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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 08:22 pm
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I thought this meme looked like fun! So I did it for a couple of things I've been working on.

1. Go to page 77 (or 7) of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.

(Rule 4 is to tag 7 other people but uh... yeah.)

that I were like a star )


noemi )

...and apparently I can't write short paragraphs. x:

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Thursday, 8 September 2011 01:32 pm
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I already suspected that my English class now is the same as the English class I took in eleventh grade, but now I'm sure. I also liked it better as my eleventh grade English class than I do as my first college English class. I mean, today we talked about MLA formatting and how to avoid clich├ęs and redundancy in essays! Our final project for the class is a research paper; I don't know how long it is, but if it's shorter than 15 paged I'm going to scream.

Today in class "So what's this weird semi-colon thing do, anyway?" was an actual question asked of us by the teacher, and I was the only person to offer the correct answer. Everyone else was either wrong or just didn't know. Semi-colons!

I realise that my familiarity with the course material is because I've basically already taken the course, and that obviously I shouldn't expect that kind of knowledge from my classmates because I don't know if they have... except that I do know that there are at least two people in there who have taken the exact same English classes that I have, and there is absolutely no reason for them to not have volunteered the same answers I did, because they absolutely should have already known them.

It's like I'm turning into Hermione or something. I certainly raised my hand enough.

Anyway, enough about that. Today I actually finished arc four of Chasing A Starlight. Anybody remember that? I know I sure didn't.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011 09:18 pm
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I have a ton - a ton - of ficbits and unfinished stories. In fact, finding a finished story in my documents folder is really really hard. Every now and then I like to go through them all and read them to see where I was going, maybe add a bit here and there, or just enjoy where it ended up.

Most of these files are titles with the name/names of characters involved, though there are a few with lyrics or actual descriptions (broken bridge, she had the world, alchemically, where is your boy and its twin, you were the not this one - funny story with those two, actually; I could never remember which one I had decided to stick with and I was a little tired of writing both, so finally I got frustrated, picked one, and renamed the other). I remember, this one time, I had this awesome idea. I jotted down a couple of sentences, and then got pulled away from the computer, so I named the file something actually related to the idea so that I wouldn't forget it.

It clearly didn't work, because I've never been able to remember what the idea was. The title (of another place and time) doesn't help. The sentences I have (Christie wasn't the type of person to get worked up over the little things, Dave knew. If anything, that was his job. So when) don't help either.

It annoys me to no end, because I know I was going somewhere with that. I just... can't remember where I was going with it! D:

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Monday, 13 June 2011 05:57 am
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Things What I Need To Do Today:
 - fill out a transcript request & turn it in
 - camp out in front of the 100 book room until somebody shows up so that I can turn in my damned precalculus book
 - get all my teachers to sign my yearbook
 - take a picture of everybody in the amphitheatre during break, if everyone's amenable
 - get my check-out form signed by my counsellor and the finance coordinator

The hardest part is probably actually the book thing. We were supposed to have them all in by Friday, but it's really hard to turn a book in when the room is locked and nobody's actually there all of the five times a day you stop by. So I'm going to go camp out over there this morning until the guy shows up, and then I'm going to get all my stuff signed, and if anybody complains I'll explain, but if they want to make a fuss over it, things aren't going to end well for anybody. So I hope nobody wants to make a fuss.

Also, after an adventure on my college's website, I found out that I do, actually, have to send in a high school transcript. I really wasn't sure, because the faculty were saying I did, but nobody I talked to at the college ever mentioned it, and the people I know who know more about the college than I do were saying how I didn't need to. Finally I went and looked, and after ten minutes of mindless googling I found that the answer was, in fact, yes.

Now, if that information had been posted on the website a little more obviously, that would have been nice.

Anyway, I've only got about half an hour left before I have to start getting ready, so it's back to mindless self-indulgent fanfic for me.
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"Oh, damn it, I need a name for them. Let's see... uh, 'skywalkers' sounds good, describes what they do pretty well... wait. Star Wars. Fuck."

The worst part is that it really is the best name I can come up with. It's just that I can't think of it seriously without thinking of Luke Skywalker, and I bet nobody else can, either. (Though, if I'm writing it's self-indulgent crossover fanfic anyway, does it really matter?)

