Wednesday, 4 April 2012

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012 03:54 pm
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My brother could not possibly be any more obvious that he's trying to find something to get me for my birthday.

He knows I was looking at Mass Effect comics - they have the Invasion ones at Toys R Us, but they never have the first issue, so I didn't buy them. He texted me today asking if I was ever got them, to which I replied that I didn't but that I also wasn't buying Mass Effect stuff any more - which is true, as I am not. Then he asked how much the comics were at Toys R Us.

Now, I do still want to read them. I don't actually want to buy them, though, at least not until Bioware gets their shit together. (I was going to ask for all the Mass Effect books for my birthday, actually, but then the end of Mass Effect 3 and Bioware's handling of it happened, and I don't want to give my money to a company that can shamelessly lie to me like that unless they can own up to their mistakes. It's Bioware's loss, really.)

Fortunately I didn't have to explain any of that to my brother, since apparently the local comic shop wants $17 for issue one of Invasion. Toys R Us is asking $3.50 an issue - they never actually have issue one, but if they did, you could buy all for of them for $14, so it's kind of a rip-off.

(Since he's already at the comics shop anyway, though, I threw him a bone and told him I'm also interested in Thor or Iron Man comics. I don't actually expect anything - I'd forgotten about my birthday, actually - but if he gets me something it'll be nice.)

fake!edit: omg my friends are so awesome. SO. AWESOME. I stopped writing this post to check my phone, which had just gone off, and saw I had a message from Kay that she sent me a birthday picture on Facebook! So I logged onto facebook to see what it was, of course, and - she and Mams made me a gif of techno turian and Garrus (in a party hat) wishing me happy birthday! <:D! My birthday's actually tomorrow but she said she couldn't wait and I don't even care, it brightened up my whole day and it's just - aaaaa it's so awesome!

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012 05:10 pm
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Since apparently I still can't shut up about That I Were Like A Star, have some more words about it!

Probably my favourite part of writing it - at least of writing what I wrote of it - were the random little things I added: band names, computer brands, and kids' shows. Noé is obsessed with Aerial Falcon, and has all the films; he makes Estelle watch Storm of the Century! Aerial Falcon Versus the Thunder God, Desperate Struggle! Aerial Falcon and the Endless Eight, and Aerial Falcon Returns! The Tournament of Darkness! Adelaide also kind of likes Aerial Falcon (probably because Noé makes her watch it with him so much) and her favourite one is The Brotherhood of One! Aerial Falcon and Obsidian Shade. Meanwhile Estelle's favourite childhood cartoon is Ririka's Magical Fantasy Zone (which I am not ashamed to admit I actually kind of started writing, just on a whim). Linda is in love with the film Methods of Rationality, but she hates the band Jackson and the Destroyers of the World (which does death metal covers of pop songs). Every time Estelle's listened to a CD thus far it's been Unwound Future, the latest album by Candied Revolution (which are kind of a cross between My Chemical Romance and Muse).

Maybe it's the little stuff like this that ~*~fleshes out the world~*~ but I think it's really fun coming up with it all. I actually ended up making a Candied Revolution playlist - it's all the Muse and MCR I have, with a handful of Linkin Park as well as a few other tracks that I think were supposed to end up on a different playlist but which work well with the rest of it (The Carpal Tunnel of Love, a few Panic! At the Disco songs from Vices and Virtues, and an English version of Bad Apple!!, I believe). Things like this make the world seem more real to me, and I enjoy getting into it all.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012 11:25 pm
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In the ongoing saga of "Oh my god shut up about that stupid story" I finished my re-read of draft one today and realised that I did not know what the hell I was doing with Barton. Or, rather, I was trying to do two mutually exclusive things simultaneously with him. I even vaguely recall thinking about it while I was writing, but once I was writing those parts I never really went back and reread his intro, so I don't even know. It basically boils down to timeline troubles, like so:

and then I wrote a ton of words about Barton! oops~ ), I only meant to write about the 'I should be writing Barton like he's twenty-seven and not forty-seven' part, and then this turned into a bunch of words about Barton! That I Were Like A Star is supposed to be Estelle's story, really, but it's more like The Estelle And Barton Show, and, really, I'm okay with that. (If only I could get this excited about Nick, haha. He's pretty important, too! Maybe I'll write about him tomorrow or something.)

It's after midnight now, so happy nineteenth birthday to me, I guess. (Even though I was actually born at like three in the morning.) Nobody seems to have posted a midnight happy birthday on my Facebook wall; I consider this a success. I hate those things anyway. ...actually, no, I take it back. Now that I've logged in I see my dad has. I just didn't get the email notif yet. /: Well, good night, Internet! Maybe these allergy meds will finally goddamn kick in and I'll get some sleep.

(Keats icon, you are going to get so much use for the foreseeable future.)


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