Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 01:01 pm
eighthphase: (mass effect//cameron shepard)
I made Cam iconsssss guys I'm so happy. They're both from caps I took today, too. Going through them all made me realise I need to grab more caps of Olivia, though, else I'll probably never have nicer icons of her!

I still need to take ME3 demo caps of both my Shepards, maybe I'll make ME3 icons of them. a-and replace my pretty ME2 ones ;__; I need more icon space, is what it comes down to. ):

In further Cam progress, I'm on Illium right now after picking up both Thane and Samara. I'm going to do LotSB next, and then... probably the Collector ship mission, since it's probably going to pop up right around then. And after that I'll get Tali. (Or I'll get her first, if the game will let me.) I'm like halfway finished; one more person to recruit, then all the loyalty missions, then the derelict reaper and into the endgame. I might, maybe put off Tali's loyalty mission until after I get Legion (Cam might like to take a geth to the Migrant Fleet, sneaky girl) but probably I won't. (I am sorely tempted to leave Miranda unloyal and take her with me to fight the hybrid reaper so that she dies, because I don't think Cam and Miranda really get along! But we'll see how they stand after her loyalty mission. I can always reload an old save if they're still on the outs. ...somehow I don't think they will be, though...)


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