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Sunday, 24 April 2011 04:20 pm
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Happy Easter, everyone! This is not an introspective post because I am absolutely tired of writing introspective posts. Instead, this is something of a random things post.

For example! Without even trying I'm subconsciously picking out songs for characters of mine. I've got a Mao song (Starlight), a Haru song (Trade Mistakes), a Mao-and-Haru song (Star Gate Heaven), and a Noemi song (Bad Apple). (I don't think I've ever mentioned Noemi by name, although recently I've talked about the issues I've had actually writing her story. Part of this is probably because, while I know Noemi really well, I don't know Luke very well at all, and I'm supposed to be actually introducing him into the story.)

My nail polish is finally starting to chip off, after two weeks of nearly perfect nails. It's weird, because the stickers I put on are coming off, too, from underneath the topcoat. So then I have a petal-shaped hole in my topcoat. It's really weird.

Hopefully getting out to the craft store on Tuesday! I've planned to go with Shiki and Pinky but I don't know if their mum will let them. /: If not I might try asking Ruchia, and if that doesn't work then I'm just going to have to ask mum. /: I basically need a whole ton of stuff for making the keys: clay, paints, paintbrush, gloss, wire, pliers... I'm also after a new pair of earbuds, as well - I want some Skullcandies, but they're always "locked merchandise" and there's never ever anybody actually in the electronics section, so I'll probably end up with another pair of the Sony ones I have now. But really, I just want a pair of earbuds that doesn't hurt my ears and doesn't start doing weird staticky stuff after four months, is that really too much to ask?

Also, I really don't understand this. List of Apple Software I Want: iTunes.
List of Software Apple Apparently Thinks I Need: iTunes, Safari, MobileMe, Ping, Genius, VoiceOver Kit, GraceNote, and Kerbango.

You'll notice there's only one thing common to both lists. The really ridiculous part? With the exception of Safari and MobileMe, the rest of that all comes with iTunes. But I don't want any of it. I don't even need any of it! I never use it! So why do I have to have all of it just to get freaking iTunes?

Which reminds me, I've got about four months' worth of Grammar Girl and Are We Alone? to listen to, as well as those three audiobooks I never finished. Who wants to listen to Tim Curry read Sabriel? I do! :D (Plus I've had a raging headache for three hours. I think getting off the computer and indulging in some awesome Skullcrushers might help.)

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Monday, 18 April 2011 08:37 pm
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Continuing from an earlier tumblr post:

I’ve figured out that it’s pretty easy for me to write essays (which is what I’m actually supposed to be doing right now, though I’m not). It’s not so easy for me to write things that matter - I’m afraid of messing them up, of not getting the words right. And all my stories matter. So it’s hard for me to write them, even though I really want to.

Realistically, I know that I can always revise whatever I write. If it isn't right, if it doesn't flow properly, if it isn't true to the characters... I can fix that. And yet, I feel like, if I don't get it right the first time, that I'm letting my characters down, or something. They all mean something to me. Even if I'm closer to some of them than to others, they're all, essentially, a part of me - a part that I created, in boredom, in depression, in euphoria, in dreaming. They all deserve to have their stories told properly; I owe it to them, if not to myself.

And yet, when I read their stories and try to continue them, even though I can see exactly what's happening, exactly what's going to happen next, I freeze up. I don't know how to express it properly, how to put what I'm seeing and what I'm feeling into words. I want to capture that moment, and I fear that if I do it inadequately, when I return to my document, the moment will be lost. And in the hesitation caused by fear of losing the moment, I write nothing, and cause it to be lost anyway.

I know what I need to do. I need to push through that fear and just write. If it's not perfect, that's okay; I can make it perfect. But I have to have something to work with before I can do that. So I'll just turn the music up real loud and see what I get. If I put my all into it, I'm sure it'll turn out all right.

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Monday, 31 January 2011 09:13 pm
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New classes! They really aren't that interesting, to be perfectly honest - first block is fun, second block is maths, third block is journalism, and fourth block is rage. Nothing to write home about, really! I had fun making a cover for the binder that's apparently required for second block, though - plus it works out since I apparently need a folder for journalism, and now have a free one since I don't need it for precal.

