Monday, 5 March 2012

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Monday, 5 March 2012 04:35 pm
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ugh ugh ugh halfway through suicide mission had to stop and study kept getting distracted by @alliancenewsnet and #solcomms LIVETWEETING THE REAPER INVASION will finish playing later tonight after class

I spent like ten minutes last night asking my mum whether I should stay faithful to Kaidan or go with Thane, because Kaidan grew on me and I just couldn't decide. I had to explain the whole situation to her, of course... we decided that since Kaidan said he was dating some doctor chick that it meant he'd moved on, and that meant Cam should, too, so that's what I did. Then today I realised I legitimately did not know which Shep I wanted to run through ME3 first, so I loaded up Pokémon Diamond, thinking I had the coin flip app. I didn't, but I did have the roulette one, so I split up the wheel between Liv and Cam and it landed on Cam, so I'm running her first.

I tried running Liv through Arrival the other day, and I just could not get the hang of playing as her again. I'm so used to Cam's abilities that I just don't even think about it, but since the only abilities Liv has really got are ammo powers, I found myself mashing 4 and 5 (geth shielding and shockwave) and having, uh, nothing happen. Which really sucks when you're getting shot at from like three different directions, your shields are down, and you're at less than half health!

It's probably just as well. Over in the comm people were suggesting running through ME3 first with a renegade Shep so that the ending might hurt less. ): I don't know what the ending is, but I've heard there's do not want stuff in all of them, even the very best one, so... I'm kinda scared, ngl. But no matter how bad things are, I want to find out for myself. I've been on the ride this long, after all; it would be a shame not to see it through to the end, no matter what that end is. (This is my ultimate excuse to myself for not going to the midnight release, beyond all the other excuses I've made - between leakgate and the space editions, there are probably gonna be all kinds of assholes spoiling things.)

I have an astronomy midterm today! Don't really want to, but I missed class last Wednesday, and anyway, I kind of have to take the test if I want to pass the class. That's how college works. I'll probably be catching up on #solcomms before/between classes tonight anyway (trying not to scream or anything in class, since it's kind of frowned on) and... man, idek what I'll be doing tomorrow. Glued to my twitter feed (if there's even anything still going on) and trying not to freak out all day or something... ugh ugh why I gotta have so many classes D:

(I don't even have that many classes, not really - only twelve units. That's the bare minimum to qualify as a full-time student. It's just enough to get in the way of my Mass Effecting, heh.)

Maybe I'll bring my sketchbook with me and try to draft the first page or two of Ririka. Or maybe I'll write out what my Sheps are doing - you know, their reactions to all this what's going on. I bet Liv's glued to the feeds and worrying about, uh, everyone, whereas Cam's alternately checking feeds and raging at anybody in earshot. I bet the first thing she's gonna do once she gets the hell out of Sol is call up the Council and chew them out big time. "The Reapers aren't real, huh? Just a fairy tale, you said? Well, that fairy tale took out the Batarian homeworld, and now it's ravaging Earth! How much longer do you think it'll be before they show up here?!"

--ohgodohgod Europe's gone dark and none of the NA rescue shuttles made it out D:

I'll just be over here, sobbing in a corner and screaming intermittently if you need me. There is not enough sadface in the world


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