours, and I'm not any farther in the plot than I was before, but I did pick up my eighth party member, figure out what team I wanted to use, and then proceed to use them to break the game.

...well, I didn't really break the game. I'm too far in the plot for it to count as that. But my main team is now ~20 levels above the other four characters (though I'm waffling between Ioshua and Erys; they're both healers and I was using Ioshua more, so his level is higher, but Erys has more attack spells. But then I really don't need three girls in a four-person party, and Erys's voice sounds almost exactly like Welch's... so maybe I should switch back to Ioshua) and has way better equipment. Well... Welch and Ioshua have way better equipment; Ilia needs better armour and could have a better weapon, and I've been ignoring Ronyx's equipment because I was too busy maxing out his Alchemy skill to teach him Customisation. (Well, someone's got to make all those Moonrocks and Mithrils and Philosopher's Stones I was using.)

So basically I spent all day grinding. And I actually had fun.

As an aside, my guide keeps suggesting, for all bosses, that the player's party consists of Roddick, Ronyx, Millie, and Cyuss/Ashlay. I fought exactly one boss in those ten hours (optional, though according to the guide it was mandatory) with Welch, Ilia, Ronyx, and Erys, and it was a total cakewalk. For the rest of the game, I'm going to swap Ioshua for Erys and then I'm never going to change my party again.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010 06:36 am
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I'm so tired right now, it's not even funny. /:

Yesterday was the last full day of school this year; today's a minimum day and Wednesday and Thursday are finals, with finals schedules. So I get out around one today and noon the next two days. And then it's summer vacation!

I remember what happened last year, around this time, and that kind of puts a downer on the whole "omgsummer!" of it all. I hope that something similar doesn't happen this year. I don't think I could handle that.

I'll have my SAT results a week from this Thursday. I can't wait x: I'm really curious to see how I did. I don't think I'm going to send out this score to any schools; I'll do that when I take it in September, when I should probably have a better score. I think I'm taking the ACT in September, too, though I... don't really need to. (It would probably be a better idea to take a couple of subject tests, but I can't do that if I'm taking the reasoning test, too.)

Season 3 of True Blood started, though I... didn't watch most of the first episode. I'm a week behind on Burn Notice, too. Warehouse 13 should be starting... probably this week, but maybe not; sometime soon, at any rate. Eureka is next month, Sanctuary is fall, and Supernatural is... probably fall. (I hope.) P3P comes out next month! I totally can't wait for that. A-and Other M comes out in August. I kind of want to preorder it... I mean, I don't have a Wii, so I couldn't play it even if I wanted to, but I think it comes with an artbook or something like that if you preorder it, and I am all for Metroid concept art!

...and I have to finish revising my essay. I don't know why I say finish; I haven't started. Mostly I just have to find more sources; apparently you have to cite things like stereotypes in society, even though we... all know about stereotypes in society. /: I think there are a couple of places where I need to put in more evidence, mostly near the beginning. (Have I already talked about this? I think I have...)

Time for breakfast now. :9 And then school /:


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