Um. What else? Let's see... I'm up to level 31 in Latale! Naturally I need to be 32 to equip the last piece of the armour set I'm on. |: S-so much grinding... and most of the quests that are popping up are for monsters that can kill me, uh, pretty easily. 99 Privarings! I don't think I've even killed ten yet, and that was after fifteen minutes of farming them while trying not to die horribly (after dying horribly trying to slay Great Monkeys, which I actually can kill okay, just not when five of them swarm the area portal). It's really monotonous.

Lately I've been working on this story thing that somehow randomly popped into my head. See, I made up this clan idea once (okay it was a guild idea, but now they're clans) and was writing something that didn't pan out too well. Then the idea for this other thing came up, and I figured they would probably mesh pretty well, so I stuck them together. It's a weird sort-of-crossover between FFT and SO3 with some FF8 ideas crammed in there, and it's really weird. /: It's kinda fun, though.

Speaking of really weird, I feel the urge to stick an amnesiac Mao into the Dangerverse and see what comes out. Nothing good can come from it, and I know that, but I still want to do it anyway, just to say that I did. (This, when I can barely even tell the Killjoys apart... right, it's totally a good idea.)

I'll write something yet tonight, I just haven't figured out what it should be yet! I'd... probably better work on that.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 02:22 pm
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Stayed home yesterday, because it's hard to think about going to class when you're busy trying to not throw up everything you haven't eaten and the few things you have. Went in today, since I felt better and anyway, if you're going to go back, a minimum day you only have three classes is definitely the day to come back.

Started Frankenstein! Actually that was yesterday, but I started it today. Everybody said it was really boring but so far I'm actually kind of into it. Missed absolutely nothing of import in physics, since he went over easy stuff I already knew and then assigned more problems without explaining them, so nobody did those anyway. Today he explained them and then we had the second-worst lab ever, involving a bunch of seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds milling about beakers on a heating tray, waiting for the water to boil so that their bits of metal would be at 100 degrees centigrade, so that they could then drop them into water-filled Styrofoam cups. I don't think I need to explain what's wrong with that.

After that, of course, I spent a very pleasant fourth block grading classwork and bundling up newspapers. I now know where the Spongebob in the newspaper is, and if I hadn't been told, I could use that knowledge in order to win an iPod shuffle. (I almost told the person who told me not to tell me, so that I could win the iPod, but then I remembered I already had a better iPod.)

Also, I got my Hamlet essay back today. I wasn't particularly fond of that essay, because by the time I'd actually got to finishing it I didn't really believe my argument any more but was also too lazy to rewrite the entire thing, so instead I thought I ended up writing more of a parody of an essay with that argument. "I doubt I'm going to get a good grade on this," I thought, "since it's completely ridiculous and even I don't believe it." Then I found out that I got top marks on it and that it was used as an in-class example of "doing it right" (on the day I wasn't there, naturally). Yeah, I was surprised as well.

Speaking of things I did for the Hamlet project, I posted the five+one fic I did for it. No word on my marks for the project, but I know I definitely had more fun writing this than I did the essay.

And now I'm off to read half of Frankenstein and maybe some Pride and Prejudice, if I don't get dragged off to da's house before I can finish. And maybe make some toast, because I've eaten nothing but crackers all day and I'm pretty hungry.

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Thursday, 7 October 2010 06:13 am
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Slept in for half an hour and... I'm still stupidly tired. D: And then my brain hit me with plotbunnies in the form of dreams I actually remember, and it's like... no. I have three arcs left to outline and college applications to finish before November, I don't have time to write a Final Fantasy VII AU. (I don't even write FF7.)

At least I don't have fourth today! I do need to talk to my English teacher about helping her out during fourth, though... but not today. Maybe tomorrow; I need something to do during fourth so I can go to the swing club meeting after school, anyway.

