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Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:42 am
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I have my myths all outlined, now, and I know which theorists I want to use. I just don't know which one to use for which myth.

Lévi-Strauss has structuralism on his side, which - I believe - includes binary oppositions? I wanted to use Jung to analyse The Story of Fenris (that's how the book I have puts it; you might be more familiar with the character in question as Fenrir, but either way it's Loki's wolf-kid - and yes, the urge to make DAII jokes is extremely hard to fight), but considering that the entire point of the story is to tell how Tyr ended up with only one arm/hand (the book says he's called one-armed, but it then explicitly states that Fenris/r bites off Tyr's hand) it seems like it would be better set up as the two powers in opposition to each other, so Lévi-Strauss would work better for that one.

(I only just realised that this book refers to Ragnarok as the twilight of the gods - admittedly that may well be what it's usually called - which .hack// refers to in... uh, some point in The World's mythos. I was picking up on a lot of familiar names from it as I skimmed through some Celtic mythology, but I suppose the writers pulled from other sources, as well.)

(Also, the whole "binary opposition" thing would probably work even better for Fenris and Tyr if they actually fought each other in the aforementioned event, but Fenris actually takes out Odin, and Tyr fights somebody else.)

I suppose Jung actually does work out okay for Cuchulain's Madness, because you could argue that what Maev's magical kiddies set on him was actually the Shadow and/or that he's seeing figures of the ~*~collective unconscious~*~!! That is, that Cuchulain in this particular slice of myth represents the individual's journey to seek equality/harmony between the archetypes and create their own "mandala" in doing so.

(I AM A SHADOW, THE TRUE SELF - yeah, okay, couldn't resist. Every time Jung comes up, and especially any time his concept of the Shadow is mentioned, I just have to make a Persona reference. I have to. I just can't help it.

That said, my shadow would either be ridiculously pathetic or frighteningly murderous, or possibly both, and the fact that I can't figure out which it would be is actually the tiniest bit scary. I'm 95% sure my persona would make me the resident Rise/Fuuka, though, although I can only hope that I would be a lot less annoying than either.)

So... huh, I guess I just worked out what I needed to know to keep working on my essay! :D And with two whole hours before I have to go do magical exam final stuff, how nice~!

That said, I'm still knitting another row or two before I get back to writing, because that's just how I roll.


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