Wednesday, 4 January 2012

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012 11:37 am
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Attended an awesome New Years party. That was cool. I also got some stuff from friends - mostly a ridiculous amount of chocolate, haha - so that was pretty cool, too.

I've still got two and a half weeks before I have to go back to school and I think that is amazing. I plan on spending those two and a half weeks doing as little as humanly possible. (I'd like to spend them getting my drivers license so that I might actually be able to do things, but. I'm thinking realistically, here, and I know that's not going to happen. /: ) I foresee lots of video games in my future. I don't think that's a bad thing.

Our game's starting back up, and today's clue is ridiculous. :D It sounds like a stealth mission but I'm not sure where it's at or who's involved - or even if I'll be able to participate at all, since my partner's not responding to my texts. D: But I've still got about an hour to figure things out, so I'll... get them figured, somehow. Invincible spell, right? (This is so not the right time to be using that...)

Also, since I seem to have forgotten to mention it... apparently I managed a 4.0 for this past semester. Which I was not expecting at all! Ironically enough I almost never got straight A's in high school, so that I did it now with classes that allegedly should have been harder was particularly unexpected and might even be impressive, considering that my effort values were fairly low, if it weren't for the fact that I mostly did the same exact thing I did my senior year of high school.

Mostly I'm just marvelling at the fact that I got an A in a maths class that actually involved algebra. Of course, I actually did all my homework, so that might have had something to do with it.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012 06:00 pm
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After confirming that my old Chrono Trigger save was, in fact, unsalvageable, I've started up a new game. This shall be the "no default names and for the love of all things good please use a guide to make sure you haven't missed any items" playthrough, because I was seriously so close to the end of the game and could not, for the life of me, win the boss fight I'd saved outside of.

I'm overlevelled for it. Really, really overlevelled! But I don't have the equipment  I need to trivialise the boss fight and I don't have the raw stats to win anyway, and I'm so far into the dungeon that I can't leave to get the equipment I need (if I can leave at all; I'm not sure I can).

So... game restarted.

(I'm still kinda annoyed by it, though. I mean, I was in the Ocean Palace, for crying out loud! I should have been able to make that work! But I couldn't.)

As for earlier, about the Game, it turned out that my partner was sick. I did get to play, though; I caught a ride with the Reapers and I teamed up with the other two Players who were there (there was supposed to be another team as well, but they didn't show up). It took us a while to figure out the clue, but we managed it, and then... proceeded to not complete the mission. It was to follow one of the Reapers around the mall and watch which stores he went into while not getting seen by him or the other Reaper wandering around to confuse us. Dude went into five stores; we only saw four of them. And we got seen a lot (between the two Reapers I was seen six times, and the other two Players were spotted five and seven times), so between that and not having the whole list of stores, we each got half a point for the mission.

Tomorrow's the last day; I'm not sure if we're doing two missions or just one. I'm reasonably confident I'll get tagged out early by a Harrier, so I haven't got much hope of finishing, but... at least I get to hang out with my friends. That's not something that happens very often.

edit: And then I completely forgot to mention the entire reason I opened the post window in the first place, which is that I find it highly ironic that the "Good morning, Crono!" line used to advertise the DS remake of Chrono Trigger isn't actually in the DS remake of Chrono Trigger. My nostalgia.


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