Okay, English homework and then food. Maybe I'll feel more awake after that x_x;

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Friday, 10 September 2010 05:05 pm
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And then I finished outlining arc two of the novel. (I feel so conceited saying "Yeah, I'm outlining my novel" or "I dunno, I'll be pretty busy in November, what with writing my novel and all." Just - I mean, who expects a seventeen-year-old to be able to write a novel? But that's what I'm going to do. The idea is still a novelty - lol, novelty - right now. I imagine I won't feel that way come week two... ^_^;; ) I'm taking kind of a Kingdom Hearts approach to this, I guess - even though each world is its own separate story, there's still something in each of them to tie it to the whole. So I need to drop hints in each arc as a reminder of the actual goal of the story. I think the Starlight interludes will help with that, maybe... I still need to figure out what those are going to be, though. I know what I'm doing for one of them, but I don't know where it's supposed to fit in, plot-wise... maybe, after Midorikawa...? Idk, still working on it.

I'm actually really bad with beginnings and endings, so plotting out each arc is a little awkward, since they are (sort of) self-contained stories. My favourite English teacher started the first novel we read in her class by reading out the first sentence, and then talking about how that set the mood for the entire story; I don't know if it was her or someone else who said that the last sentence contains the feeling your readers take away from your story (or if that's even something I just thought up; I guess it could have been), but I believe it. I was actually pretty proud of the first sentence of this particular story, because it does convey the mood for the rest of the story - it's about change, it's about how things don't stay the same. I still have to rework the ending, but I know the feeling I want it to convey: things aren't all all right, but they're getting there; Mao may not get her questions answered right away, but she doesn't have to search for them any more, either; the answers are right there, she just has to ask.

hnnnngh, I'm probably going to be talking about Inoue Chronicle a lot in the next few months, so sorry if it gets boring/repetitive. I have this habit of being obsessed with something and then never shutting up about it (I said that earlier to Emma, and Neku and Pinky, who were listening in, were immediately all, "Yeah. Yeah, you do." in that way that only people who've known you for five and ten years can), which... might actually be pretty obvious, since I do a lot of that here. But, I'll probably be talking about other things soon, too - like all the essays I'm writing, and college apps I'm filling out! ...wait, that's also boring. /: Well, this journal will just be boring for a while, then. (I'll try to make it enthusiastic, at the very least. Surely that can be interesting...!)

Anyway, back to outlining. Christian's Inferno isn't going to write itself!

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Thursday, 9 September 2010 03:16 pm
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I've been enjoying BBS so far! I think I'm like halfway through Terra's story already, and I've only been playing for five hours (and I've spent at least one of those dicking around on the Command Board). I'm also playing on beginner mode, though, so... that might have something to do with it, haha.(I'm already thinking I might want to delete that file and start over again in standard mode... it can't be that much harder, right? And if I check the guide for each world I can make sure I get 100% completion.)

Almost finished outlining arc two of Inoue Chronicle (actual story's alternate title: "I Will Be Chasing a Starlight" but Inoue Chronicle is shorter so... yeah). It's turned out to be a lot less action-y than I was initially thinking, but for where it comes in the story that's probably better. With luck I can finish the outline by the end of this month, then I can spend next month working on my Heartless doll (for Halloween) and college apps (so I don't have to do them in November), and then I can spend more of November writing. I know that I'll need to write about 1700 words a day to meet the goal... but I cheated a little! I already have the first chapter written, the last chapter (sort of) written, and some of my interludes are also already sort of written, so I've already got about 3500 words, so I actually only have to write about 1550 words a day. I just have to... not write any more of that story until November! /awkward laugh But I'll probably have my hands full with outlining and essays and college apps and sewing, so I guess I shouldn't have to worry.

And speaking of essays, I get to write two of them over the weekend! :D <-- that emoticon is sarcastic. One about Macbeth, since I'm not going to the play (well, the people who are going have to write a review comparing it to the play in written form, and I think I'd rather write the essay, even though I don't know the prompt yet). And the other for college apps. I'm not sure which ones to write, though; 1000 words for the UC prompts (between the both of them, so that's cool) or the two (or maybe three) prompts for the University of Chicago - I don't actually plan on attending either school, at least not right out of high school, but since I actually need to write one of them for my AP English class, I should just kind of pick one. Or two, really, because I need to write two for either school...

I guess, it basically comes down to, do I want to write about how my world has shaped my dreams and aspirations, and about a personal something that makes me proud and how it relates to who I am, or do I want to write about why I want to go to the University of Chicago, and about the two types of people in the world (totally those who use the Oxford comma and those who don't - or, I could write about how to find x, or what I would dissolve, if I could dissolve anything in the world, and what I would use to dissolve it). (That was a terrible sentence and I should feel terrible for writing it.) I think I should ask around, I guess, before deciding what to do - I have a day before I have to start writing, after all.

And in the meantime, I'll read Macbeth. And outline more, because I want to get through Albert's Legacy so that I can get to Christian's Inferno, because I like writing Damien and I like writing crazy, so writing crazy!Damien should be awesome.
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Starlight (part one).

The origins of Mao - part one )

The next Starlight chapter I'll talk more about Mao's origin, but next chapter starts the second arc, so it won't be for a while.

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Monday, 6 September 2010 09:10 am
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Okay, so having listened to 21st Century Breakdown (I finally bought the CD! It only took me going to another concert on that tour to do it...) I can say this with some certainty: there is a story there, and I kind of want to write it. I doubt I'm going to, because once I actually decide I'm going to do something I usually... never do it, but. I'm a sucker for stories of desperation, of last chances. As much as I like happy endings, I also like stories where things don't turn out okay in the end, where there's no way to make things better. This album has that (though there still is hope at the end) and I kind of want to borrow from this album and just write. Nobody's going to interpret Christian and Gloria's story in the same way, but I think I want to put my interpretation out there.

(Maybe I should write this for NaNoWriMo. ...haha, and then ask my English teacher, "Hey, can I get extra credit for doing this?" Haha.)

21st Century Breakdown's story also strikes me as coming after American Idiot's. Not just because it was, you know, released after, but also because the themes I'm picking up seem to be American Idiot, but more; I guess because the album as a whole feels more desperate ("Desperate, but not hopeless; desperate, but not helpless"). Hell, maybe I should do, like, a two-part epic - the story of the American Idiots, with their desperation giving birth to the Jesus of Suburbia and their anger bringing forth Saint Jimmy; and the rise and fall of the both of them, as the people who believed in them "grow up" and decide that the world can't be changed after all; which sets up the 21st Century Breakdown, where Christian and Gloria, undeterred by the failures of our previous protagonists, set out to change things for real, through action, and we follow them as they learn that the world doesn't work that way. (That was a bad sentence and I don't even care, because I like where it went.)

Minor gripe: the "class of '13" comes up a couple times in the lyrics, and I know full well that it's meant to represent the current generation, and I know full well why they chose '13, but it still bugs me because I'm class of '11 and feel unrepresented |:<

I had another post sort of like this in mind; I meant to post it last night, but it's a companion to something else that I need to finish first. So today: finish that, get up both posts, register for my Ohlone class, finish my English homework, and draw Damien for my bestest concert buddy ever who is finally seventeen.

OpenOffice, I hate you

Saturday, 7 August 2010 11:48 pm
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You and your impossible-to-change default dictionary. I spell with UK spellings, okay? And I know you have an English (UK) dictionary, because you make me select it every time you flag a word spelled properly in British English as being spelled wrong in American English. So why can't I set that as my default dictionary? I know you have that option. I know because I've tried it. Three times I've tried it. I've muddled with the settings over and over and I've restarted OpenOffice at least twice now and you still won't change from that damned English (US) default dictionary.

And I've learned that I can't leave the red lines off, because then I end up with typos like cannnot and manange and things like that. But I can't leave them on, because, between my fanfiction vocabulary and my British spellings, there are red lines all over the document.

But OpenOffice, this time you've won. I've given up on trying to change your default dictionary; I just can't figure it out. It's too complicated and I'm tired of fighting with it.

So I'll just add all my British spellings to the default user dictionary, instead.
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I just wanted to find a picture of Terra; I was not expecting massive Birth By Sleep spoilers! At least on other websites there are spoiler warnings!

Terra, you have blindsided me for the last time! I will no longer tolerate your existence as a walking spoiler! (And by no longer tolerate I mean completely avoid.)

I guess this means that I'm not going to get to hardcore work on my Hearts Connected fic until after I've beaten BBS, if only because I basically can't google Terra (or certain other characters that it should not be that difficult to google) without getting smacked in the face by spoilers.

Also, for max amusement: Luke Skywalker would never have imagined it while training under Obi Wan, but now he is the Master. Master Eraquas, that is. (Voice acting joke. I am so lame.)

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Thursday, 5 August 2010 10:25 pm
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My body's not very happy with me right now. It's probably because of something I did, but I can't really figure out what it was, because I'm too busy feeling like throwing up and wanting to curl into a ball and die or something. I've taken something for the latter, but I'm really just not sure about the former. I'm thinking it was either the cupcakes or the onions. I kind of hope it was the onions, because I'd like a better reason to dislike onions than "I don't like the way they taste."

Moving on, I'm always amused by flame wars over music or bands, because I just don't see the big deal. Then again, I also seem to have the ability to treat absolutely nothing like Serious Business. Even if it is Serious Business, like a speech competition or a presentation that my entire grade is riding on. Of course, in those cases I do eventually realise the seriousness of it, just too late to really freak out about it until afterwards.

Also, I'm writing fanfiction of fanfiction. It feels weird, haha. It's actually kind of a long story: back in seventh grade (like, five years ago) some of my friends had the brilliant idea to write a crossover between Avatar and Kingdom Hearts, starring... them! (I'd say us, but I wasn't really in on it.) There was a start, but nothing much really came from it. Then, freshman year, Shiki decided to rewrite it, cutting out the Avatar part so it was just one huge Kingdom Hearts self-insert. She certainly rewrote it. Then she wrote a CoM sequel (which I got to be in, haha). Then she wrote a KH2 sequel, which she finished last month. It's every bit as self-insert-y as the original concept, but it's also kind of fun.

Anyway, at the end of the KH2 one she put a note saying that she wasn't going to write a Days version and she wasn't going to write a BBS version. I immediately began trying to convince her to write a BBS version, and now she's starting to like the idea, haha. But, back to the "fanfiction of fanfiction" bit, I decided to try writing my own little BBS bit. It's not very long, since I, you know, haven't played BBS, but I like it. Sometimes writing self-inserts is fun, and there's nothing wrong with a little indulgence. I was hoping to finish it tonight, but now I don't know if I'm feeling up to writing /: Maybe I can get a little bit done. At least I know where I want to go with it.

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010 01:00 am
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Also, I was at my dad's for the fourth of July, watching Spike's Star Wars marathon. Which is all well and good, until you realise that the prequel trilogy took nine hours - that's almost three hours of commercials. (And at least half of them were fast food commercials; I was ridiculously craving fast food after all that, no lie.) But, hey, it was Star Wars, and that's pretty awesome.

Except for the part where the third film is stupidly dull. Naturally, I got bored - and after the last three hours of bad acting and bad special effects (half of the third film looked like the animated series - special effects in live action are not supposed to look like cartoons), who could blame me? But I had no notebook, and the nearest computer was on the other side of the house, far too far away from the TV to consider using - and far too slow, as well. So I used the only thing I had on hand to write anything down - my phone.

Initially I meant to log on to like LJ or something and save it as a private post until I could fix all the typos, because text boxes in my phone's browser really really hate things like making capitalisation work properly. And then I remembered that I can write stupidly long text messages on my phone - 2295 characters, or 15 texts, at one time - so I could just do that and save it as a draft. Which actually turned out to be a bad idea, for one reason: I text way faster than my phone can keep up. Normally this isn't a problem, because I never write really long texts, and usually I remember to slow down a little bit anyway (though I shouldn't have to, because I really don't text all that fast). So sometimes my phone misses a letter or two. Big deal; I can just go back and fix it. Except that I learned something that day.

The longer the text message, the slower the key recognition is.

I can compose a text that's up to fifteen actual messages in length. But by the time I get to seven or eight messages, if I actually want all my keystrokes to be recorded, I have to hit one key about every two seconds. Which, when you're trying to write something? Is stupidly slow. I ended up giving up right as it hit eight, I think, and went back to watching the film. /: (I actually totally forgot about it until just now.)

Also, The Sorcerer's Apprentice looks cool and I want to see it, even though my dad got all annoyed at "I just know they're going to put the mops in it and that stupid music too" and they did, but it still looks cool and magic and Arthurian legend even if it's just namedropping Merlin but I hope it's more than that and seriously, if the choice is between that and Eclipse, I'm so choosing that.

As an aside, my film choices this weekend were between Eclipse and The Last Airbender. I didn't go to the cinema this weekend. I'd rather save the money for P3P

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Thursday, 1 July 2010 07:33 am
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Today I actually woke up early enough to watch the morning news (I've been up since like 6:20). And the news station I watch has new theme music. I think their music dude spent too much time in the jungles of Brinstar, because the new theme music sounds like something out of Metroid.

Yesterday my iPod stopped working; it did it in much the same way that it did last time, where it somehow managed to corrupt itself. I plugged it into the computer yesterday and nothing happened, which... I actually kind of expected, because it took a few tries last time for something to start happening, too. Then I plugged it in this morning and it immediately responded. All my files are still on it but it doesn't remember what I named it. Except that the computer does, so I think it's more me not remembering where the name is supposed to show up.

Also, I started a new writing comm (after deleting my old one, which was getting a little embarrassing). I haven't posted anything yet, but: [livejournal.com profile] firstawakened! I dreamed up the name, which is 1) a miracle, because I never remember details about my dreams, or at least not for long, and 2) seemingly witty without being witty at all. It ties into this username, though! (Because Ovan is the epitaph user of the eighth phase, and was also the first to awaken to his avatar ability.)

Of course, it's entirely possible I came up with it when I woke up around 1:40 after dreaming of ice cream, at which point I remembered I actually had ice cream, so I got up to eat some. That would explain why I still remember it, though I can't fathom why I'd have been thinking about it.

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Sunday, 23 May 2010 08:10 pm
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The garage sale actually went pretty well! The weather wasn't as good as it could have been, so we didn't have as many people buying as we'd hoped, but we made about $370 or so. It's not as much as last year, but it's still nothing to sneeze at.

Went out to dad's today. I did more baking, 'cause he wanted chocolate cookies and we did still have a tub of cool whip left, so I made a batch (they're really good) and then I made the cinnamon streusel muffins I've been wanting to make for a month. We also watched Sherlock Holmes, though I slept through most of it ^_^;

Yesterday I picked up A Wizard of Mars and I'm almost finished with it now. I'm not so sure it was worth the three year wait, but it's definitely really really good. And Mamvish is in this one! (I remembered reading something about abstainees on the wiki, and about how there was one wizard for whose Ordeal the Lone Power didn't show up, because "It said It had a headache." I couldn't remember the wizard's name, but the line stuck in my head - and then it showed up again in this book, lol.) Dairine is eleven. I completely forgot! It feels like way more time has passed in the books than really has, and she's also really matured in the last few books, so it was kind of a shock to read that line.

I'm also working out some original stuff. I'm thinking I should probably make Mao's story completely original, since it's not like I don't have enough snippets of different original worlds to do that; there's Camarilla and Delaria and the Broken Bridge and Exanimare verses, for starters, and both Mao's world and Haru's world (among others) are original, after all. There's a slight snag as to how she gets her key, and the whole Algol thing, but I don't think they'll be too difficult to work around; I already have one for the key, anyway. Of course, that's not going to stop me from writing crossover fanfic with her... haha. But she's the perfect solution to an issue I was having with the Delaria-verse; there's a rather major plot point in it, and the way I was dealing with it was... ridiculous, to say the least. If I use Mao there instead, it solves that problem, and opens the world up for the story I really want to write.

I think that, as I mature as both a person and a writer, my characters are maturing as well. I believe that's a good thing.

I want to build a small-scale, portable model of GLaDOS over the summer, so I can be an Aperture Scientist for Halloween. The model would actually be the hardest part; after that, all I'd really have to do is buy a lab coat and make an Aperture Labs employee ID, which should be really easy. It would be kind of like cosplay, but also accessible to the general public. I'm a scientist, and this is my invention! And then anyone in the know would recognize the Aperture Labs ID, and possibly also the mini-GLaDOS, and that would be cool, too. (Granted, I did promise that I'd be like a sprite or something, and make use of my ocarina as a prop... two years ago. I like this idea much better.)

Google Images lists, as a related search to GLaDOS, "the cake is a lie." I think I'll end this post on that note, lol.


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